Celestial (Plural) Marriage by Orson Pratt – Highlights

The full text is available free at ogdenkraut.com

Here are my notes on this text:

Hilarious invitation for apostate Christians to come convert Mormons against plural marriage from the scriptures

Speaks of the wicked being unworthy to marry and have children, not having that privilege in life to come, of adulators worthy to be slain as they are unworthy to spread their influence and seed

Calculates about of about every 39 or 48 children only 1 was a firstborn in Israel at time of Egypt and Moses.

Without plural marriage many women resort to prostitution and they avoid marriage preferring cohabitation for short spans with various women. Many women go childless.

The same thing that glorifies God glorifies man and this thing is increasing posterity

Hosea? Was commanded to marry two wicked women

God would rather send many of his children to a righteous family then to send them to a wicked one for this reason a man may have many wives

When a man dies his wife marries another man for time only so she is cared for and can raise additional seed.

We have a mother in heaven but we do not worship her or pray to her she is not the head
Israel was severely rebuked when they tried this

Psalm 45 versus 8 and 9 I think she also verse 6 7 wives of Christ
Hebrews applies these verses to Christ

The Holy Ghost prepared Mary to be able to be in the presence of the father to conceive Christ

A Bible verse was changed from honorable wives to honorable women as the translators did not like polygamy

In the dark ages when priests would read the Bible to people or tell people about the Bible and the people could not read it for themselves the idea of polygamy was squashed then the reformers came many of them knew it was right and practiced it
They kept this private for the most part to avoid public reproach as the people had been trained to not believe such a thing

The prophecy of Isaiah is not yet fulfilled that speaks of seven women to one man. This is reserved for a people called Zion. In that day the branch of the Lord will be glorious it says and holy.

Psalm 45:17 the wife of Christ would be praised forever also in the Book of Revelation talks about her and describes the holy city she would be in and talks about the names on the forehead meaning these are the names given to those people

The wedding of Christ will be celebrated at the second coming as taught in the parable of the 10 virgins


It’s a mistake to allow children to not be punished when they need to be punished then the children learn to resist all instruction. By that which she calls love she ruins many of her children if she fails to discipline them. At age 1 to 2 it’s time to begin. Gentle discipline trains a child to be obedient in all things. The wide differences in the disposition of children is usually due to the differences in their training. Let parents begin to discipline their children when they are young.

Do not discipline a child when angry because you’ll have poor judgment as to how much discipline to give at that time. Let the children see that you punish them not from your anger but for their good. They will learn that you are not a tyrant doing whatever you wish but that you are doing what’s best for them. Be deliberate and calm in your councils and reproofs, but be earnest.

Do not threaten something you’re not willing to follow through with or the children will take up the habit of lying, they will believe that there is no harm in lying.
Never failed to award and punish according to your promises.

Do not be so rigid in your governing of your family that they think you are never pleased with them remember mercy and love. Justice should be tempered with Mercy and love should be interwoven in all things. May your children not fear you to run from you but enjoy your presence. Govern your children as parents not as tyrants they will copy your methods. Do not be continually scrolling.

When a father is disciplining a child the mother should not intervene this is against the order of God’s government and it creates division. If the mother is not satisfied she can speak to the father in private not in front of the children. For wives to disagree and quarrel is a great evil and even greater evil if done in front of the children. If parents want to Coral and destroy their happiness at least let them do it out of the presence of the children so as to not also destroy the happiness of the children.

Send your kids off to school when they are about age 5. Mothers teach your children in all kinds of domestic labor. It is wrong for children to expect their parents to labor for them while they are lazy.

We are adopted into the family of the faithful into the bosom of Abraham the polygamist. He is the example who we want to sit down with. He will be called our father and we his children. The same gospel saved him as does us. Who would dare say we are more righteous than our father Abraham? He continued in polygamy, he didn’t repent of it, and we know we are saved not in our sins, but once we repent of them, so polygamy isn’t sin.

Leah gave her husband another handmade this pleased the Lord so the Lord gave Leah another child

Divorce is wrong so if someone was a polygamist for example in Islam why would we have them divorce their wives to become a Christian

Note it seems that polygamy has to come back before we teach the Asian and Islamic Nations because it would be absurd for us to require them to leave behind their various wives and children

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