Daughters in My Kingdom: Relief Society – Book Highlights

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-Jesus Christ is the greatest champion of womanhood -Elder Talmage
-Don’t let children in your home play with toy firearms or act out dying and to have pleasure in such acting.
-Don’t worry if you are only a humble leader (humble here meaning poor, etc.). 85% of LDS women are humble, and they need humble leaders.
-It’s as important for women to attend Relief Society meetings as it is for men to attend Priesthood meetings.
-The Relief Society is at the head of all the women of the earth and leads them.
-Brigham Young encouraged the R.S. sisters to make their own clothing, and not to follow after the trends of the world.
-Make a program for a current need, then abolish the program once that need is met.
-In one time the R.S. sisters had silk worm farms in order to get silk with which to make clothing.
-R.S. focus is not to give away money, but to give away service.
-Store food
-Women not to go to workforce where they can help it but to stay with the children at home (*for a quote on this refer to the text, or for what current leaders say refer to mormon.org or ldsnewsroom.org; naturally women get to choose what they do, but nevertheless this was encouraged. We do live in a different world today but there are lessons to be learned from this teaching)
-Women can care to the needs of the poor 10 times faster than a bishop
-When Brigham Young called the Saints to go and rescue the pioneers from the winter plains or they would not make it to heaven, the women at that very meeting took off the extra layers of clothing they were wearing and piled them up to have brought to those pioneers.
-When the men are off at war and the women need to work, try to make it by working only part time, or working from your home.
-Live strictly without debt
-There is a book kept in heaven detailing all of your works.
-Brigham Young encouraged the women to get a traditional education and to learn medical education.
-The skill most important in this life is to learn to receive and obey personal revelation
-A prophet said spending time with your children is the greatest gift you can give of all the gifts a parent can give a child.
-President Kimball former LDS Church President went into a home where the couple could not bear children who had adopted 18 children. He said he saw heaven in that home. This was part of his response to when a child asked him if he had ever seen heaven.


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