Hyrum Andrus: Nephi’s Last Days Prophecies – Lecture Highlights

2 parts

PART 1: https://youtu.be/UJAzwpsirzY

In The era of warfare against Zion (future) that is when Zion rises to its full stature.
Eventually this will extend to Jerusalem.

There will be military war against the latter-day Saints then against Jerusalem.

Joel 2 is warfare against Zion. Joel 3is war against Jerusalem.

There’s a future point where if the gentiles repent they’ll be saved if they don’t they’ll suffer this becomes even more specific in the future where they get the two alternatives to choose from.
These alternatives will be presented to the gentiles vividly and powerfully.
At that point if they refuse these offerings they’ll be destroyed temporally and spiritually. We have not yet seen this and it will be rapid consequence when it is presented.
The future warfare against Zion is when these alternatives will be presented to the gentiles.

Nephi sees a division on the one hand is the Church of the Lamb of God and this is not all of the latter-day Saints. The other is the Church of the devil which consists of anyone who’s not on the Church of the Lamb.

2 Nephi 30:10 also speaks of this great division.

In that day there will be such a polarity and the gospel will be talked about throughout the world as it has never been before.

In the scriptures Waters means people. The whore sat upon many Waters. The whore is a cultural mindset.

Nephi says the church was spread all over the world this began to be fulfilled after World war II when the policy changed to not moving the United States when you’re baptized.
George Albert Smith started this then David McKay implemented it.

In Central and South America missionaries did not have much success at all then president McKay dedicated the land and everything started opening up.

There’s a difference between ministering the gospel with the power of the spirit and just visiting with people and talking about the weather at cetera.

It’s much more than just knowing the church is true we have to get sanctified to be born again.

Zion will rise to be the standard of righteousness in the world that it is designed to be. It must be a Zion endowed with Glory.

There will be fire and cloud over all areas of Zion and this will be because the people are sanctified, not just because they’re upset about being oppressed.

Right now the Saints are lazy and think all is well in Zion and are not willing to live for the gospel, they’re only willing to die for it. This is why we haven’t gotten the Glory of Zion yet.

Wherever the Saints are gathered there’s going to be a war against them; war of bullets etcetera as the people around them gather against them.
But the Saints will be preserved by the power and glory of God.

God’s wrath we poured out upon the nation’s such that all nations will have war and rumor of war, that would include America.

The Book of Mormon teaches that America will be the first great nation to make warfare against Zion.

The Lord will come to Zion years and years before he comes in glory to the whole world.

The physical geographical gathering is not over! We are in an interim. When the era of warfare against the Zion comes then the gathering will take place will “not go by flight.”

Nephi says when the wrath is poured out on the abominations, then the Lord commences in preparing the way for the fulfilling of his covenants.

We will gather to temples and to endowments of Glory. It begins at Mount Zion in this land of America is a gathering to the law of consecration and the holy order.

Before the gathering is a cleansing because we just aren’t cutting it. Isaiah says Zion is redeemed by judgement. Joseph Smith says a man cannot come to My. Zion except by suffering.

D&C. 42 identifies the sudden coming to Temple spoken of by Malachi, which was repeated the Joseph Smith by Morini as taking place at the New Jerusalem Temple.

To build Zion, it’s the righteous Latter-Day Saints who need to be refined, not just the inactive.

For Zion we need two things to happen: 1. we need the righteous Saints to be refined in the refiner’s fire. 2. The land of America must be refined (because it is the land of Zion).

America will be destroyed. Otherwise, God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.

After the destruction of America Zion is established. Then the gathering of Israel happens. They go out from All Nations not in haste. They will go peacefully bring as many people with them as they can and they’ll have the same endowment as Israel leaving Egypt the pillar of fire by night and cloud by day. They come to Zion singing songs of everlasting Joy. This is the entire prophetic picture of the Book of Mormon. We are on the threshold of the beginning of this era of time.

First Nephi 22, 2nd Nephi 6, and 3rd Nephi have commentaries on the prophetic picture. Nephi saw everything John did.

The beast is given power to overcome the Saints and everyone else.

The mark of the beast era takes place after the redemption of Zion. Zion isn’t concerned with it.

Daniel 7 he sees Adam-ondi-Ahman in the last days. Joseph Smith identifies the ancient of Days as the oldest man our Father Adam who is Michael. In that meeting Adam councils with us to prepare us for the coming of Christ.
Daniel 7 is also about the general World condition at the time of Adam-ondi-Ahman.

