The Angel with the Drawn Sword: Legitimate & Theologically Congruent

Is the angel drawn sword account a good source? Does it violate agency, coercing Joseph, threatening death?

The church knows this is a good source and includes the account in the gospel topics essays.

Is there scriptural precedent for God killing someone who doesn’t obey him or threatening such?

Balam and donkey. Moses slaying those who worshipped idols, and slaying Canaanites. The guy who lied to Peter about use of church funds was killed, etc…

So the vital question is does God destroy? Yes, God does destroy. Death is always in God’s hands, he owns us as he created us, it’s within his rights to give or take life. God sent his son to die. Noah’s flood. Many accounts of those who broke covenants being rewarded with the death penalty.

We should not be deceived with the idea that God can never be stern, can never give lasting / meaningful consequences. That “all you need is love.” In reality, and God is reality, there is tough love, too. Leaving this out makes love into something weak, and not really love at all.

Joseph CHOSE to enter into covenants to obey God at all hazard, and the never of God was letting him know that if Joseph didn’t live up to that covenant he made if his own free will and choice, he would be destroyed. Joseph knew God, and knew this message was from God. The messenger was reminding Joseph of the covenants Joseph had made, and that breaking those covenants would bring dire consequences. God has placed so much trust in Joseph to be the restorer of the dispensation of the fullness of times, being slain was only the beginning of his problems if he were to turn his back on God at this point. It would have been a denial of the Holy Ghost, and there would be no repentance for him in this world or the next.

You’d think these advocates of the idea that “we are all unique” would pick up on the idea that some people need to be dealt with differently than others. Some require more stern treatment than others, and that’s within the scope of perfect love and compassion. God works to bring to pass righteousness, and this doesn’t always look the same.

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