Hyrum Andrus: Nephi & John’s Revelations of the Last Days – Lecture Highlights

2 parts.


The opening of the seals is a series of apocalyptic events; that’s not something that took place in the ancient history of the earth (Joseph Smith clarified this). Joseph Smith saw the same vision as John, and is qualified to clarify this; he said it’s the plainest book ever written. The opening of the seals are made to reveal the sequence of events in the last days. The opening of the seals are a series of apocalyptic events, but seeing what the content of the seals actually is, the content of what happened in each of those thousand your periods, that is something that happens after Christ comes. The first item of business in Zion in the millennium is to judge everyone that’s ever lived on the earth and knowing the contents of those seals will help them do that. The contents include the secret thoughts of the hearts of the people.

The seven angels in D&C 88 are not the same seven angels as in the Book of Revelation.

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse represent 4 judgments before the final cleansing of the Earth.

The D&C prophecy of the civil war is not just about the civil war, it’s about several wars.
It’s about the worldwide bloodshed previous to the coming of Christ an era of war. These will continue on until the prophesied full end of all Nations.
Historians agree that the American civil war is the beginning of the kind of war which is called total war, mechanized war

“And they will also call on other nations.” Here the word “they” refers to Great Britain. You see, the prophecy is more than just the civil war. Church historian BH Roberts was able to predict what would happen in World war II from this war prophecy.

John Nephi and Joseph Smith all saw the last days vision.

The war prophecy says many days after that, slaves rise against their masters who shall be marshalled and disciplined for war; this has been interpreted to refer to the civil war, but it should probably be interpreted to mean after these world wars. You can’t say the slave involvement in the civil war fulfills this because it’s not in the right context. First you have the civil war, then you have the world wars, then says after that the slaves rise up against their masters; this is something yet to happen. The Masters are the ones who are marshaled and disciplined for war and the slaves rise against them. Then verse four talks about another group The remnants left in the land will Marshall themselves and become angry.

Isaiah says the Assyrian will be driven back by the power of the anointing, so the freedom lovers will get great help as they stand against the communists.

The Assyrian will be sent against the hypocritical nation (which is America), it will cleanse America.
The Indian people will band together in America. the church will have been humbled and cleansed and they will join in the freedom movement.
That cleansed remnant will be who redeems Jackson county.

In 1967 the times of the gentiles were fulfilled. This is when they stopped being tracked down by the gentiles, which is the definition of the fulfillment of the times of the gentiles.

John’s 4 horses correlate with the prophecy on war. The White horse is America, he has a bow and goes forth conquering and to conquer. The White horse also represents the beginning of the era of warfare against Zion.
The bow of the white horsemen is likely sending a bomb. America has a history of sending bombs places. The red horse had a great sword it takes peace from the earth it is a military power. This is probably when the Assyrian comes to America. The third black horse has balances its interested in Justice the slaves who escaped from their masters. There is also language of rations personal note this could refer to a time of famine taking place after Assyria invades America. The fourth pale horse is death in hell it has power over a fourth of the earth and America constitutes North and South America constitute the fourth part of the Earth. The pale horse has to do with the remnant and he will have something to do with pale faces. It says death and hell followed after because the wicked who died go to hell, it’ll be the wicked who are dying in other words.

Also in the fifth seal we have the martyrs and there’s still some more of those. The sixth seal is the ordination of the second coming not the second-coming itself. Man was ordained to be placed on Earth on the 6th day and he was actually placed on the earth in the 7th Day as the pearl of great price says very clearly. It’s the same way with the seals in The sixth seal is the ordination of Christ’s coming and Christ actually comes in the 7th.

Revelation 6 is an overview of the last days Revelation 7 is more about 6 seal stuff The calling of the 144,000. 144000 gather the sanctified it’s that church who gets caught up to meet Christ. The 144,000 do their work for about 21 years (the half-hour which begins at the opening of the 7th seal).

[Note: Many advocate the 7th seal having opened in year 2000, but that appears to not have been the case based on what must happen in the 6th seal.]

While the hundred forty-four thousand go forth there are plagues and war. They bring people to the Church of the firstborn, which is the church that will be caught up to meet Christ. The 144,000 are the people who gather the wheat then the tears are burned via the major plagues. The wheat are then organized according to D&C 86.

The Book of Revelation is a series of spotlights on the last days rather than a chronological order. [Note: Some suggest it is chronological, but that’s not our study here.]


Rev. 7 after these things (i.e. after the 4 horses)

Hurt not the Earth till sealed servants God in foreheads.

The 144,000 high priests are not high priests of the ecclesiastical order which we know today, but of the Holy order, and this anointing is received only in the temple and for couples jointly.

There are the four gospel Angels, then there’s John, he’s the fifth. He says “hurt not until we finish this gathering Israel mission.”

The Lost ten tribes have to return before the calling of the 144,000 so we have a base of people to choose from, and these things happen before the opening of the seventh seal.

To some Paul says ‘repent and be baptized’ – that’s the standard program of the Gospel. To others Paul only says ‘repent and be converted’ they had sinned against light grievously and their best option was to go to hell with a repentant heart and pay the debt.

The ten tribes will return as a body. Joseph Smith taught that so clearly that there should be no dispute on that matter.

Moses Elias Elijah and John are all translated; there are others too of course, the three Nephites as well.

Some faithful in the Kirkland era were called to the 144,000. The calling began then. It will not only be living people, but translated and resurrected.

After the 144,000 gather people to the Church of the firstborn, then the Earth is cleansed at the hands of these four angels of the restoration.

The half-hour silence is in the Lord’s time (1000:1 so 21 years). The great task force the 144,000 goes out during that half-hour, it’s the prophecy of Jeremiah about the hunting [Note: Suggests a different program than the earlier fishing program.] They teach & administer the gospel with power and seal up people to hell who reject them. This is the gathering wheat from tares.

