Cleon Skousen: God’s Perfect Law – Lecture Highlights

D&C says we’re supposed to be studying history and prophecy and putting the two together to see what’s happening; we miss out on the fun if we don’t take advantage of our privilege to know what’s going on.

The scripture says the Lord’s coming will catch people completely unawares – they’ll be going about as in the days of Noah, marrying, doing business, they will have no clue.

If we aren’t careful will mess with the prophets have been talking about for 6000 years which is happening now.

In one generation we went from horse and buggy to jet plane around the world.

See his verse-by-verse book on Isaiah. Whenever there was something challenging or complex he would go to what the brethren it said on the subject etcetera.

People of all faiths need to unite and fight against evil by upholding the Constitution.

J Reuben Clark said, ‘even when we do get a member of the church in politics, he doesn’t uphold the Constitution’.

Every conference president McKay would beg to people to get involved in the freedom fight.

The founders teachings on the pure Constitution, this had not been in a textbook since 1850.

President McKay encouraged study of good politics in church, but eventually this led to contention among the members, so the church had a new policy of just teaching gospel principles at church, and members mistakenly interpreted this to mean that they never needed to study freedom, and so we had a generation of totally uninformed members.

There were over two hundred specific questions that the founders identified debated and found answers to.

Jefferson said it is immoral to pass one generations debt on to the next generation that is taxation without representation.

The founders warned against a direct tax and now that’s the basis of our whole financial system.

For 14 years his mind was a tornado, waking up at 4 a.m. remembering something he didn’t put into the book, considering revisions, etcetera of the book on the Constitution.

Hyrum Andrus went through the archives of the church and found the actual statement of Joseph Smith about the Constitution. It said that this people (meaning the church) are the people that the nation would lean on when the Constitution is about to be destroyed, and that this people would save the Constitution.

The first presidency had the vision of Charles D Evans patriarch recorded by the church and printed three times. Liberty of conscience social religious and political this is what one of the banners said which Evans Saw another of the banners said the government according to the original intent of the Constitution something like that. Evans saw a foreign power came to the United States and look like it was going to take over but then a power from the West to Rose defending the Constitution and everyone who loved Liberty join that banner and we won. Evans saw that in the University that students used Urim & Thummim everyone knew the truth, no one had to speculate.

Our job is to study the Constitution so that when the people are in desperate need we can let them know we have the answers; it will be known that there are a group of people who have the answers, they will go to us.

Brigham Young said we should get used to thinking in terms of all the human race not just this people, because our role is leadership.

In this generation we have corrupted the whole system of the Constitution.

When the church gets into China and Russia you’ll know that’s about where Nephi’s vision ended (and that’s where things really pick up).

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