Vaccines Lecture by Jack Stockwell , Summary, Audio

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-we need calcium in its raw form not in milk, but in plants or from something that ate a plant.

-health food stores have nothing to offer, they make you be vitamin deficient

-we need vitamin f

-he never gave his sons a vaccine, never a shot in his life, for 17 years he remembers only 3 days when he was sick. He is also quite all, taller than his dad, and a basketball player.

-this man is 65 but doesn’t look it

-the FDA buys out the things that work in the health food stores because they don’t want you to be exempt from needing to take their drugs.

-vitamin f isn’t in health food stores because it works; it’s only to be found in a Dr.’s office

-vaccines do the opposite of what needs to happen with our bodies

-there is no long-term research proving that vaccines work

-many of those Dr’s who push the vaccines have stock invested in them, owning patents on them.

-get raw whole milk; it’s sold at a place called Real Foods in Orem, St. George, and a few other places.

-eat fatty deep-sea fish

-email him at

-free audio from Jack at

-mercury is in the vaccines very bad

-acid issues are from not having enough acid

-babies don’t develop anti-bodies until 12 months old (hence they don’t need vaccinations). An epidemiologist said they get moms to bring in babies to train them to bring them in for vaccines.

-they won’t do long term studies on vaccines for they have so much money invested in them.

-vaccines is a way they want to help the “overpopulation problem” in the world Bill Gates says.

-you must take thyroxin if you have no thyroid

-anti oxidants are an utter and total scam (not sure what he means by this)



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