10 Draconian War Games Leading up to Covid-19 – From Book Review of “The Real Anthony Fauci”

Book review by Joel Skousen in the 12.24.21 World Affairs Brief


Chapter 12 detailed all the ten or so war

gaming the conspirators did in the years leading

up to Covid 19 which planned for draconian

control measures against a population they knew

would be resistant to mandatory vaccination

campaigns. Instead of planning to decrease

morbidity by improving immune response, losing

weight and other known effective measures,

virtually every war game pandemic scenario

“war gamed how to use police powers to detain

and quarantine citizens, how to improve martial

law, censor dissidents and how to mandate

masks, lockdowns and coercive vaccinations.”


Here they are:


-“Dark Winter” in 2001: Used the anthrax

attacks to justify the extreme measures.


-“Atlantic Storm” in 2003, 2005: which

simulated a smallpox attack, justifying a global

stockpiling of dangerous smallpox vaccines,

which BioPort dumped on the US government.


-“Global Mercury” in 2003: Another terrorist

simulation of a smallpox outbreak (watch for it;

it could still be coming)


-SCL Simulation of 2005: SCL takes on the task

of convincing an entire population to go into

lockdown because of a mythical cloud of toxic

chemicals released.


-Lockstep Simulation 2010: Details the

involvement of the CIA’s investment arm In-QTell in Silicon Valley to control censorship in

relation to the pushback against pandemics and

mandated vaccines.


-MARS 2017: A joint military exercise of

Western militaries simulating China responding

to a respiratory virus named MARS.


-SPARS Pandemic: Sponsored by Bill Gates,

this war game was projected way into the future

(2025-28) and involved mass coercion to take a

vaccine, involving the world’s military for



-“Clade X” in 2018: Hosted by the Gates-funded

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.


-“Crimson Contagion” 2019: Dr. Robert

Kadlec, who for decades was part of the Deep

State’s military bioweapons program, led this

scenario of a deadly disease outbreak. This deep

state doctor was hired by Donald Trump to lead

the nation’s Disaster Preparedness response—a

knowing conspirator and leader in planning for

the Covid pandemic.


-“Event 201″ in 2019: The war game that took

place just as the Covid plandemic had started to

test out the extreme censorship measure the

various government/private partnerships would

have to take to quell dissent.

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