Cardston Temple Prophecy Dream on Supply, Retreat, & Zion Gatherings for the Saints – Highlights

A reading of the full vision shared by “Consider the Truth” channel here:


By a sister visiting the temple open house


Church leaders who have led the kingdom in the past work as spirits in the temple helping church leaders of present

Lots of wells and stockpile of coal and timber etcetera for the Saints

Extreme race riding in America and war breaking out everywhere and hostility against the church

Medical surgical disinfectant supplies and vast quantities stored in Temple basements

Large areas for Saints to go camp

The gentiles will be unaware of the preparations the church is making and each church member will have is assignment

Greater tithing than before greater donations than before liquidation of property
Among members of the church voluntarily

A call went out in the church to gather to The refuge and the people went there as a stream

Wireless messages flash from refuge place to refuge place to say all is well then darkness surrounds outside of the refuge places and the tribulations of the last days begin

Church property with large farms in The refuge areas

Provision made for a large group of people who initially do not belong to the church

Elders were appointed to judge the quantity and type and quality of supplies

Those who are drifted away from the church were inspired to return

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