Notes on Joel Skousen’s Annual Overview Briefing: 2021

The lecture went in much greater detail than I share here. See the full lecture here:

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  • apologies in advance for a few fragmented ideas in my notes.

See and the Highland Liberty Group for more of Joel’s lectures, as well as Joel’s website to subscribe for his weekly briefing and daily news feed which I’ve enjoyed for several years.

3 major worldwide conspiracies all accept as fact
Freedoms lost from Covid
Other notes on Globalist Conspiracy

3 major worldwide conspiracies all accept as fact:

  1. phony fall of soviet union. It just went underground. Gave orders to student unions to go forward with protests. Told police to stay home and not arrest the students. News said KGB was fleeing, but who from? It doesn’t make sense. US
  2. phony war on terror is 2nd. Deep state hired the terrorists. Wasn’t the named ones. Many named still alive. And the few named couldn’t have loaded the bomb. 19 hijackers is false conspiracy to cover for the US gov. It took weeks of preparation. Both towers were sealed off, all lights out, that’s when they (US gov) set up all the explosives then.
  3. COVID pandemic is 3rd, and is the worst.



  1. Never deadly except to immunodepressed overweight people. CDC says less than 10% of those attributed to covid death were just due to covid.
  2. PCR test was never used to track viral infection before. Can inflate it however want. The labs just get RNA doping and follow instructions.
  3. “Asymptomatic carriers”
  4. Developed in a lab and enhanced, but not that dangerous.
  5. When viruses mutate they get less dangerous.
  6. Can’t test without full genome sequence, hardly any can do that, if they say its Omicron it’s a lie.
  7. Case numbers are based on testing not symptoms.
  8. Almost all omicron cases are from people who were vaccinated (vax causes it?). Minor symptoms only.
  9. Covid conspiracy is unique: requires not just believing them, but participating. 80% of Americans are participating, didn’t even question it.
  10. The only hope is the courts striking down Biden mandate. But they’ll never give up.
  11. Stay out of hospitals and public schools and universities, all will buy into vax mandate
  12. Vax is the real bio weapon. Spike proteins damaging neurons, heart, many systems. 75 documented symptoms of the spike protein damage, hard to trace.
  13. 18k have died from vax around the world
  14. Good people are buying into this, making it very difficult to combat
  15. Plan to get out of the establishment, they are relentless, giving in to their wishes won’t stop
  16. You can’t trust anything our gov says or does anymore, that’s the bottom line



  1. This instruction to be vaccinated isn’t a revelation from the Lord, it’s the brethren speaking of wise leaders who aren’t wise
  2. It isn’t fair when people say you aren’t following counsel from church on this


Freedoms lost from Covid

  1. Pray to thank god for the few remaining freedoms that we have. This gets the message to people without preaching to them.
  2. So many businesses no more open to non-vax people
  3. Internet searches produce mainstream articles for the first 12 or more pages




  1. Following the frequent whisperings of conscience is the real test of this life, little promptings on what to eat, buy, exercise, etc.
  2. you are penalized when ignore little temporal promptings
  3. just knowing the constitution and truth isn’t going to save you; only listening to conscience will
  4. If something is underpriced, give them more than they are asking. Don’t haggle people down on price as we have a tendency to do here in Utah. Conscience tells to not be too cheap with people, and to foster good relations (treat them as you would be)




