Plural Marriage in the Bible by Ogden Kraut – Book Highlights

These are a few highlights from the text, much more is taught in the full text. The full text is online free at

Polygamy is the most freedom for woman, to choose her husband.

Just because we are to be one in marriage doesn’t mean that’s only one wife just like how Jesus wanted all of his disciples to be one with him

We know about Eve but that doesn’t mean Adam did not have other wives we do know that he had other ribs we know of the garden of Eden but that does not mean that we’re not other gardens

It’s an obvious historical fact that in the age of the Bible, polygamy prevails.

God didn’t hint at Lamech doing wrong. The kill was self defense. The polygamy wasn’t mentioned as wrong. He was a great poet and had great offspring. God in those days punished immediately to set the example, and Lamech wasn’t punished. The 70x punishment he spoke of was to comfort his wives saying that would’ve happened if I was wrong but I’m not.

Prophets polygamy wasn’t like the harems.

Polygamous peoples are often more chaste than monogamist.

Peter holds up Sarah as a prototypical woman. She gave another to her husband for seed.

A man was to be kind to qualify for another wife. The wife could say no to another of she knew him to be unruly, as more family to that man would only bring more misery.

Plural marriage allows for wives specializing in what they enjoy most, like a small business. One might enjoy sewing, and other cooking, another teaching children, etc.

It’s possible that Sarah was cursed with not having a child due to rejecting polygamy then was blessed with child as soon as she can send it to that we know she was bearing before and fruitful after we also know she had some jealousy issues

If Hagar was living in sin the angel would not have come to comfort her and send her back to that situation

It was while Abraham was living with two wives that his name was changed to a greater name and he was promised he would be a father of many nations for the first time

Genesis 17:18 show that after Abraham entered polygamy he had more angelic visitations and it was after he entered polygamy that he was called a friend of God

God likely told Abraham that he would assign an angel to watch over Hagar

Abraham spoke with God face to face often. Abraham was honored by Christ more than any other ancient prophet. The New Testament apostles also honored Abraham and among all the peoples of the world Abraham is the most honored prophet of all time.

Sarah gave more wives to Abraham even after Hagar

Jesus and his apostles never identify polygamy as a sin

The bishop having one wife was so that a man with a larger family wouldn’t be overwhelmed in the time it takes to do the work of a bishop so he has time to take care of his family
Note it could even be suggested that an ideal Bishop is someone who’s kids are raised and they are empty nesters but actually in the ideal gospel plan a man could continue to be raising children throughout his life even in his older ages by means of polygamy so this 1 wife recommendation is the earliest stages of a mature man. We note that without marriage a man isn’t fully a man and is not demonstrated his capacity to govern social dynamics we also note that it may be wise to prove a man with one wife for a while before giving him a second.
Naturally the scripture could also be referring to having at least one wife.

God did not curse Abraham for his other wives instead he blessed them

God withheld no blessing from Sarah for allowing the polygamy

Abe saw his polygamous family was blessed so he also took Keturah and others

Christ selected a polygamist Abraham for Christians fo look forward to sitting down in heaven with.

Leah was blessed for giving Zilpah to Jacob the scripture says.

Moses’s first wife was the Midianite his second wife was the Cushite Ethiopian. Some have suggested these are the same woman but it is easily shown there are not. More on this in the text

Moses gave more laws concerning polygamy than any other Bible writer it is obvious that he would have been living that law

Moses’s laws show that God recognizes the legitimacy of the second wife as well as the first. That man can have multiple wives and it isn’t sin so long as he provides for them and isn’t impartial in inheritance. On the other hand adulterers are to be stoned to death, there’s a difference.

If God wanted to stop polygamy he wouldn’t have made these laws about how to live in polygamy. It would be like trying to eliminate theft by telling thieves how to divide the spoils.

