Patriarch Charles Evans Vision of End Time Events including Plague, Foreign Invasion, & Urim Thummim Schools etc. – Highlights

A reading of the full vision shared by “Consider the Truth” channel here:

Labor became organized against capital

Multitudes going about and strikes and lawlessness

Bankruptcy famine and people killing each other with bodies lying in the streets by the thousands

Monuments of Great Men were destroyed

Earthquakes made great chasms feeling multitudes of people

Waters came and carried away whole cities missiles came

An unparalleled plague began a purple spot on the hand or cheek was noticed or the back and it increased
Certain death followed
It rotted the eyes and consumed the tongue and women whose babies had it cast them away

A powerful chemical was put in the water to change it as blood

A foreign power invaded America and it looks like it was going to put in a monarchy

A power Rose in the west declaring itself in favor of the constitution in its original form

Every lover of constitutional rights gave support to the group of the West

It was fiercely contested but the flag still flew

The government based on the Constitution now and forever said one flag

There were various flags political and otherwise

In Zion, schools and universities were erected to which all had access and Urim and Thurman was used to study. Laws governing spirit matter were plainly taught as well as laws governing courser matter and they were flower gardens which for most beautiful

It’s folly to read silly novels

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