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Peterson isn’t right on everything but who is. There are interesting insights from his lectures on psychology, sociology, government, etc. Peterson is a Christian, but his lectures can be meaningful to a broad audience.


Jordan Peterson: Why not just be childless and happy?


Jordan Peterson – best comebacks

-the politically correct left brings race into everything

-when people call you names, don’t be hurt like a victim, be appalled.

-the left occupies the social sciences


7 times Jordan Peterson went unhinged genius

-Kulaks in Soviet Union were productive farmers, there were virtually all killed and raped and robbed by the collectivists who said the farmers were evil because they had success.

-The idea of collectively held guilt is very dangerous, people really looking for trouble push that idea.

-humanities in colleges are Marxist; they write papers and sell them to publishers and the publishers sell to the universities who are forced to buy those

-women’s studies, ethnics studies, sociology, social work, education, anthropology, these are all Marxist in the universities, not interested in education but in indoctrination.

-human beings are hard on the earth, but the earth is hard on us to; don’t say having children is bad on the earth. People call us raping patriarchal destroyers of the world, this is ridiculous.

-human rights tribunals don’t assume individual innocence, they change the rules as they see fit, the are Marxist, they are setting up a parallel law system, they are forcing new definitions of sexual harassment making all akward interactions into violence leading to more accusations of rape. We have a legal system, the human rights tribunals are unacceptable.

-post-modernists want to stop you from becoming a hero, from making things better

-why aren’t feminists constantly protesting Saudi Arabia where women are treated so bad? They must be thinking ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and they must be longing for masculinity which is in women. The more you scream for equality, the more your conscious is going to admire dominance.


Marxism is ignorant of the Pareto principle | Jordan Peterson & Bret Weinstein

-Speaks of economic physasists who use the same math models to predict molecule dispersment to predict money dispersment in a society.

-a small handful are successful, socialism won’t change that. Of 100 musicians, 10 will have success, and of their 1000 songs each, 30 of them will be heard often. This is a natural principle some call the Matthew principle, that to who have, more will be given, and to who don’t have, it will be taken away.


Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism

-women who have been hurt will settle for a weak man because they can dominate in that relationship, this is the making of a bad relationship.

-young men are despeate for the message that they should be strong and dominant

-multivariate analysis shows that the pay gap is not due to male vs female. The pay gap is not because of gender.

-agreeable people get paid less for the same job that unagreeable people work. Women are more agreeable than men. Give women assertiveness training, pushing and competing for higher wages, and this has lead to 3x wage increase in a years time.

-if you leave people alone to make their own choices, the women usually chose nursing, the men usually chose engineering.

-if women are going to compete against men in the workplace they must take upon them masculine traits, like negociating, not being easily pushed around, tough, consciensous, unagreeableness.

-women make 80% of consumer decisions, they control the market

-feminine traits don’t predict success in the workplace, intelligence does. This doesn’t mean women are less intelligent, the intelligence of men and women are identical, its just that men are more industrious and women are more organized. There is no evidence that caring and compassion predict success in the workplace.

-to be able to think you have to risk being offensive. Freedom of speech is more important than not offending people.

-radical left idioms are authoritarian; the philosophies guiding the utterances of trans activists is the same philosophy that has lead the Soviet Union and Mou’s China; it’s about identity politics, belonging to a group being more important than individual identity.

-see his book

-its inevitable that humans will organize their societies like animals; our biological nature is like a game of chess, we can’t break the rules of the game, but there is a lot we can do within the parameters of the game.

-in the past year, Peterson has received 25,000 letters from people who say he has brought them out of their despair


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