Vaxxed: Documentary Notes

-Showcases families whose children develop autism directly after taking vaccines.
-Autism was rare, spiked with vaccines
-They say no link between autism and vaccines, but parents have the same story over and over: that directly after the vaccine, a fever, then loss of speech, and other symptoms of autism which are permanent.
-Dr.’s used to be told to listen to patients, now they just call the patient crazy.
-Changing name of unsafe vaccines and re-marketing them.
-Meningitis from vaccination
-the younger you get the MMR vaccine, the greater the risk for autism.
-deliberate modifying of records age groups
-taxpayers, not pharmaceutical companies, pay the damages
-if rates continue as they are now, 80% of boys will have autism by 2032

Note: Vaxxed 2 has been removed from Amazon but is available elsewhere.

Some actions suggested at the end of the film:

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