The Gift of Dreams by Ogden Kraut – Book Highlights

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The Arabs saw almost every dream as inspired and the Egyptians etc. took dreams very seriously

Dreams are a gift of the spirit and should be respected just as much as the gift of tongues or other gifts

Jer 23:28

The Jews had great respect for dreams as guides

The state of peace during sleep allows for communication from God

Several writers & mathematicians have taken breaks in their work to sleep and they wake up with the solutions to their questions

Note- my brother is a builder and didn’t know how to build a certain staircase. He slept and awoke knowing precisely how to build it. He told me, “Nate that is true I was reading in my scriptures every night and I had a house that I was working on and I wasn’t sure how to build the curve stairs. So i read my scriptures and prayer like normal and in the morning I knew exactly how to build the stairs. So I think I owe that to my mom for teaching me good and my father for the inspiration.”

There is an account of a man who had a long message impressed upon him he knew it all verbatim awaken from his dream where it was told to him, but someone called for his attention while he was scribing it and he went to take care of that business and when he came back the rest of the message was gone. Give priority to recording these important messages.

Parly P Pratt spoke of how the righteous have dreams of being righteous, and the wicked have dreams of doing wickedness; he also said that if there is a marriage which cannot be but is destined to be at a later date by some premortal arrangement which is cut off by death or some other circumstance, that this person will minister to the other in dreams.

Beneficial productive dreams are of God.

Unbelief and treating lightly the things we have received is a major reason for condemnation.

Pratt said there is no possibility of one who follows the holy ghost being led astray

Woodruff said pay close attention to dreams you feel may be inspired

God spoke to Joseph father of Jesus by dream

Inspired dreams often need inspired interpretations

It is quoted that we are repeating what Joseph in Egypt went through. We as a people have been cast out of society but will be the means of saving society and of saving Israel

The Mormon elders promised the same thing that Peter promised people who would get baptized, the same gifts of the Spirit and this was the test of whether or not they were true messengers from God.

If people do not have manifestations from God, these gifts of the Spirit, then they are not the people of God

There has never been a prophet who has not received Revelation from the Lord in dreams

it is difficult for the Lord to reveal things through dreams these days because nobody believes that dreams can be revelation

Numbers 12:6 the Lord speaks to All his prophets in dreams

Note – perhaps this is one reason we keep the word of wisdom – to keep our minds clear to receive dreams from God

Joseph Smith said that if an angel appears to you try to talk to them and by the third attempt they will respond

There are ministering spirits assigned to us

One indication that a dream is inspired is that you awaken after it which gives you more opportunity to remember it

another way that we know our dreams inspired is if it is clear not cluttered

If you have a dream and don’t understand it, pray for the meaning of it and if the meaning does not come, dismiss the dream as unimportant

One had a dream of the thoughts of people at church, they were all thinking of things other than the worship, it was disgraceful.

The gifts of the Spirit are only for those who live their religion

Several accounts of people seeing other people in dreams, getting to know their names, what they look like etc. long before ever meeting them. Missionaries being assigned to the very exact places of who had the dreams who saw them.

There are angels who gather the prayers of the saints to make incense to God

Wilford woodruff had a dream that his first child would die the next day. he received in the post shortly thereafter that this was the fact, and the dream beforehand helped brace him for the impact.

John Taylor had a dream of his first wife being very sick so he prayed greatly for her and she recovered.

One missionary was quite poor and in need of a new hat. Someone was told in a dream to get him that hat, but he could not get the hat, and then the day he was supposed to have the hat came and he knew the missionary would arrive. That day, a very nice hat flew off of a passenger on a train, that was the hat for the missionary and it fit quite well.

One dream involved people jumping off a boat and another person gave an interpretation that the people who jumped off the boat in that order were the people next to die. So it was, and it was Orson Pratt who gave this interpretation, and Orson Pratt was one of the people jumping the boat, and the man declared when it was Orson’s turn, and Orson indeed went next.

Several other dreams related predicting deaths of certain people

A missionary had a dream of being told to go into a house where there were many serpents. He did so and when the serpents attempted to attack him they fell down dead. Later this missionary saw the fulfillment of this as mobs were gathered against them. The mobs came to attack them but fell over dead.
He knew what was going on and trusted God rather than running away.

Abraham Lincoln had contempt against the Mormons, and he dreamed of his assassination 3 weeks before it occurred.

