Joel Skousen’s Book Review of “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F Kennedy Jr. – Biggest Medical & Vaccine Fraud in World History

Excerpt from the World Affairs Brief, Dec. 24, 2021.



I was pleasantly surprised to receive my copy of

“The Real Anthony Fauci” within a week of

ordering, rather than the projected 15 January

delivery date. I immediately set to work tackling

this 450 page tome with small font and tiny page

margins that under normal typesetting would

probably be more like 700-800 pages. And

conservatives do have to overlook Democrat

Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s naive, passing remarks

lauding socialist Great Society programs, FDR,

and communists like Martin Luther King and

Nelson Mandela.


I’m no novice to tough technical reading, but I

have to admit this book was a daunting 4 day

task, since it was jam-packed with names, facts,

dates and excruciating details of the biggest

medical and vaccine fraud in world history,

that has been going on for decades. Both

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are the most

prominent leaders in all this corruption and



As a disclaimer, the word “conspiracy” is only

mentioned twice in the entire book, but believe

me, this book is full of conspiracy facts, not

theory. In fact the expose is so complete and the

pattern of corruption and coverup of vaccine side

effects so repetitive and pervasive that it

becomes nearly bewildering to take it all in and



But one thing every honest person will take away

after reading this book: they will never trust or

take another vaccine again—not only because

of the massive falsification of vaccine trials but

because all vaccines in the future, including the

flu shot, will be of the dangerous mRNA type.

It is no wonder that Dr. Fauci, the master of

verbal lies, diversions and dissembling, can only

protest that this scathing attack on Fauci by

Robert Kennedy Jr must mean he is mentally

unstable. He can’t even begin to answer any of

the specific charges in this book, which are so

conclusive and well documented. He doesn’t

even dare begin or attempt a counter lest it open

Pandora’s box and induce even more people to

read this top-selling book in the nation on

Amazon which the mainstream media will never

mention or acknowledge. The NY Times has

used its manipulated criteria to downgrade it

from #1, to the top-15. As Kennedy amply points

out, censorship of all medical truth is part of the

massive conspiracy.


This book is the ultimate ignorance killer for

all those lazy doctors out there who only parrot

the non-stop medical propaganda filling the

media and the airwaves. It’s your weapon to help

them strip away their self-imposed blindness as

you dare them to read it and refute any part of it.

It’s that powerful. Let me give you some

dramatic examples of proof of a massive

conspiracy to lie, deceive and promote vaccines

that are deadly, coupled with the campaign to

denigrate and attack the re-purposing of expired

patented drugs like hydroxychloroquine and



1) The direct evidence from doctors using

hydroxychloroquine to successfully treat Covid

in the early stages became so overwhelming that

the Gates Foundation (through well funded

surrogates) commissioned a claimed double blind

study on hydroxychloroquine effectiveness. But

instead of using the standard dose of 400mg they

upped it to six times the normal dose to

2400mg, at which point it became toxic, killing

several patients in the trials. The negative results

of this skewed and deadly trial were published in

the prestigious journals Lancet and New England

Journal of Medicine, and were only withdrawn

under pressure from critics when the deadly

manipulation of the trial results was exposed by



2) Dr. Fauci and the vaccine industries have

always claimed to use double blind, random

trials to prove the safety of all vaccines, but the

book shows conclusively that Fauci and the

Professional drug trial Investigators (PI) never do

a true control group. They most often will give

another drug or vaccine that has side effects to

the control group instead of a true saline solution

as placebo, in order to make the vaccine group

look better. Another trick is to end the control

group early when the results are unsatisfactory,

and never perform long-term trials over multiple

years to avoid showing long-term damage, under

the guise of the need for “emergency



3) Chapters 3 through 6, which span over 150

pages, are dedicated to the decades-long quest to

extract billions in tax dollars from Congress to

develop an AIDS vaccine and related drugs. Dr.

Fauci and Big Pharma kept pushing the highly

toxic AZT drug which ended up killing

thousands of AIDS patients. During the trials,

instead of taking AIDS patients off of the known

toxin AZT when it started poisoning their blood,

they partially hid the affects by giving recipients

daily blood transfusions to purge the AZT from

their system—a direct falsification of the trials.

This pattern was consistent in virtually 100% of

the AIDS drug and vaccine trials. None have

ever worked and never will. Whistleblowers who

reported the falsification of the trials were

silenced and Dr. Fauci continued to use outright

lies before the media to promote the drug AZT

and downplay its deadly effects for decades.


4) Chapter 7 details Dr. Fauci’s experiments on

orphan children in NY and other states in drug

and vaccine trials which killed hundreds of

young victims that were buried in mass graves.

None of the children’s guardians were allowed to

see the list of known dangerous side effects, and

many of the children who refused to take the

drugs had tubes inserted in their stomachs via

surgery against their will to deliver the drug.


