Abomination of Desolation & Daily Sacrifice Removed Both March 2020 Begins 3.5 Year Trouble, Rockefeller Covid Plans, 2022 Famine, etc. Author Anonymous, Nov. 2021 – Lecture Highlights

Highlights on the following anonymous lecture:

Lecture given November 2021

Claims the abomination of desolation began with the lockdowns and temple closures taking away daily sacrifice around March 2020 and that deliverance comes 2023 September about 3.5 years after that. That might be missing some years of tribulation and so forth, I wasn’t expecting these things for another decade. I understand New Jerusalem and the lost tribes must return before Adam-ondi-Ahman so those ranks can be called upon at AOA to make the 144k fleet.

Temples closed and lock down started the same day that was the abomination of desolation being set up both of these events for filled prophecy George q cannon said if you don’t watch you’ll miss it when it comes to prophecy being fulfilled

The mouth of the beast is the media it speaks lies and deceit and it shuts down people who don’t agree with it

2022 will be a time of major famine many will die the fall of 2023 will be delivered

The supply chain issues happening right now will leave to the famine it’s all because of these lockdowns

The little horn Antichrist has power to rule from now till 2023

2023 September 27th something important supposed to happen something good

Adam-ondi-Ahman happens to expel the Antichrist so we’re looking at 2023

September 2023 is 3 1/2 years from when the lockdowns started in the temples closed That’s prophecy of how long this antichrist has power

There is prophecy of another civil war in the United States to happen in the future

The Book of Daniel is shut up and sealed until the time of the end we are there now and we know what it’s talking about now

Rockefeller plan leaked: another lockdown even more severe, blamed on not enough quarantine and blamed on non-vaxers. Permission to get goods. Vax certificate mandate. Silence opposition. Make life hard as possible for those who don’t comply. Destroy global supply chain. After 6mo of lockdown have vax cert mandate. Have backup plan of even more lethal virus. (See around min33-5)

They are deliberately ships from being loaded at the ports

They’re going to blame people who aren’t complying with the government for the diseases they’re going to be much more strict basically martial law people enforcing curfews eliminating cash and travel etc

They have said the reason they’re holding up all the ports and everything is there waiting for people to get vaccinated that’s their agenda they want everyone to get vaccinated

Rockefeller speaks of a second lockdown which we much more strict after 6 months of it there will be a mandatory vaccine passport and a weaponized more dangerous form of the virus

The scriptures about the righteous being delivered at that day or referring to right now

In 2020 prophets predicted a mighty hinge point

In 2017 sister Nelson said act with desperation and urgency as though the Great Apocalypse meetings were going on right now

2019 president Nelson says time is running out

Sister Nelson said president Nelson is our interview coach for the meeting we’re going to have with Christ one on one
We must be very close to that interview

President Nelson told us to hear God not to hear president Nelson but to hear God just conditioning us

where does the Restoration in 1820 the world is nothing compared to the proclamation being sent worldwide in 2020 this is when the real gathering happens this is when the translated beings are at work delivering that document etcetera this is when things go big

The reason the gathering is so important is because we’re so close to the second coming the second coming and the millennium start with adam-ondi-ahman

Brigham Young said there’s a condition attached to the church never being led astray by the prophet that’s if we are doing our duty

Before the pandemic president Nelson said urging us to listen to God above all other voices

It’s part of the prophecy that the church is given into the hands of the Antichrist power the Antichrist is wearing out the Saints with all this vaccine stuff

AOA will be an innumerable host of people.

3 thoughts on “Abomination of Desolation & Daily Sacrifice Removed Both March 2020 Begins 3.5 Year Trouble, Rockefeller Covid Plans, 2022 Famine, etc. Author Anonymous, Nov. 2021 – Lecture Highlights

  1. I came to this same understanding a couple weeks ago pondering about the removal of the daily sacrifice. Later I listened to the prophets address to the saints in the heartland. The urgency in his voice is unmistakable, the signs are as a still small voice. The distractions and deceptions are on every side. Hopefully more saints open their hearts, ears and eyes and stand in the holy place. Hosana to the Lamb and Godspeed.

  2. Firstly the World Hell Organisation declared the Plandemic on March 11, 2020
    Always an 11. Anyone noticing that? How often 11 pops up. I’m seeing 11 and 11:11 everywhere now.
    Daniel 12:11 11 again!
    They already had the jab hence the Abomination of Desolation (infertility) was setup on that day. They couldn’t declare a plandemic unless they knew they had it and it “worked”. “Daily sacrifice” i.e. lockdowns
    1290 days from that day is 22/09/2023. The eve of the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.
    You can’t make this stuff up it’s so uncanny.

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