Dreams warning of bombs planted in cars.

A nightmare awoke a man sleeping in a room filling with poisonous gas.

A man saw his wife in vision about to get in a car wreck he yelled out to her. She heard this and veered off the road. He then gave her further instructions of how to exit the car before it burst into flames, and all of this while they were 9,000 miles from one another. She later confirmed that she heard his voice instructing her, she repeated the exact words he said, and he spoke and walked her through this at the very time of the incident.

Note – it seems many small impressions that save us are from our kin watching over us.

Several men were warned in a dream that Indians were coming the next day and would scalp them. So they left their employment and got out of there, and in fact the Indians did come and kill several, which they escaped.

God will reveal every important thing which his people need to know by dreams or by whispering to them (from Millennial Star)

One young man was warned in a dream about a woman who he was going to marry, that she would bring great shame to him. He later found out that the woman was a mistress of another man, and was just playing him in a plot to bring shame on the church.

One man had a dream that he was driving in a certain place and knew to slow down when there was no appearance of danger. He couldn’t think of an interpretation to this dream so he forgot about it. But the next day he was driving and recognized himself in that very place he saw in his dream, so he slowed down and he saw that there were many black cows in the road, it was at night, he would have hit them had he not significantly slowed down.

Note I remember an account which Kevin kraut told me – when he was a young semi-truck driver, he was from the Arizona desert and didn’t have much winter driving experience. He found himself on a treacherous road in a heavy winter blizzard where trucks were driving off the road every couple seconds, and these were called over the radio. A large truck behind him got him on the radio, recognizing that Kevin looked afraid and inexperienced, and walked him through what to do at every turn and every corner so that he made it out safe. Kevin attempted to thank him, but the truck disappeared.

Nope I remember a strange event when I was a youth in a very difficult season of life it was the very early morning and I was walking to my house and a man drove up the road and stopped to give me a religious pamphlet. He then turned around and left the same way he came, it was strange and I’ve often considered that encounter.

Dreams are visions and these can be had during the day as well

Joseph Smith had a dream of two people who plotted against him. They were snakes which could not attack him because they were caught up with themselves

Our ancestors watch us and they want to know what we have done with their name

Prophets are the world’s greatest benefactors due to the large influence they have

One woman dreamed of a great silver wave coming to crash upon her. She was in a train she said “I see the wave coming to crash upon me” then the train crashed and she died.

Several accounts of soldiers having dreams about the exact events that would take place in the battles of the next day including who would be wounded and where etc.

Many times Wilford woodruff had communication with Joseph Smith after Joseph’s death through dreams etc. where Joseph explained to him his mission.

Many visions of the last days and the plagues etc. One where poison fell from the sky which could not be seen, and the saints gathered together were told when to be inside their tents to avoid these things.

Wilford woodruff and others saw the Salt Lake Temple before they went west

Jessie Knight was inspired to start the Eureka Utah mine which was able to deliver the church in a time of great financial, settling maintain the credit of the church

The “dream mine” was a mine about which a bishop had. He said it’s fulfillment would come at a time when the nation was in spiritual and temporal bondage

One woman had a vivid dream of her death. She had memories of regret of whenever she chastized her children in anger. She could remember back in her life up to when she was married, before that it wasn’t so relevant. She was allowed to the celestial city, and told she had indeed been in error at times due to not praying enough, but that God saw her repentance.
She was told she could go to the celestial City, and others nearby who were not granted entry became angry at her. There was a director in a plain room (or temple) who told people where they could go (to which kingdom).
She was very happy. She saw Elder Woodruff teaching at her funeral, giving a sermon prophesying that she was very happy.
She went around for a few places as a spirit. she went to theater etc. and saw many other spirits of all ages and all different kinds of dress, and she could plainly distinguish between those who were spirits and those who were not, and the spirits did not particularly notice each other or speak to each other anymore than we do to others on the street.
She saw the director judge who said to those who were destined for bad places, that they knew of their own free will and plainly and chose this, and it was recognized that very few went to the celestial City.

note- Dimitri Mendeleev had a dream where he saw the periodic table assembled! Naturally this aided his discovery of it.

note – I heard of a man called to preach to Indians, nobody knew the language, and it was taught to him in his sleep in 1 or a few days. Fascinating how the gift of dreams and the gift of tongues can work together! It is preponderous indeed of how fast and directly our spirits can learn.

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