Highlights from J. Max Anderson’s book “The Polygamy Story: Fact & Fiction” – Refuting Fundamentalist Authority Claims

Find the full text here: The Polygamy Story: Fiction and Fact, by J. Max Anderson – Introduction – SHIELDS (shields-research.org) Here are my notes: Woodruff wrote the manifesto alone, only a few edits were made by his counselors. The manifesto was in Wilford Woodruff’s own hand and Charles Penrose denies writing it. The other counselors inRead more

Plural Marriage in the Torah

Disclaimer as usual: I don’t endorse practicing plural marriage at this time, priesthood keys must turn to make this operable. Moses wrote provisions for plural marriage, so it can’t be wicked. Torah was for all time. Christ didn’t get rid of the law any more than geometry gets rid of addition. Tend to the needsRead more

Adoption, Sealings, Blood Lines, Fathers, Mothers, Levirate Law, Plural Marriage: An Overview

(Working on getting more quotes and sources but wanted to get out what I have so far of what I’ve been learning)   Bloodlines have to do with legally authorized blessings more than DNA. Authorized baptism is, for all who are not already of the bloodline of Israel, adoption into the house of Israel, &Read more

A House Full Of Females: Plural Marriage And Women’s Rights In Early Mormonism by Laurel Ulrich, Notes

-This book doesn’t have all its facts and stories right, but here are some interesting things from it. These notes are not a through summary of all topics treated in the text. -The current church policy is that anyone practicing polygamy is excommunicated. I do not advocate for the practice of polygamy, but rather forRead more