Abraham’s Plural Marriages: Resolving Concerns

Some sources indicate that Abraham was such a righteous man, that the whole creation of the world was for his sake. Now we have all the faithful as being considered ‘in the bosom of Abraham.’ Why do people claim then that he is a wicked man? Here we will review common concerns about Abraham’s plural marriages.



Kim Smith said of this:

If Abraham practiced polygamy in an evil way, why did God make him the father of the covenant? Why do we have to be adopted into Abraham’s family to be saved and have exaltation? Why did God tell Joseph Smith he would receive the same blessings as Abraham only by doing the works of Abraham?

And the book of Jasher reveals a lot more about Hagar and Ismael.

Hagar became a mother of nations. She could not have obtained that blessing with any other man expect for Abraham.

You assume that Hagar’s line is not a covenant line but that isn’t entirely true.

ALL of Abraham’s lines are covenant lines. Ismael’s lines receives blessings and inheritances that they are only entitled to because of their lineage.

The entire purpose of the a restoration is to re-establish the Abrahamic Covenant and Gather Israel. To claim that Abraham didn’t know what he was doing in regards to polygamy is laughable. He walked and talked to God but God didn’t tell him that what he was doing was an abomination ? That is faulty logic and those who call Abraham’s works into question will have to account for their words one day before Abraham.

[End of Kim’s comments.]

Insightful Q & A with another friend:

Q What about cruelty, like Abraham sending away Hagar and Ishmael to die?

A According to Jasher, Ishmael pulled his armed bow pointing it at Isaac.
The jealously between the mothers had been passed to their children.
The danger was real, Jacob left the decision to Sarah, she sent them away to protect her son Isaac.
Abraham did not abandon Hagar, a guardian angel helped her. Her descendants changed the story so it painted the picture of a cruel father abandoning a mother and baby.
Ishmael was 14 yrs. older then Issac the real story is a 17 yr. old pointing an arrow at a 3 yr. old heir apparent.

Q Jacob hating Leah? Perhaps Leah was in for it from tricking Jacob into marrying her (she must have at least been aware of and complacent with the conspiracy)?

A The Hebrew word translated to “hates” carrie’s the meaning (in the Hebrew language) ranging from “wants to kill” to “loves less”
“I HATE the way my car doesn’t work.” This does not mean I want to kill the car inventor.
Jacob did not hate his wife, she bore 6 children for him. He did love her less then Rachel.

Q Perhaps Hagar had a hostile/abusive attitude?

A She thought her son would receive all the blessings, until Sarah conceived in her old age.

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