1918 Spanish Flu Deaths Caused by Vaccines

Spanish Flu deaths were not really caused by a natural disease. The true cause of the Spanish Flu death rate was an experimental meningitus vaccine that was given to both soldiers and civilians. https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/08/13/the-1918-spanish-flu-only-the-vaccinated-died/ The article says: “Autopsies after the war proved that the 1918 flu was NOT a “FLU” at all. It was causedRead more

Joel Skousen’s Book Review of “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F Kennedy Jr. – Biggest Medical & Vaccine Fraud in World History

Excerpt from the World Affairs Brief, Dec. 24, 2021.     I was pleasantly surprised to receive my copy of “The Real Anthony Fauci” within a week of ordering, rather than the projected 15 January delivery date. I immediately set to work tackling this 450 page tome with small font and tiny page margins thatRead more

Vaxxed: Documentary Notes

-Showcases families whose children develop autism directly after taking vaccines. -Autism was rare, spiked with vaccines -They say no link between autism and vaccines, but parents have the same story over and over: that directly after the vaccine, a fever, then loss of speech, and other symptoms of autism which are permanent. -Dr.’s used toRead more

Issues with the COVID Vaccine

I feel it a duty to raise a voice of reason against this madness wherever possible. The resistance is alive, it just doesn’t get much coverage in the news. Sections: -POLITISIZED MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT -UNHEALTHY PEOPLE -INFORMED DECISIONS -GOOD CITIZENSHIP -CAN WE TRUST THE VACCINES & FALLEN HEALTH ADVICE OF OUR TIME? -WILL IT GET WORSE?Read more

Year Analysis Overviews by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes

Sections: 2017 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes 2016 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes     2017 Overview by Joel Skousen – Lecture Notes I suggest you watch the lecture and the Q&A session at the end. Watch this lecture by using this URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl7D0Evfi64 At the video URL, you will findRead more

The Science and Skepticism Behind the Vaccine War by PBS & Frontline Journalism – Documentary Notes

-small pox, polio, diphtheria, etc. are gone from vaccines -many parents don’t want autism risks from vaccines, they would rather have measles. -within 6 years a child gets 36 inoculations -they prevent 16 diseases by vaccines -Heb B vaccine is an STD, and some say they don’t want such in a baby -babies today getRead more