3 Ne. 21:25 Christ will personally come to the new Jerusalem. This is when Zion is cleansed in the 7th seal. This is technically the beginning of the millennium. It’s around the opening of the 7th seal. [Note: The saints get an earlier era of peace than the rest of the world.]

Isa. 59:19-20 is warfare against Zion, then Christ coming to Zion. The enemy comes in like a flood, that’s the great abominable Church bringing multitudes to fight against Zion. A standard is lifted against them. The power of God and great Glory rest upon the Saints. It specifically says at that point the Redeemer comes to Zion. Moroni at the Hill Cumorah tells Joseph Smith the Saints will be persecuted until they finally receive an inheritance where the glory of the Lord rests upon them. Moroni says at that point is when the Isaiah passage will be fulfilled when Christ comes to Zion.

Suddenly the Lord will come to his Temple. This didn’t mean suddenly near the time that Malachi said that, it means suddenly after the work preparatory to that event is complete. It has reference to the 144,000.

Adam-ondi-Ahman is after the Lord comes to his Temple suddenly. Adam-ondi-Ahman is a great judgment of past.

The past dispensations were not complete this dispensation is to be complete. This is not the dispensation of the fullest of times until we build Zion have Adam-ondi-Ahman and seal other dispensations to us. This is also called the dispensation of the fullness of dispensations. The capstone being put onto a dispensation requires Zion being built with an order of kings queens priests and priestesses. (Andrus elsewhere explains: Christ puts the capstone on, glorifying Zion, making them Kings and Priests in very deed, not just anointed to become such.)

It’s after the ministry of the 144,000 that Christ come suddenly to his Temple, that Daniel 7 of the ancient of Days at Adam-ondi-Ahman is fulfilled.

We seal all things to Christ by sealing all things to Joseph Smith first. This is the last being first.

Those who follow Christ are rewarded not by ecclesiastical office in the celestial Kingdom, but by receiving one hundred fold of all the things they sacrifice be it houses wives etc. [Note: Christ made this clear, and these blessings are blessings of exaltation, and far exceed ecclesiastical position; it’s not about where you serve now, but how.]

When past dispensations are sealed to Joseph Smith, we are able to do the temple work for those past dispensations because we still have living people on Earth who are able to do Temple ordinances [the dead and resurrected cannot do them, they are ordained only for mortality].

There are a group of Jewish converts aside from the Latter-day Saints, they will uphold the two prophets of Revelation 11 during the abomination of desolation. The Assyrian and Babylonian combine against Jerusalem during the abomination of desolation.

Whenever God ordains an earth to be built, there is always a Jerusalem and Zion, two centers, and it is that way on this Earth as well, following the eternal pattern. [Note: Elsewhere Andrus speaks of even the pre-mortal world having a Babylon, a Zion, and a Jerusalem.]

“Awake, awake again…put on thy garments oh Jerusalem, the holy city”
The word again is not in Isaiah but it is in the 3rd Nephi passages of Jesus’s teachings. So when did Jerusalem in Zion rise up in power happen the first time? It was in pre mortality; the war in heaven mirrors what’s happening down here.

There are three Great gatherings: 1. the Saints from every nation 2. the Jews and 3. the wicked

When Satan can’t get Zion he goes against Jerusalem. [That’s where the wicked are gathered to.]

To rule all nations with a rod of iron is political power.

Since what was having as a type of what’s on Earth, we know there was Babylon in heaven, and the people who followed Satan in pre-mortality weren’t just against agency, they were committed to Babylon, and they knew they wouldn’t make it if they went to Earth, so they bargained away their freedom.

The time that the woman flees into the wilderness to the place prepared for her: in the regular says days Joseph Smith changed it to years 1260 years. D&C speaks of the church coming forth out of the wilderness in 1830. 1830-1260 would be 570AD when the church went to the wilderness. But that’s 250 years after the Nicaean council, long after the great apostasy started. So this is referring to the war in heaven.

[Note: Perhaps it does refer to the Great Apostacy, and that there were some remnants until around that time, at which point the flame was entirely squashed. It would make sense that the 1260 isn’t just about pre-mortality, but about here as well.]

The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints will have to give birth to the political kingdom of God. The gentiles won’t be able to do it.

Satan was thrown out in heaven, and on Earth we have to do the same thing, to throw Satan out.

[Note: He must have been as tricky and deceptive there as he is here!]

The first part of Revelation 12 is about the war of heaven, the latter part is about the scene in Jerusalem. The church in Jerusalem is given wings for 1260 days to flee, comparable to the 1260 years in heaven. Some will flee from Jerusalem to Mt Zion for 1260 days. Other stay and sustain the 2 prophets there by their faith.

The Savior takes a group of people from Mt. Zion, they go and stand on the Mt. of Olives just in time. They rebuild the temple and administer the ordinances there. They bring the Jews to the church of the firstborn. THEN Christ comes in glory. The resurrection of the dead in Christ will have already risen first.

Rev. 14 talks about the restoration of the gospel. The Book of Mormon speaks of a great polarization in 3 Ne. & 2 Ne. 30. Rev. 14 is about how the great division is produced by the restoration of the gospel.

The ten virgins parable of men & women shows us that virgin means sanctified. The 144000 are married.

You can’t build Zion on your own, you must unite with your bishop and stake president. Andrus has never seen a stake president without the mantle of God.

Joseph Smith was a greater prophet than Moses. [Andrus speaks on this elsewhere, showing that as the holder of the keys to the dispensation of the fullness of times, to which the other dispensations are gathered in, Joseph Smith presides over Moses, Elijah, etc. We also have record that the greatness of all the prophets past were manifest in the character of Joseph.]

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