5) Chapter 8 details the billions in taxpayer

funding for “AIDS” that allowed Fauci to bribe

corrupt African regimes to accept dangerous

vaccine trials among their indigenous people—

mostly women and children. Dr. Fauci continued

to fund these trials after they showed deadly side

effects among indigenous African people and

denied local doctors informed consent about the

many known dangers. Only after thousands of

women and children died did the African

countries begin to reject the trials and expel the

promoters from their countries. But replacement

regimes, greedy for Western money, kept

accepting the huge bribes and allowing new and

different trials to take place—all with the same

deadly side effects, which Fauci and Gates

continued to downplay. It’s been a deadly

business going on for decades in Africa of

covering up severe injury and then lying about

the safety of these vaccines—none of which ever

passed a single safety trial.


6) RFK, Jr. details all the poisonous effects of the

DTP vaccine in Africa, Mexico and the

Philippines where they laced the Tetanus shot

with a chemical that caused spontaneous

abortions and sterility. It was clearly a planned

attack on these second and third-world countries’

high birth rates.


7) He covers the high autism rate caused by the

DTP vaccine and how Dr. William Thompson,

the chief whistleblower who testified about how

officials in the FDA ordered him and others to

cover up the autism link, was fired and removed

from his position.


8) Chapter 11 details all the phony pandemics

that were hyped prior to Covid 19:


-The 1976 Swine flu “epidemic” which was

falsely claimed to be the same virus as the 1918

Spanish Flu. It was supposed to kill millions but

only killed one person worldwide. They created a

vaccine and falsified the trials. That vaccine

caused 500 cases of degenerative nerve disease

and 32 deaths.


-2001 Mad Cow Outbreak in UK: Neil

Ferguson of Imperial College Modeling Center

(funded by Bill Gates) predicted 136k deaths

from mad cow, forcing the killing of 11M sheep.

The actual number of deaths was 177.


-2005 Bird Flu Pandemic: Neil Ferguson was

again trotted out to do computer modeling on this

disease outbreak and predicted 150M deaths.

Instead, only 282 people died worldwide.

Ferguson did it again during the Covid hype by

modeling 2.2 million deaths from Covid 19 in the

USA alone. The actual deaths from Covid

without other co-morbidities was less than 10k.


-2009 Swine Flu in the UK: Ferguson predicted

65K Brits would die. Only 457 actually did.


-2009 Hong Kong Swine Flu: Dr. Fauci

declared this a worldwide pandemic after only

145 people had died worldwide. In a sneaky

switcheroo, the WHO changed the definition of a

Class 6 Pandemic by removing the requirement

for “mass deaths.” You could now have a

pandemic with zero deaths. As in all these false

pandemics, there were many more deaths in

women from the emergency approved vaccines

that were developed to supposedly protect them

from it. After women received two seasonal flu

vaccines to combat the Swine Flu there were

reports of a seven-fold increase in fetal loss. The

Glaxo vaccine, funded by Fauci’s NIAID killed

so many women and children and health care

workers with various forms of brain damage that

it was finally withdrawn.


-2016 Zika Virus: This mosquito-borne virus

outbreak in Brazil was played up by Dr. Fauci

and others as the cause of a rash of microcephaly

brain damage in newborns. The microcephaly

problem was eventually traced to the DPT

vaccine pushed upon Brazil. The Zika virus

never got deeper into the USA than Texas and

Florida and zero cases of Zika were linked to

Microcephaly. Still Fauci continued to push for a

vaccine solution squandering billions of dollars.

No vaccine was forthcoming.


-2016 Dengue Fever: This false pandemic came

after a decade of funding trials for a flawed

dengue fever vaccine, Sanofi’s Dengvaxia, that

resulted in killing 600 children in the Philippines

due to “pathogenic priming”—the children were

dying when exposed to the wild virus after the

vaccine primed their immune systems to overreact to it.


9) Chapter 12 detailed all the ten or so war

gaming the conspirators did in the years leading

up to Covid 19 which planned for draconian

control measures against a population they knew

would be resistant to mandatory vaccination

campaigns. Instead of planning to decrease

morbidity by improving immune response, losing

weight and other known effective measures,

virtually every war game pandemic scenario

“war gamed how to use police powers to detain

and quarantine citizens, how to improve martial

law, censor dissidents and how to mandate

masks, lockdowns and coercive vaccinations.”


Here they are:


-“Dark Winter” in 2001: Used the anthrax

attacks to justify the extreme measures.


-“Atlantic Storm” in 2003, 2005: which

simulated a smallpox attack, justifying a global

stockpiling of dangerous smallpox vaccines,

which BioPort dumped on the US government.


-“Global Mercury” in 2003: Another terrorist

simulation of a smallpox outbreak (watch for it;

it could still be coming)


-SCL Simulation of 2005: SCL takes on the task

of convincing an entire population to go into

lockdown because of a mythical cloud of toxic

chemicals released.


-Lockstep Simulation 2010: Details the

involvement of the CIA’s investment arm In-QTell in Silicon Valley to control censorship in

relation to the pushback against pandemics and

mandated vaccines.


-MARS 2017: A joint military exercise of

Western militaries simulating China responding

to a respiratory virus named MARS.