Most of the men in ancient Israel were married men the law of the beautiful woman being brought home after a month of morning she becomes the wife the soldier already has a home a lot of this is primarily about married men in the first place. In one battle the men took home on average three women each and this was just one battle this was a command to be done for each battle.
Note : the women would learn the Lord’s ways, that these Israelites were the righteous all along, and learn to love them.

Levitate law marry the deceased man’s wife to raise seed to him.
Note: Firstborn only, others to the living? It says firstborn, idk about the rest. I think all go to the deceased. We know the woman is only belongings to the deceased in eternity.

About 39 kids each man, they had to be plural.

In the ancient law of God no man would dare to seduce a woman and then abandon her any more than he would to murder her, the penalty is the same. Whenever a man and woman have sexual intercourse they are married from that moment, he is bound to protect and provide for her the rest of his life. That’s the man was required to bear his responsibility. Woman deserve this security and recompense. By surrendering her body to him, she became his, and his responsibility.

There’s a great difference between lying with a woman with intention to betroth and just having her without intention of marriage.
Note look into this sounds sketch.

Tamar’s rape wasn’t as insulting to her as the man commanding her to leave.

Our “progress” leads to orphans widows divorce whoredoms, leads us away from God’s laws.

A woman with more than 1 man was to be killed.

David takes three wives before becoming King if this was a sin in Israel they would have never let him become king

God did not mention David’s polygamy as a sin and kept keeping blessings and success upon him

David was rebuked for the case of Uriah but he was not repentant for polygamy in general but repentant for that specific murder we see after all of this repentance he gains another wife in his old age.

David was given Saul’s wives they were not given to people who were single.

A prophet was sent to rebuke David in the case of Uriah but no profit was sent before that to rebuke his polygamy.

God repeatedly chose polygamists as his leaders obviously people look to leaders as the example and God knows that if he didn’t want polygamy he should not have chose polygamists as his leaders

Saul a polygamist made an illegal burnt offering and was punished for that but was not punished for his polygamy

God continually told David how to win wars gave him inside knowledge while he was a polygamist David was receiving regular Revelations and this is not how it works for people living in adultery

Polygamist children are always mentioned in the genealogies

Sometimes the sons are listed and the daughters are not so we see many of these characters had many more children than the record even lists which helps us understand many more polygamists than we know

David had a child through adultery that died a week later whereas the legal polygamist children lived on to be Kings etc.

When David committed adultery with another man’s wife he suffered agony and torment of soul this did not happen with any of his legal polygamist wives.

Bastard sons were not to enter into the congregation of Israel even to the 10th generation
Note this seems a heavy law but it was to maintain the strict morality standards in Israel

Neither God or David ever called his illegitimate child a son. The child of Bathsheba is called his man-child. Yet he calls Absalom a children of a polygamist marriage his son.

The son of multiplying wives is whenever someone takes more wives than he can provide for control and teach for example Solomon got in trouble when he took heathen wives who worshiped false gods

Not multiply horses to oneself and to not multiply wives to oneself does not mean that you can have no more than one horse or one wife it means don’t take more than you can take care of or govern

A concubine is different from a wife in that if the concubine wants a divorce and to leave she cannot take an inheritance of property and wealth with her

The children of concubines are listed in the genealogy of patriarchs

Marriages to foreign nations were not always forbidden if they were converted you could marry them
The issue with Solomon is that he did not convert those wives

In some instances foreign women are brought in to build up Israel

Some abuse polygamy but we don’t ban it anymore than we ban fire

Goes over many kings priests and commoners who had plural marriage and were never punished by God and were considered clean and able to offer sacrifice whereas there are many who do things that are strictly forbidden that get immediate punishment

The book of Hosea shows a prophet being explicitly commanded to live plural marriage

If plugging me were against the laws of God the book would have said so and given a specific punishment for it just like other laws

John taught baptism before Christ Jewish teachers did teach baptism the laws of God are eternal a few scriptures can be misinterpreted to suggest to the contrary but it is not so

Jesus was a rabbi not so much a carpenter they frequently sent lawyers to try and get him on the law but he knew the law and they couldn’t do it he was called Rabbi by Nicodemus by Peter and others and he never refuted this title.

