Issues with the COVID Vaccine

I feel it a duty to raise a voice of reason against this madness wherever possible. The resistance is alive, it just doesn’t get much coverage in the news.










Generally speaking, of course it is wise to follow researched consensus! But we live in a fallen society with corruption in academics, and we must search for ourselves on many issues.

IF ONLY conventional medicine had all the answers and cured disease instead of treating symptoms and helping to enable corrupt pharmaceutical companies that have been previously sued for billions for their crimes and bad practices.

The politicization of science is NOT science, and it ruins actual science. We need only look at how Governor Cuomo killed the elderly in New York to see this.

On one hand, current science says that the vaccinated are actually responsible for infecting others with the virus and causing a spike in the summertime through this. On the other hand, politicized science says that everyone, including pregnant mothers and children, should be included in mandates to get these rushed, experimental vaccines. Who is right?


Do we live the word of wisdom including the positive aspects?


We are all fat, sluggish, and sick. Perhaps this is they think we need a vaccine, because we don’t care about our health, and this is a last ditch effort to keep us alive.

May we be more inclined to carry out revealed scripture on how to be healthy than a statement of medical advice based on who knows what.

How’s that run and not be weary working out for you? It’s not. We are in a very sad state of affairs when it comes to health among the saints. Talking a shot isn’t going to change that.


Now is the time to see who has been living the spirit of the word of wisdom, and who has only been following the letter.

Look at what the early brethren like Joseph Smith had to say about doctorcraft and turning to God for healing rather than to doctors.



If you refuse the vax based on not caring about counsel or health in general, bad for you. If you refuse it based on informed reason & proper spiritual precedence, good for you. If you take it based on following the crowd, bad for you. If you take it because all information available to you says it’s the best path, good for you.

Are we being tested on our loyalty to the advice of leaders who suggest the vaccine? There is no such test. The only test is to see if we are thinking people who take personal responsibility for what they put into their bodies. This has been an ongoing issue in our culture of doing whatever experts tell us to.

Most are unaware of the dangers of vaccines in general, and particularly this one. They’re also unaware of how minimal this sickness is to otherwise healthy people.

People should make these medical decisions privately, and not shove it down throats. I’ve spoken publicly on this subject on rare occasion, but typically I just keep my mouth shut when people guilt trip others on this subject.


However much I don’t like the tyranny and politicized science of this vaccine, I’ve never called the vaccine “the mark of the beast”. This issue does have to do with discerning what is right and bring informed, but I think the medical establishment cover-up which has been going on for decades now is altogether too powerful, and many who are unaware of it will not be held fully accountable.

The mark is yet based in the future. There is a trend today to say things are already fulfilled which in fact are not, such as the New Jerusalem, the 144,000, the plague, the literal gathering, The seventh seal being opened, the ten tribes returning by a miraculous bridge, the trumpets, the translated beings, Latter-Day Saints saving the Constitution (if anyone does), etc.


Some think we are bad citizens if we do not follow the advice of government or scientific leaders on taking this vaccine. Some even worry about church leaders who advocate the vaccine.  But we can see easily that these urgings from well meaning people are in the spirit of wanting us to work together, to do what research says is best. But those of us who know about the conspiracy and that the research is politicized must take another path. The spread of truth is often unpopular, and it may take time, too much time, for people to wake up. But each individual is responsible to God and God alone for following through on conscience of what they know is right.

It’s not well meaning leaders’ fault, its just that truth in these matters is being squashed on a large scale. Most the people pushing the “follow the advice by being vaccinated” narrative were already pro-vax establishment people. The few who aren’t and are pushing it are confused on this issue.

Remember Thomas Jefferson said when tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty. The scope of this virus, the shutdowns for control, this is all the biggest government coverup since 9/11.

Does God offer protection to the masses who ignore him and his long-standing councils related to health and righteousness just because they came up with a supposed vaccine? Why are we looking to big pharma for deliverance? Time will expose these Gadianton’s for what they really are.


Who can honestly say they trust vaccines which remain ineffective so as to require masking up after taking them? Why encourage people who already had the sickness who now have natural immunity to get a shot? Why are vaccinated people getting the sickness? The train of logical issues goes on and on (see my website news feed for a glimpse of that), and most people just save face and go along with the establishment expert recommendations. When the SAD goes out the window, when the experts push real health, when they aren’t in bed with big pharma, then I’ll have more faith in their claims. Their advice has more to do with control and the forthcoming New World Order than sound health practices.

Those who look to herd immunity and other nonsense for deliverance from plagues are missing the science mark. Many are also unaware of how past mass vaccinations did little good or even harm to the populations. Polio for example was already on its way out when they started hailing the vaccine as the savior.

The best approach to health issues is that each person should be actively building immunity by following sound nutritional principles. More and more the medical community is coming to realize that. When you go to the doctor, do they ask what you’ve been eating in general, or just in the past few hours? Therein is the problem. So many of the “etymology unknown” can be traced to dietary stupidity/ignorance.


Are people dropping dead like flies all around us as seen in vision? No. It’ll get much worse. One purpose this has served is to remind people to get healthy, and to get food storage so that when the real sickness comes, they’re better prepared.

Hasn’t the Lord already told us how to have the destroying angel pass by when plagues happen? Yes, it’s in D&C 89.

Is this virus real? It does appear to affect some who have underlying sickness already. What do we learn from this? Get in shape. Stop eating junk food. Eat vegetables and whole foods. Exercise. Get food storage. In short, be wise about your health!

Some have passed around a meme with the serpent on the staff of Moses, labeling it as the vaccine. This is blasphemy! That serpent represents Christ Himself! When I first saw this I thought it was to make fun of people who are pushing the vax in the name of religion, but it turns out they are dead serious! If someone wants to take a vaccine, that’s fine, its none of my business (by the way, the church handbook says vaccine usage is a PERSONAL decision); it is cruel to suggest that those uncomfortable with this experimental quasi-vaccine that doesn’t produce immunity is less faithful to Christ than someone else. Didn’t the savior say to do good works in private?


You can still be against forcing people to get it whether or not you chose to get it. I certainly believe forcing this is against the Nuremberg Code and a serious violation of God given inalienable rights. The pre-mortal war was on the issue of agency, people of good conscience will not be interested in forcing others into this.

People who post things like “I’m getting the vax like because so-and-so said to” are practicing a form of unthinking persecution and will live to regret that attitude.

Why are people refusing the shot? Because there are MANY who sense something fishy is going on, and who don’t want to be part of the controversial experiment. Many have first hand experience and observation with SERIOUS issue from these vaccines, and won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

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  1. So I am a non-vaxer. I love my Heavenly Father and I trust Him to warn and for warn me against that which is evil and trying to tempt me. I love and seek to live according to the scriptures and prophets. I sustain and pray daily for the “keys”. I struggle to understand the why. I get that we are being tested, my patriarchal blessing tells me to go to those in authority for counsel and they will help me to know the truth. My experience with those in authority over me has not been good and edifying but I am not complaining. I am praying for the what do I do with my knowledge I have been “blessed to experience” for my good. Everything in me says don’t get vexed, but I am filled with peace and the words of the Lord (to me) I will be with you, the choice is yours.”

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