  1. you won’t see WW3 coming, we will be distracted and busy dodging covid tyranny etc.
  2. WW3 will begin with a swift nuclear strike
  3. PDD60 the policy is to absorb a first strike as a good gesture we aren’t a threat, its suicide. They say we can retaliate afterwards, but with what? (We will be dead/disarmed).
  4. The war will be preceded by an EMP strike. Only Russian and China have the capacity, you need super EMP and minor. Fries everything connected to the internet.
  5. Fuel will be gone in 3 days. Most even in Utah only have a 3 month supply. If you share supply, once there’s full famine you’ll all be starving in a week. (parable of 10 virgins, can’t share?)
  6. West desert Utah where missiles are stored will be hit, same with Hill AF base. Utah county will get it. You need some kind of fallout shelter. Wind from elsewhere will bring it to your home so be ready regardless of your location.
  7. Fallout protection is 3x cheaper than blast protection
  8. There’ll be famine for at least a year as the US doesn’t stockpile any of the transformers (which’ll be wiped by the EMP).
  9. You need ability to produce your own electricity.
  10. China will probably attack Taiwan. (Russia/Ukrane and North/South Korea and Israel/Iran are the other hot spots)
  11. Women: don’t register for the draft, don’t go in, don’t do anything, get ready to hide if a war starts. Don’t ever let your women into military, rape is epidemic in military in submarines ships etc.





  1. Exercise not just to lose weight, enough to be tough enough to flee to the New Jerusalem, the only place where people won’t be at war with each other (D&C 45). You won’t drive there in a vehicle.
  2. Secure Home book covers solar generators, shelters, etc.
  3. The high security shelter book on how to do shelter in an existing basement for 10-15k. New is 2 or 3 times that.
  4. Utah is a pretty safe state, probably don’t need to relocate from there. But he does have a book on relocation.
  5. Keep up to date on events weekly



A few other notes on Globalist Conspiracy, etc.:

Communists were put in by globalists, not communists.

Biden isn’t puppet of Chinese, he is puppet of the globalists. Communists aren’t controlling Biden. Globalists use communism to break the social border to come in in the chaos.

Eisenhower was responcible for killing 20,000 German prisoners of war. Speaks of his globalst acts. Forced Europeans to be repatriated to Russia.

Cleon’s Naked Communist catalogs the betrayals.

Read Dagger in the Heart by Madio Lasso.

Real story of Cuban Missile Crisis and the aftermath. US gave up all our missiles in Turkey aimed at Russia to get a few small Russian missiles in Cuba, which we weren’t allow to inspect to see if they were actually taken out.

Book Nicaragua Betrayed by Samosa.

Documented blatant pro communism betrayal. But again these were usually globalists trying to break social order in Nicaragua via communism.

Mainstream Republican doesn’t fight conspiracy or for constitutional rights.

The Endowment for Democracy said you can have any government so long as it isn’t the same as the US.

Central/south American governments are socialist.

KSL is the worst propaganda for the left in Utah. Hinckley brought in credentialed people (meaning on the left) and it was taken over.

Coordinated attack on Trump every hour, even on local.

The media doesn’t cover the surviving supposed 9-11 hijackers so they don’t need to kill them. They won’t show the footage of who got on the flight it wouldn’t show the same hijackers. There are some faked footage.

There’s radar that the planes swapped places with remote control planes with missiles under wing, it was all very sophisticated, couldn’t have been by terrorists.


3 thoughts on “Notes on Joel Skousen’s Annual Overview Briefing: 2021

  1. So the recommendation from the prophet to be vaccinated doesn’t come by the direction of the Lord? We have been taught that we can never go wrong if we follow the counsel of a prophet of God. So I have a problem with anyone who says otherwise.
    Whatever happened to Faith in the Lords prophet? “Follow the prophet”. Now we will pick and choose what to follow based upon our willingness to listen or to obey. No thank you. I’m a lot better off following the prophet who sees the future a whole lot better than I do.

    1. Joseph Smith and other prophets taught us to not follow blindly. It boils down to this: The prophet said to look to government leaders and health officials for how to deal with this virus. Accordingly, I’m finding the best leaders of government and medicine and following their directions, which do NOT include vaccinating. I will continue to be proactive in how I manage my health. I’ll study, pray, train, and be an active participant in living the positive aspects of the Word of Wisdom, not just the negative. If President Nelson got up in conference and commanded us to do something, that’s one thing. If he sends out a memo saying to follow government and health advice, that’s another. I’m still following the prophet religiously, I hope you are too.

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