Phony Pandemics that were Hyped prior to Covid 19 – From Book Review of “The Real Anthony Fauci”

Book review by Joel Skousen in the 12.24.21 World Affairs Brief


-The 1976 Swine flu “epidemic” which was

falsely claimed to be the same virus as the 1918

Spanish Flu. It was supposed to kill millions but

only killed one person worldwide. They created a

vaccine and falsified the trials. That vaccine

caused 500 cases of degenerative nerve disease

and 32 deaths.


-2001 Mad Cow Outbreak in UK: Neil

Ferguson of Imperial College Modeling Center

(funded by Bill Gates) predicted 136k deaths

from mad cow, forcing the killing of 11M sheep.

The actual number of deaths was 177.


-2005 Bird Flu Pandemic: Neil Ferguson was

again trotted out to do computer modeling on this

disease outbreak and predicted 150M deaths.

Instead, only 282 people died worldwide.

Ferguson did it again during the Covid hype by

modeling 2.2 million deaths from Covid 19 in the

USA alone. The actual deaths from Covid

without other co-morbidities was less than 10k.


-2009 Swine Flu in the UK: Ferguson predicted

65K Brits would die. Only 457 actually did.


-2009 Hong Kong Swine Flu: Dr. Fauci

declared this a worldwide pandemic after only

145 people had died worldwide. In a sneaky

switcheroo, the WHO changed the definition of a

Class 6 Pandemic by removing the requirement

for “mass deaths.” You could now have a

pandemic with zero deaths. As in all these false

pandemics, there were many more deaths in

women from the emergency approved vaccines

that were developed to supposedly protect them

from it. After women received two seasonal flu

vaccines to combat the Swine Flu there were

reports of a seven-fold increase in fetal loss. The

Glaxo vaccine, funded by Fauci’s NIAID killed

so many women and children and health care

workers with various forms of brain damage that

it was finally withdrawn.


-2016 Zika Virus: This mosquito-borne virus

outbreak in Brazil was played up by Dr. Fauci

and others as the cause of a rash of microcephaly

brain damage in newborns. The microcephaly

problem was eventually traced to the DPT

vaccine pushed upon Brazil. The Zika virus

never got deeper into the USA than Texas and

Florida and zero cases of Zika were linked to

Microcephaly. Still Fauci continued to push for a

vaccine solution squandering billions of dollars.

No vaccine was forthcoming.


-2016 Dengue Fever: This false pandemic came

after a decade of funding trials for a flawed

dengue fever vaccine, Sanofi’s Dengvaxia, that

resulted in killing 600 children in the Philippines

due to “pathogenic priming”—the children were

dying when exposed to the wild virus after the

vaccine primed their immune systems to overreact to it.


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