Steve Kirsch piece as if Anthony Fauci had written a secret memo instructing how to manage and counter the pushback against Covid & Vaccines -2021 December

Below are the

headlines, but go to this link if you want to read

his expanded explanation for each.


-NEVER allow a proper autopsy

by people who are capable of making a vaccine


-Never allow anyone to do an analysis on

what is in the vials.

-Ensure that the drug companies have

complete immunity from prosecution.

-Label anyone who opposes us as “anti[1]science.”

-Make sure that the vaccine injury program

(the CICP) never pays a dime to COVID

vaccine victims.

-Mandate the vaccines for everyone (except

Congress and the Supreme Court).

-In the event of disabilities that happen

during the clinical trials, change the

symptom when writing the study report for

the FDA. So “permanent paralysis” is

changed to “mild abdominal pain.”

-If someone dies from the vaccine during a

vaccine clinical trial, simply write up in the

report that the death “isn’t related to the


-The medical community is never going to

check your work if you work at the CDC.

Nobody will ever ask about the Under[1]Reporting Factor for VAERS.

-We can always get stuff approved, even if it

is harmful to health. This is because we’ve

instructed everyone on the outside panels to

never question our staff members.

-Sure, there will be lots of cardiac arrests

and the ER docs will see all this, but they are

too busy [and trained not to blame a vaccine].

-Aggressively pursue the revocation of the

medical license of anyone who speaks

against the [vaccine] narrative.

-Back in 1985, we carefully designed the

VAERS system so that nobody will ever know

[what] the true cause is, so we can argue that

every vaccine is safe, no matter how unsafe

they are. Ten years ago, we killed the ESP[1]VAERS project because it was too accurate.

Bobby Kennedy nailed us on this in his book,

but his book is so long, nobody’s going to

find this. (It’s on page 73)

-We use masks to monitor our level of control

[over people]. Masks don’t work

at all.

-We have a huge educational campaign to

fool people into thinking this is a “pandemic

of the unvaccinated,” rather than a

“pandemic of the people who never got early


-We tell people “trust the science.” This

always works since they deem us to be the

authorities on science.

-We are paying hospitals huge bonuses for

classifying deaths as COVID deaths in order

to keep the fear alive.

-Make sure your physicians are NOT

educated about reporting to VAERS;

-The only early treatments allowed

[remdesivir, etc] are those created by our big

pharma sponsors. Everything else we need to

go after doctors and take away their license

if they prescribe any stuff that works like


-We have to make Omicron look like a

serious threat, even if there are only a few


-The mainstream media has been trained to

never mention that the vaccine could be a

cause of death, even if the person died within

hours of the vaccine and they were perfectly

healthy before and had no history of heart


-Censor/discredit/ridicule anyone who

attempts to question the narrative such as

making a link between the vaccine and death

or saying that masks don’t work or claiming

that they are vaccine injured.


-NEVER accept a debate with the opposition.

-Keep repeating “safe and effective.” Say it

enough times they’ll believe it.

-We’ve exempted the employees of the CDC,

other agencies, and Congress from any of the

[vaccine] mandates.

-Big tech will help us make sure that nobody

learns the truth… We’ve got all the social

networks to censor anyone questioning the

narrative: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,

LinkedIn, Medium, etc.

-I funded the virus, but nobody is going to put

2 and 2 together. If it wasn’t for one Senator

(Rand Paul), nobody would know that I

funded the gain of function research in


-I’m the guy who caused this whole mess and

what do they do? They put me in charge of

cleaning it up! These people are dumber than

a doornail.

-Even if we are exposed, nobody will believe


-Don’t worry about having this memo fall

into the wrong hands. If the press gets this

memo, they won’t publish it.



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