Joseph Smith says that the beasts of Daniel should be translated as figures of a beast and that they represent beastly degenerate carnal God opposing systems. (Unlike the righteous 4 literal beasts of the book of Revelation who worship God)

Daniel 7 deals with the same subject in general that Daniel 2 deals with. The great image. The kingdoms of that great image and 1806 (? Review the lecture ensure this number is right) that’s when the Holy Roman empire ends and the prophecy is that in the day after that is when the kingdom of God is set up. The kingdom cut out of the mountain without hands.  The four beasts of Daniel 7 represent the same things that the great image represented the lion was Babylon, the bear was Medes and Persians, the third leopard was Greece, the fourth was Rome (terrible with iron like none before it).

Revelation 13 has a beast with different body parts that have the same figures that Daniel used except they are reversed in order. Like the beast in Revelation being made of multiple animals, Babylon in the last days is a melting pot of different peoples! Babylon’s great ideal is Greco-Roman philosophy. So the one who makes war against the Zion is a composite of Greece and Rome.

There was another beast the little horn and remember horns and scripture represent power. The war against the Saints prevails until Adam-ondi-Ahman.
Out of Rome come 10 kings. The little horn is very powerful but little in the sense that his rule as a short one.

Joseph Smith spoke of wars that would happen after the civil war of the United States. He said when the Russian Bear lays its paw on the British Lion you know the winding-up scenes are not far off.

When Adam-ondi-Ahman happens there will be two great world powers. The one will be Babylon the other will be the Little Horn. The little horn will subdue 3 Babylon kingdom, one of which will be England. The little horn is the Russian Bear. Adam-ondi-Ahman will result in removal of the little horns power.

Joel 2:28 to the end of the chapter was told to Joseph Smith that it wasn’t fulfilled, it was for the Latter-Days. “It shall come to pass AFTERWARD that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh…” After what? The 1st 27 verses deal with a great northern power coming to Zion to subdue it.
He says it’s a northern army, a heathen (not Christian) power. Such a power as there hath not been ever the like, or will be after many generations. The greatest military power ever seen this far and ever seen until the end of the millennium. This is talking about the little horn.
Verse 30-32 in Mt. Zion and in Jerusalem AND in the remnant the Lord shall call there will be security.

Joseph Smith teachings p70-71 he reads Joel 2, says in the last days God will call a remnant where there will be deliverance / temporal peace in addition to Zion & Jerusalem. It’s the remnant who the Lord SHALL call, so he hasn’t called them yet. The Lord will gather the Indian people, they are the remnant, there will be peace among them.

During the period of warfare the saints get sanctified.

Eventually Jews will gather to Jerusalem in far greater numbers. Many are in America, they may want to leave during the warfare era.

There’s not only a modern Babylon, but also a modern Assyrian.

The lost ten tribes wanted to faithfully live the covenant like never before, this they fled. They are together in a body like Joseph Smith said.

The Lord brings upon the people the waters (people) many…shall fill the breadth of the land…
…I will send him against a hypocritical nation (America) to take their treasure…
V24,27 the Lord says to His people in Zion: Assyrian will do to you like Pharaoh did to ancient Egypt a little while then they’ll be destroyed. His home will be destroyed because of the anointing.
V12-15 when he has done his whole work on Zion & Jerusalem, the Lord will punish the Assyrian. Don’t worry about the Assyrian

The great northern army, little horn, Assyrian are all the same under various symbols.

The true Ensign, a spiritual Ensign and of general righteousness and justice, will be raised when Zion is redeemed with an endowment of glory. If people reject THAT, they get God’s judgements both spiritually and temporary.

1 Ne. 22 making known the covenants of the father of heaven refers to Christ. The people cannot be blessed unless the Lord makes bare his arm in the eyes of all nations. Mosiah 12 Abinadi prophesied of the last days, that all would see the salvation of God, the arm bare. So ALL nations see it and make a choice, a great division. Seeing eye to eye to bring again Zion, He has to make his arm bare to all nations! V28 the time shall come when the salvation of the lord will be declared to every nation, they’ll see eye to eye when the Lord brings again Zion…made bare his arm, all nations will see His salvation.

