Help For Parenting Children who are Depressed & Suicidal – Adjustments in Family Standards (8.7.22)

Well does the scripture say that in the last days the hearts of men would fail them. But what do we do about it? What do we do in the face of such depression, and even suicidality? Many have already tried the mainstream advice: anti-depressant drugs, professional counselors, and various me-first-philosophies about letting your childRead more

5 Prophetic Warnings about Music, & Other Media Guidelines

Sections: 5 Prophetic Warnings about Music Our Duties Regarding Music & Entertainment Church Approved Music Pre-Screening Basics Know the Background Seek & Stand in Holy Places Cultivate Creation Beware Desensitization Prepare for Zion Excuses aren’t Valid: You Knew God is Charming Christian Priorities Seek & Find Separating the Art from The Artist: A Virtue andRead more

Dr. Joel Fuhrman & The Nutritarian Diet – Lectures Highlights

These are my notes & commentary and do not represent a balanced summary of the author’s work. I’ve selected portions of the text which were relevant to me and placed them here in my own words, in an abbreviated fashion, with occasional added commentary. Though this article introduces some main ideas from the text, itRead more

Spirituality and Sorcery by Ann Tracy, Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness

Spirituality and Sorcery (full text) March, 2008 by Ann Tracy Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness As John received revelation upon revelation sitting exiled upon the Isle of Patmos he issued a very strong warning to us in our day. He told us that our entire world would be deceived (lied to) through theRead more

Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs by Anne Tracy – Lecture Notes

Tracy is the International Drug Awareness President Tracy raises awareness about potentially harmful effects of SSRI anti-depression medications. Tracy has documented over 5,000 cases of violent crimes related to SSRI drug usage. She has training on how to come off of SSRI’s, but admonishes this to be done very very slowly! She wrote “Prozac: PanaceaRead more