Jews have a hard time accepting Christianity because of the celibacy thing. the Jews knew that if you are not married and have a family you’re not living a complete life.

Jewish weddings were the law and they were a time of rejoicing and they were performed at a very early age. 18 was the oldest a man should wait to marry and marrying younger was even better.

Jesus would have been nailed by the Pharisees if he was not married this was part of the law and he could not have been the perfect example without doing this.

Gospel of Thomas every woman who makes herself male will enter into the kingdom of God note this sounds like it should be translated as every woman who joins a man will enter. Is it not written that the two shall become one? Together they merit the kingdom.

Gospel of Philip says the consort of Jesus followed him the word consort means spouse

Jesus portrayed himself as an obedient servant rather than a lawgiver

The question is not what evidence is there for Jesus being married the question is what evidence is there for celibacy in the law of God

Christ clarified expanded and vindicated the law he did not do away with it. Galatians says we must do the law and Deuteronomy says whoever takes from the law is cursed.
Muhammad did away with the law of Moses in favor of his own Quran.

Paul taught that the scriptures of the Old testament are able to make the wise unto salvation. The law of Moses is the same as the law of Christ. Paul wrote that we should do the law he said the law is the schoolmaster to bring us to Christ but we cannot interpret this to mean that the law of Moses is no more important
. Paul also says the gospel was taught to Abraham.

Note Here are scriptures I’ve collected



Jesus makes the law of Moses active and when he tells them to search the scriptures he’s talking about the law of Moses

We don’t allow our children to steal and then when they’re adults tell them to not steal that it’s wrong similarly God would have declared polygamy as evil from the beginning if it was evil

Christ said not one jot or tittle will pass from the law so it’s bizarre to think that he would just completely start a whole new law
Note but I am still unsure of the word fulfill the law

Many points concerning the marriages of Jesus their titles they gave him that Jesus came to them first after the resurrection that they were the last ones there at the cross and the most often visitors at the tomb and many other such evidences are given there’s also a multitude that follows Jesus around it says it’s a multitude of women that gives him sustenance it doesn’t say it was men who did that it was the women and they were being the command to take care of their husband

Isaiah speaks of his train filling the temple this refers to his family his wives

Isaiah says at his crucifixion he sees his seed truly his wife and children were at that event making it all the more excruciating

Jesus was a king and through his marriage he carried on the patriarchal lineage of priesthood the king has an urgent duty to have an heir we see on the cross it was written his crime of him being a king he was called a king he lived as a king he died as a king

The New testament is a mirror reflection of the Old testament

The scripture says love your neighbor does that mean you cannot have more than one neighbor? Similarly the scripture about men having a wife and wife having a man does not mean polygamy cannot exist in this situation.

The nuns lived as wives of Christ even with a ring on their hand thus Christ will be the greatest polygamist of all time

Note in this United States government we are the slaves there is not religious freedom for us to practice God’s love plural marriage when we are freed from this slavery shall we not live the law of god? For now we wait as slaves

The church does not make rules for the state but the state should also not make rules for the church.

If God doesn’t make something a sin laws of men cannot make it a sin either.

Romans did not become Christian but Christianity became Roman and the Romans insisted on monogamy even though they were allowing frequent divorces etc.

Martin Luther performed plural marriage and he said perhaps the people are not ready for this precious doctrine from the Bible

Peter is spoken of as having two houses he was probably a polygamist

Due to the superstitions of his day Joseph Smith had to live polygamy in private

Polygamy allows for many children to exist in a family so that they don’t need to rely on the gentiles for friendships

The Orson Pratt marriage rules are repeated things such as correcting faults in private and failure to discipline children when needed out of love is actually ruining them and the woman needing to be subjected to the man that the man rules as the head that the woman should not marry him unless she is willing to be ruled by him. Children who refuse to help their parents should not marry.

In the Bible the monogamists were never promised as many blessings as the polygamists.

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