PART 2: https://youtu.be/jDhTQMqSpb4

Once God made his arm bare anciently, Egypt. Brought them out miraculously. There will be little Egypt’s all over the place. [Note: Wherever there are temples sems to be fit places for these pockets of freedom and deliverance.]

God’s people will be preserved, get glory, America will be cleansed.

Don’t go gather with haste, gather as many as you can to go with you, if they reject you, spiritual and temporal destruction.

He makes bare his arm in all nations by his people in those nations.

Warfare against the saints then the cleansing of America and glory among the saints. All that fight against Zion will be destroyed. Nephi speaks of this time. The Lord won’t allow the righteous to be destroyed and will protect them by fire. None that believe in Christ will be destroyed. The prey is Zion. It will be delivered. We will build the New Jerusalem. God will break the power of the gentiles. If gentiles don’t repent God’s people go through and tread them down.
The Indians will rebel. Marines won’t be able to come stop them. The Indians will be like a lion among sheep, none will stop them.
It’ll be Indians and cowboys, not cowboys and Indians; the Indians will win this time.

God will remove the witchcraft groves and materialism & whoredoms from us. There will be vengeance such as we have not heard.

When the Assyrian (great Northern Army Russia) will come into our land (America the hypocritical nation) and tread in our palaces, Christ will deliver us. The remnant of Jacob Indian people will tread the Assyrian.

3Ne. 22 if gentiles repent they can come help build the New Jerusalem. If they don’t serve Christ they’ll be swept off.

D&C 133:34 The richer blessing is on Ephraim because he has borne the heat of the day. Ephraim will preside in building the new Jerusalem. (Indians and converted Gentiles help, but Ephraim presides in the New Jerusalem program.)

3 Ne. 22 After cleansing of America and New Jerusalem is built and ten tribes brought in, Then the desolate has more children than the married.
Gentiles more than Israel.

When we return to Missouri we will live celestial law including the law of consecration. [Note: Perhaps the celestial law of plural marriage as well? Scripture seems to indicate that.]

Jackson County will be the nucleus of New Jerusalem, and it’ll spread hundreds of miles each direction until the desolate cities of the gentiles are inhabited by the Lord’s people. [Note again the temples in multiple locations.]

Zion will not remember the reproach of its youth. It’ll be gathered with great mercies. The Second Comforter (Jesus Christ) will he there. All the children will be taught of the Lord. Warfare will be against Zion but no weapon formed against it will prosper.

Micah 5 is about America.

Even the best shows today have a Babylon setting. We are living in Sodom and Gomorrah. Judgement on America is sure.

Warfare against Zion will start everything, cleansing of Zion, the going to New Jerusalem, gathering of Israel from the 4 quarters of the earth, the rise of Babylon little horn (Russia), rise of slaves against their masters, etc.

We need to minister as we do hometeaching, not just visit and chat.

Says even if he knows something to be true and his Bishop is leading in a different direction, he will back off.

[Note: It does seem wise to back off when there is a disagreement. But remember, much of what the early brethren taught to not follow blindly. Following falsehoods cannot be good in any scenario. Perhaps what should be said is “don’t contend with the leaders” more so than “do everything the leaders say even when wrong.” We try all things, and do what Christ would, fearing God more than any man. The issue Andrus may be getting at here is that far too often we mistrust the leaders and are lazy, and not interested in their council on any level.]

Joseph said this world will stand next to Kolob. Earth fell through space at Adams fall, many prophets have taught that.

[Note remember Brigham and others said it fell from that location at the fall of Adam. Perhaps this also has reference to this world being home of some of the most wicked and righteous of God’s creations.]

Andrus thinks the fall of Adam and Eve had “less to do with the apple on the tree and more to do with the pair on the ground”

[Note: I’m not sure if Andrus was stating this as his opinion or saying that’s what the Protestants think; it’s certainly not mainstream latter-day saint theology. I think Andrus is wrong on this one if that is his view. Strangely he doesn’t mention it in his other full lecture on the fall. I don’t know of any prophets teaching such, nor do I see any logic in it, but it is not an impossible idea, many Christians have that idea, but they see marriage as a fallen order. We know marriage and reproduction are of the Gods and are eternal blessings. So what about the fruit? Perhaps there was a certain bacteria in the fruit that lead to the change in their bodies, and another in that of the tree of life which would have reversed the effect and brought a cleansing resulting in immortality.]

Indian people go through among the gentiles. The Lord’s people restore the constitution. The gathering takes place.

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