Steve Kirsch piece as if Anthony Fauci had written a secret memo instructing how to manage and counter the pushback against Covid & Vaccines -2021 December

Below are the headlines, but go to this link if you want to read his expanded explanation for each.   -NEVER allow a proper autopsy by people who are capable of making a vaccine determination. -Never allow anyone to do an analysis on what is in the vials. -Ensure that the drug companies haveRead more

Joel Skousen’s Book Review of “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F Kennedy Jr. – Biggest Medical & Vaccine Fraud in World History

Excerpt from the World Affairs Brief, Dec. 24, 2021.     I was pleasantly surprised to receive my copy of “The Real Anthony Fauci” within a week of ordering, rather than the projected 15 January delivery date. I immediately set to work tackling this 450 page tome with small font and tiny page margins thatRead more

Issues with the COVID Vaccine

I feel it a duty to raise a voice of reason against this madness wherever possible. The resistance is alive, it just doesn’t get much coverage in the news. Sections: -POLITISIZED MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT -UNHEALTHY PEOPLE -INFORMED DECISIONS -GOOD CITIZENSHIP -CAN WE TRUST THE VACCINES & FALLEN HEALTH ADVICE OF OUR TIME? -WILL IT GET WORSE?Read more

Notes on Joel Skousen’s Annual Overview Briefing: 2021

The lecture went in much greater detail than I share here. See the full lecture here: (YouTube video was banned. It has been reposted here:)   apologies in advance for a few fragmented ideas in my notes. See and the Highland Liberty Group for more of Joel’s lectures, as well asRead more

Abomination of Desolation & Daily Sacrifice Removed Both March 2020 Begins 3.5 Year Trouble, Rockefeller Covid Plans, 2022 Famine, etc. Author Anonymous, Nov. 2021 – Lecture Highlights

Highlights on the following anonymous lecture: Lecture given November 2021 Claims the abomination of desolation began with the lockdowns and temple closures taking away daily sacrifice around March 2020 and that deliverance comes 2023 September about 3.5 years after that. That might be missing some years of tribulation and so forth, I wasn’t expectingRead more