The Science and Skepticism Behind the Vaccine War by PBS & Frontline Journalism – Documentary Notes

-small pox, polio, diphtheria, etc. are gone from vaccines

-many parents don’t want autism risks from vaccines, they would rather have measles.

-within 6 years a child gets 36 inoculations

-they prevent 16 diseases by vaccines

-Heb B vaccine is an STD, and some say they don’t want such in a baby

-babies today get 4x the vaccines than in the 70’s

-there are reasons we get sick, getting sick is not a bad thing.

-some children don’t want to get sick from those without the vaccines

-National Vaccine Information Center is a current establishment

-Generation Rescue is a group by JB Handley currently on tens of thousands of cases of MMR triple shot and others becoming disabled, in ways like not looking at their parents after such, or never speaking again after such, etc.

-autism is a brain damage disease, we give more vaccines today, and this illness is increasing, the correlation is drawn.

-some say that children who get vaccines then autism is merely because that is the age autism generally develops

-mercury, ether, aluminum, formaldehyde, phosphate buffers, formalin, yeast protein, soy protein, bovine protein, thimerosal (mercury based), these are some of the ingredients of the vaccines.

-Robert Kennedy Jr. is one loud speaker against these.

-mercury is known to be a neurotoxicant, but not related to autism necessarily

-many studies in several nations show no link between MMR and autism

-thimerosal has mercury studies show no link with it and autism

-yet many cases show children go in to get vaccines, and leave regressing.

-some say 100,000’s of thousands are negatively affected from vaccines

-some say that the internet causes myths to not die which should die, others say the internet is showing more truth and allowing people to challenge the medical establishment.

-some say vaccines are private not public; that it’s like not taking a drug; but they there is the question of herd immunity. It’s said that the large drop in herd immunity is where the real issues come out.

-scientists say herd immunity matters like a wall around a community

-they say they still vaccinate against polio because some people with it are still alive. However they stopped giving smallpox vaccines because that is totally gone.

-some say people are taking control of their own health and don’t want to rely on a doctor. Physicians must get over the idea that they aren’t going to be obeyed all the time.



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