Apocalypse Sequence Estimation By TYIZ (Author of Great Pageant in the Heavens)

Shared with permission. See also her lecture series on constellations and last days events: https://youtu.be/dJDJsGMlcVk

The only “Second Coming” I am really concerned with right now, is the next one coming up… the one that affects, cleanses and purifies the house of Joseph/Church of Jesus Christ. I believe it is in 2 Ne where there is a scripture saying that only 1/10th will return/survive.


History bears record that world events often turn upon the tiny hinges of what happens among the Lord’s people.  D&C 112:25 “And upon my house it shall begin, and from my house it shall go forth 26. First among those among you, saith the Lord, who have professed to know my name and have not known me…”   It is my opinion (after thousands of hours of research) that the chronology will possibly go in this order:


– Miraculously we may see an outpouring of heavenly knowledge in the next 6 months or so, the initial setting up of Zion and a vanguard of translated beings, both from among our mortal ranks and those returning from Enoch’s Zion. The resurrection might commence with the Lord making bare His holy arm, His special servant, Joseph Smith, the head of this dispensation.  Scriptures (esp 3 Ne 21; Isaiah, etc) indicate that this will be a very public event witnessed by all the world. “All the ends of the earth shall SEE… Apostasy will deepen.


– The “Saints” heads will be the first ones on the chopping block as we go into conditions of slavery, possibly as early as this coming spring to early summer 2022, likely in a knee jerk reaction of the NWO crowd to the above events. More apostasy will occur.


– I suspect that a gathering out of the righteous will almost certainly occur sometime during this period between 2022 and 2024.


– The coming of the Lord to the Saints will likely occur around April 2024, when the first 7 year tribulation period pertaining to the Lord’s Church and Kingdom ends with the second eclipse.  It is possible that this will happen at Adam-Ondi-Ahman when the keys will be turned over to Christ and His reign will officially commence… a “Second Coming” to the Church of the Firstborn.   The millennium will begin for the righteous of the house of Joseph.


– Simultaneously while Zion will be setting up, the rest of the USA and gentile nations will feel the overwhelming chastening hand of the Lord as they are destroyed for their wickedness, Lehi’s descendants will be converted and be healed and assist in building Zion.  10 tribes will be coming, Enoch’s city will return.  Another “Second Coming” to the righteous.


– the 7 year tribulation period will possibly begin about this same time for the Jews as when the Saints are being persecuted, possibly in 2022-2023 sometime, and end about 2028-29. This is when Armageddon will occur, the 2 prophets will be sent to Jerusalem, Gog, et al.  I anticipate the two prophets won’t be sent to Israel until their tribulation midpoint in about 2024-25. There will be a “Second Coming” of Christ to the Jews.


– The worlds’ tribulation period will go from about August 2027 – 2034-35 (second set of “X” eclipses). Meanwhile Zion is spreading from nation to nation, island to island, continent to continent.  The world will be returning to its pre-flood configuration, with continents coming together etc.


– Finally the final two Second Comings as the righteous are lifted up off the earth to meet Him, and the rest of the wicked see Christ and are consumed.

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