-SPARS Pandemic: Sponsored by Bill Gates,

this war game was projected way into the future

(2025-28) and involved mass coercion to take a

vaccine, involving the world’s military for



-“Clade X” in 2018: Hosted by the Gates-funded

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.


-“Crimson Contagion” 2019: Dr. Robert

Kadlec, who for decades was part of the Deep

State’s military bioweapons program, led this

scenario of a deadly disease outbreak. This deep

state doctor was hired by Donald Trump to lead

the nation’s Disaster Preparedness response—a

knowing conspirator and leader in planning for

the Covid pandemic.


-“Event 201″ in 2019: The war game that took

place just as the Covid plandemic had started to

test out the extreme censorship measure the

various government/private partnerships would

have to take to quell dissent.


10) None of the above 10 false pandemics called

previously were capable of generating the fear

and public compliance desired by global elites

until the Covid-19 virus was created in a lab with

the hybrid spike protein capable of wreaking

havoc on the organs, lungs, and blood vessels of

older, chronically ill people. The book details

how the CDC had to falsify the number of Covid

deaths by forcing health officials to label nearly

every death as Covid. Flu deaths literally ceased

to exist after Feb 2020, and never reemerged the

following winter. This falsification of fear of

“cases” was accelerated by the use of the horrible

PCR test that generated over 90% false positive



11) Another key theme throughout every chapter

is the way in which Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates

formed a team, in collusion with the mainstream

media, to put massive pressure on Congress to

fork over billions in appropriations for every pet

disease they could engender—and the promise of

a vaccine to “solve the problem”, which never

materialized in any form that was safe and

effective ever—including the 1986 newly added

list 18 vaccines that would be mandated for all

children in public school.


None of those 18 vaccines for children had ever

been proven safe in vaccine trials. All the trials

were cut short and falsified. The primary false

disease hyped during the past 20 years to drum

up billions in funding was AIDS, which they

blamed on a retrovirus HIV, which has never

been proven to exist—only its claimed antibody

test. In fact retroviruses have never before been

proven to be pathogenic—they just co-exist in all

tissues. It’s been a huge scam that is still going



12) With all of the corruption and control that

comes with Congressionally mandated funds, the

voices of dissent were silenced, and RFK, Jr.

covers several cases in detail. The most

disheartening narrative of the entire book is that

no one has ever been brought to account for all

these deaths and injuries and violations of law. In

fact, not a single perpetrator has lost their job or

been demoted. Most have been given awards.

Not even any lowly scapegoats have been

disciplined. That’s how protective the medical

system is of its own corruption—because so

many tens of thousands are involved.

Despite all his crimes, Dr. Anthony “Teflon”

Fauci has kept his job for 50 years and is the

most highly paid government employee (at

nearly half a million dollar salary per year),

despite receiving millions in royalties from

vaccine patents. That’s how effective his defacto

immunity is.


In contrast, many of the honest doctors and

virologists tasked with checking up on vaccine

trials have been disciplined, fired and censored

for complaining about how trials have been

falsified. All of this documentation on these

powerful crimes proves the point I’ve made for

years: that there is a system of immunity for

participants in Deep State crimes so pervasive

that it shields them forever, unless they do

something so stupid it can’t be covered up. But

even that caveat doesn’t seem to apply to the

medical establishment. There has never been a

crime against humanity too big they will not

cover up!


That said, the first major legal suit has been filed

before the International Criminal Court against

Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and the coterie of

globalists around Klaus Schwab over violations

of the Nuremberg Code based upon forcing

experimental vaccines upon people without

informed consent and other crimes associated

with the falsification of data surrounding the

Covid pandemic. I think the chances of the suit

succeeding are zero, but we’ll be watching how

the international Powers That Be (PTB) justify

evading its evidence.


Today we face the insurmountable challenge that

the propaganda and lies about vaccine success

has been so pervasive for so long (the book

reviews all the evidence that infectious disease

was totally in decline before vaccines came

along, due to improvements in sanitation and

nutrition) that it has become one of the Big Lies

that is too entrenched to root out. Virtually no

politician today has the courage to combat or

challenge vaccine orthodoxy directly without

being vilified and ejected from society. No

doctor can survive challenging vaccines and keep

his license.


In continuing this conspiracy to cover up for

vaccine damage, Dr. Joseph Mercola details this

week how the CDC, and FDA continue to deny

there are any deaths from Covid vaccines,

despite the overwhelming circumstantial

evidence from VAERS reports. Mercola

documents for the first time how the CDC keeps

tampering with the VAERS reports, by removing

an average of 100 negative reports every week.

The world of vaccines has become such a

powerful, all encompassing conspiracy, it is

beyond reversal or redemption. This book proves

that beyond a doubt. It wouldn’t be that way if

they produced a vaccine that would kill most

people, but that’s not going to happen despite

what some doctors claim. Even the Columbia

University estimate of 400K deaths due to the

Covid vaccine has been totally covered up and

made to disappear. More realistically, people

who keep taking vaccines will probably become

more susceptible to disease over time, and

succumb to early deaths, but it will always be

blamed on something other than the vaccine.

Count on it.

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