Hyrum Andrus: The Creations of God, Worlds Without Number – Lecture Highlights

Notes from a lecture here: https://youtu.be/rZlEFtmWG3A

As always, there’s much more to this lecture than my notes here, be sure to check it out.

Here we cover ideas such as length and location of an eternity, center of Milky Way Galaxy as Kolob, young earth, succession of the Gods, and many other exciting ideas taught by the prophets.

Kolob is nearest to throne of god, could mean nearest in sense of communication and order

Earth will become second to size of Kolob

You can know your pre earth life role and scene like God has shown others

Evolution isn’t in aligemt with revealed doctrine

The Noble and great ones are those who went down to create with God. It says the gods created. So those Noble and great ones were gods in pre earth life.
So being married and procreating are part of being a god but those premortal beings were gods too.
Godhood centers in the gospel process, the creative process is added to that. JS called this the key of endless lives.

JS says the grand council was on Kolob, there earth was planned etc, JS was part of that council (note JS was surely a god in pre earth)
In that council the creation took place. The blueprint planning phase.

The fall of Lucifer, the grand council, these involved those for all of this eternity, which the evidence points to being of this galaxy. The council at Kolob, the creation, these are for all of Jehovah’s work, not just this world.

This system, not just this world, has been going on 2.55 billion years.

Earth was made on Kolob time. Same with the fall, Adam dies in “the time” he eats the fruit, it’s Kolob time 1000 years. (Note a time must mean 1 day)

From eternity to all eternity (as in temple promises of eternal family etc) means all eternities past, all present, and all future eternities.

An eternity is a finite number of years. JS verified that.

An eternity begins when a firstborn is born, and is later selected as the only begotten, and helps create.

Premortality was a while raised in father’s presence, later a first test the first estate (on this spirit Earth I think he said).

When this eternity is over Heavenly Father goes up and Jesus becomes the father. Eventually it keeps going on, and exalted beings have more firstborns to have more eternities. Those who qualify for these keys of endless lives will do likewise.

The 12 fields the Lord visits are parable of worlds. The Lord withdraws from them thiseans their mortal test stage.

Says this earth the one the atonement was done on, is the last earth of this eternity (if I understand correctly)

(Note perhaps the 7000 years of creation was the whole galaxy being made)

Adam is a title denoting pre fall to fall state.

This eternity, this galaxy, is Christ’s work. Christ’s ballgame.

Enoch is over all terrestrial planets of this eternity. Many planets reached translation, and they awaited thus for the resurrection, for none were resurrected until Christ was.

The ten tribes are outcasts, not the scattered. Not all over the nations. They’re as a body.

Baptism for the dead and other ordinance work began after the ressurection.

Enoch over the translated beings, they’re still mortal and can do temple work. They can, after Christs resurrection, chose to be resurrected or to remain mortal translated to save their worlds by the ministry for the dead (which can only be done by mortals).

Christ ministered to all worlds of this universe aka this eternity galaxy. They call him God and Savior also. He did the atonent for all worlds of this eternity on this world.

Abraham’s account of the creation is blueprint plus creation.
Moses’ account is creation after the fact.
Moses’ record points out that all was made spiritually first. Abraham’s doesn’t need to because the back storyales it obvious.

There was no life on the first 6 days of the creation. There was no water up to that point.

The Earth without form and void should read empty and desolate.

Earth didn’t start in this solar system, organizing the lights is in preparation for the fall.

Earth was born out of a watery womb, it was baptized later, it’ll be cleansed by fire, it’ll die and be resurrected.

They went down on day 6 getting ready. “We will” do such and such. Means they hadn’t yet.

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