Cleon Skousen: The Naked Communist – Lecture Highlights

Communism is a very persuasive false doctrine.

Our problem in the fight for freedom is that we continue to get distracted from our goal.

The criminal mind is very egotistic it thinks that it does not have to work like the rest of the people.

The criminal mind thinks that someone who invites him to dinner with nice things is stupid enough to invite a criminal to dinner so he must have not got his wealth by working but by being lucky and so he does not deserve it so he calculates how to get back into the house to steal those things thinking that the owner does not deserve them thinking that he is smarter than the owner and has the right to the stuff.

The Czar of Russia was overthrown by Russia’s best people it was not overthrown by the Communists.
The Russians had a democracy when the Communists took over.

His book shows the view of the Communists in the favorable light they paint it and then debunks it. It was the first to break down what the Communists were doing all in one place so lay people could quickly get the information.

Stalin took complete credit for starting World war II. Stalin and Hitler made a pact which allowed Hitler to wage war in the West without interference. Russia’s plan was to let Europe beat each other up and then come in after they were exhausted and take over everything easily. After Europe was weak (except Britain) they just needed the last 2 great capitalist powers Japan and USA. So Russian made a pact with Japan saying they wouldn’t stop each other in war efforts. When Germany began to beat Russian we said Russia let’s he friends, ignoring the fact that Russia started the war. If it weren’t for our help Russia would have fallen. They refused to thank the US.

Gangsters survive by making deals with other gangsters Knowing they will be double crossed but with a feeling that they can do the double crossing before the other person will. This is what Hitler did to Stalin, he attacked Russia.

Alger Hiss wrote the charter of the United Nations. It was based on the Russian Constitution of Communism. They know the Americans are too trusting, they put in some of the stuff we wouldn’t want to hear a little ways into it.

1948 Chiang Kai-shek’s China went down while he was trying to make a capitalist China, but was told over and over that he couldn’t defend himself, so China fell to Russia.

McArthur wasn’t allowed to attack the enemy in Korea. December to April he wasn’t allowed to do anything and had to watch the slaughter. He told of this and was fired.

When they know we are willing to fight, they will return our prisoners etc. Carry a big gun and you won’t have to use it. Criminals calculate their odds and take chances. If your gun is big enough, they fear death and won’t try to harm you. If it’s a small gun, they say I’ll chance 40 years in jail.

Freedom, human dignity, protection of innocent people, these are all more important than peace! This is what the founding fathers knew. We must be willing to fight for it or we will lose it.

With only 7% of the Earth’s population the United States has made half of the world’s wealth. It hasn’t even taken us that long. Yet people call for capitalism to end.

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