Plural Marriage in the Torah

Disclaimer as usual: I don’t endorse practicing plural marriage at this time, priesthood keys must turn to make this operable.

Moses wrote provisions for plural marriage, so it can’t be wicked. Torah was for all time. Christ didn’t get rid of the law any more than geometry gets rid of addition.

Treat to needs of all married wives including their needs for sexuality. Treat them all equally.

See writings at for free on the subject of ancient plural marriage. I don’t endorse all of his work.

Israelite Men of war captured women and children to raise up the nation of righteousness.
The Lord’s instruction was to kill the man but not the women and children the woman would soon recognized the man as righteous and worthy of praise

The number of men and contrast to the number of women indicate a total of about 8 y’s each and about more than 30 children per man

Sex was the marriage. Jacob couldn’t leave Leah after their marriage. Government giving marriage certificates is vanity, as far as society goes, sex makes marriage.

A priest can’t marry a divorced woman or a woman raped or a non-virgin

Women with more than 1 man were killed

Judah and Tamar show that before Moses they had the plural law.

Paul taught law of Moses after Christ. Sacrifice was done away for the law stands forever.

The man is required to be the one who works in the Torah the woman has the right to say I’m going to stay at home and not work and he has to provide. It doesn’t work the other way around the man can’t say that he’s going to stay home and she has to provide.

A Jewish tradition holds that if a woman is really against the idea of her husband having more than one wife they can include that in the marriage contract.

A Jewish tradition holds that if the wives of a man don’t want to live together they don’t have to and he has to provide them each their own house

The Torah forbids a man to marry his sister-in-law. This seems a little strange I’m not sure why this is in there it seems like sisters might want to stay together in the same family. Perhaps it has something to do with genetics or bloodlines.
And yes those are two separate things.
We do know Jacob married Lea and Rachel they were sisters this verse could mean to say don’t marry two sisters if your intent is to cause a rivalry if that’s not your intent go ahead. Making this a case-by-case thing where might not be a good idea for two sisters to become Coral lives in some cases where others it would be fine.
However this verse I’m not marrying two sisters could be true even with Jacob’s case because Jacob didn’t intend to do that he was tricked into it and once a marriage is consummated it can’t be undone

Exodus 21 and Deuteronomy 21 talk about laws governing polygamy

Abraham’s father had more than one wife so did his brother answered Abraham himself Abraham had wives and concubines

The Bible says man and woman shall be one flesh this means united It doesn’t necessarily mean one to one ratio A man and multiple lives can live together in harmony together they are one similarly Jesus told his disciples that they should be one.

(Though we disagree on multiple fronts, special thanks to Mark Lichtenwalter for some of the insights shared here.)

2 thoughts on “Plural Marriage in the Torah

  1. A few review-points if not corrections.
    1. Tamar, Judah’s daughter-in-law tricked Judah, (because he did not give her to his 3rd son.) the conception of Pharez & Zarah was the only time.
    The next-of-kin marrying his brother’s widow (known now as the Levitical Law of Marriage) was part of their custom even though Levi is Judah’s brother.
    2. The Biblical Hebrew word translated to “marrying” could also be translated intercourse.
    I actually believe that it is saying to not sleep with two sisters at one time, and the Biblical Hebrew word translated to “sisters” is the same word they use for “sister-wives.” Not only did Jacob marry sisters, Jesus also married sisters (Mary & Martha) and (while he was living) The Prophet Joseph married a couple sets of sisters.
    3. “Case by case thing”? The Prophet Joseph said, “No man shall have but one wife at a time, unless the Lord directs otherwise.” (DHC 6:46) If the Lord directs sisters to marry the same man is right if He does not, it’s not.
    Other notes:
    The prophet introduced The Patriarchal Law of Marriage to a small select group know now as Joseph’s Anointed Quorum. Every time it is unwisely taught to general public, it ends up breaking the hearts of the wives and children (as it explains in Jacob Chap. 2). But as it says in Chap. 3 “I … speak unto you that are pure in heart: Look unto God with firmness of mind, and pray unto Him.” The Patriarchal Law is not a Telestrial Law nor a Terrestrial Law, I person ought not dabble is such matters unless they, as Abraham put it, “sought the blessing of the fathers” (or the Patriarchs). These things must be held sacred for it is a holy principle that should not be trifled with.
    As such, My advise is not to expand on such topics, unless directed by His spirit. (Something along the line of a peril before swine thing.)

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