Dr. Joel Fuhrman & The Nutritarian Diet – Lectures Highlights

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Notes on the lecture at this link: https://youtu.be/_9Sn6bGnWSA

Don’t eat Frankinfoods

If you’re constantly giving your kids sweets it means you are a drug addict

Bagels and donuts are both hormonally unfavorable and low in nutrients and they make free radicals

They should never be aware of your internal organs they should never feel your stomach distend

Eating vegetables and fruits after about 400 calories in a meal you will feel full

Oil and white flower are typical products that are poisons that people eat

It’s easy to lose weight when you’re focusing on vegetables it’s impossible to eat too many greens

getting the oils The White flower all of that kind of stuff makes you feel hungrier

we do experiments with rats where we give them an option between cocaine and food and they choose the cocaine every time and they do that to an extent that they stop eating completely and starve to death humans do the same and that they choose low nutrient foods and they eventually die

Humans and all animals will always choose the cocaine-like version if you give the kids an option to have the fries the pizzas the white breads they will always take those. Those are brain stimulating foods they’re not healthy for the body.

When parents give their kids junk food as a reward for participating in sports it shows that the parent is a drug addict. Food is a drug. You might as well shoot them up with heroin as a reward for them playing sports

Junk foods have no fiber and leave you instantly wanting more

Beans are the slowest digested carbohydrate.they are the carbohydrates with the highest amount of fiber and resistant starch. Resistant means those carbohydrates are resistant to enzymatic degradation. some of the starch and beans are fermented by bacteria into fat. This turns into fat very far down in the digestive tract so it passes through into the toilet bowl and does not get absorbed.

sugar and fast food are gateway drugs to illegal drugs this is why there are so many drug addicts in the United States

it takes pain to throw toxins out of the body if you are feeling bad you are getting better if you are feeling good you are getting worse

The longer you live in the catabolic phase the longer you will live so do not eat often

You will feel shaky headache fatigue etc as your detoxifying

Hunger dictates to a precise degree of within 25 calories per day of how much food you need so do not eat unless you are hungry get in the habit of saving things for later

Often parents think that their children are too thin and they manipulate their children into getting them to get eat more food and they develop unhealthy patterns of not listening to the bodies hunger

True hunger does not exist to make you overweight it exists to protect your lean body mass

Eating animal products takes a long time to digest

When certain animals eat other animals they sit around digesting that for a week

the animal products diet keeps you out of the catabolic phase

you don’t need to eat before you work out so you have energy you should have energy all of the time you should not just have energy when you eat

You don’t need calories for energy you burn fat for energy

an overweight person does not need to eat food for energy they have enough for the next 6 months on their body already

Eat episodically only when hungry.

Go to bed on an empty stomach

14 hours without eating daily

If you never gethungry you’re unhealthy

If hungry at bed time go to sleep


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Notes on some of his other lectures:



You don’t want to add size to your body as an adult this is also increasing the cancer if you’re encouraging the growth as an adult, so you don’t need a bunch of meat to increase in size


the football linebackers always die at a young age because they’re so big and eat all that meat


KFC is Kentucky fried cancer


lifespan shortens when you eat animal products and processed foods but that’s basically all Americans eat now


Today Americans only eat 2% of calories from vegetables


fast food isn’t just food you buy at a fast food restaurant it is white bread commercial pastries and pastas

Salad oil mayonnaise crackers


Loss of brain function and change of personality result from bad health they are a shell of what they could have been. Difficulty concentrating.


Heart disease and cancer increase as you increase animal products


People ignore the studies showing the animal products lead to death because they don’t want to give up their meat, they follow the most popular diets in the world because they don’t want to give up their meat


eating nuts and seeds dramatically increases lifespan and decreases cardiovascular disease this is one of the key findings of the past 20 years of research in nutritional health


TMAO rises when you eat eggs as well this leads to dementia and heart disease


The majority of studies point to animal products being bad for long-term health the few studies that have said eggs are good for you are ones where they’re already getting tons of me they just changed it from others to eggs or where they’re placed eggs of sugars to show the people were worse off without them cetera


Eggs and are twice as likely to die in 20 years also eggs are highly connected to breast cancer because of all that cholesterol


Animal products are void of phytochemicals and antioxidants


having lots of micronutrients and moderate caloric restriction is the only proven way to extend life and every study that holds true

But you can’t just have one without the other you have to have both high nutrient and moderate calorie


micronutrient completeness leads to a decreased appetite so you can control your appetite if you have your fiber antioxidants etc.


I see that I need to buy vegetables to bring the snack on at work and so forth carrots and other high-fiber things that are cheap


Diets fail because they cut back on calories without improving macronutrient and take


you can’t breathe on the 12 breaths a minute instead of 14 you can maintain it for a while but you’re going to be gasping eventually this is similar to when people cut back on calories without improving the nutrition


If you eat more calories now you will be eating less calories later because you’ll be in a coffin. you might enjoy the foods reading right now but they don’t taste very good when you’re in a coffin.

Your smell and sight and taste buds get healthier when you eat healthy taste buds change to enjoy the good foods.


people who stick to healthy eating like their new diet just as much as their old diet


Food addictions take 20 years off your life and decrease the quality of life before you die

To suffer for 10 or 20 years before you die


and your partner before you die it’s like being in a war and being captured as a war prisoner and they don’t just tell you they torture you I take all your money and then they let you die

No peaceful death at home


your body is designed to live a whole life well just like the deer running around in the woods

They are not on dialysis or taking Prozac


Going up longevity proteins maintaining telomere length decreasing DNA damage increasing DNA repair these are some of the things that happen when you have a high micronutrient diet

Toxins are removed from the cells

your body is like a factory that takes in products and creates them into other products and there are waste by-products and as those waste product build-up you age

If you do not get rid of the waste products you will age at 10 times the rate

You do not want the factory to be overworked and produce extra waste


The battery in the flashlight maintains its charge if you keep it off but the more you rev it up two more quickly it’s used


We need food to survive the excess food kills us so we need to eat the minimum amount of food we need to survive and the only way to do this is by making the food that you do eat high in micronutrients


if you eat 50 more calories a day than you need to maintain your ideal body weight then that’s about 4 pounds a year that you gain and over the years that adds up big time

10 years that’s 50 lbs.

and 20 years are taken off your life just from those extra 50 calories a day


however, if you eat 50 less calories than you need to maintain your body weight per day nothing happens your muscles actually get stronger not weaker

There’ll be less activity of the bones less stuff going on and off of them so you’ll become less osteoporotic not more

the metabolism will slow your body will resist weight loss by reducing body temperature which conserves energy for the body. in the winter you’ll need to wrap up extra warm but in the summer, you won’t be bothered by the heat as much

The thyroid gets slower which makes you live longer. Your respiratory rate and heart rate slows which means you don’t waste as many calories breathing etc. diets today try to make your top metabolism faster but that’s the opposite of what you should be doing you wanted to be slower which puts us work on your body and makes you live longer

The diets of today are all about telling you that you can have whatever you want and be healthy

There’s the twinkie diet that takes 30 years off your life but who cares!


when you don’t spend as much time editing that also adds lifespan because you’re not using as much of your life eating. and Jim training coaches give bad advice telling you to constantly eat protein.


Cancer is an advanced disease which is a result of a destroyed body take care of your body earlier


the best appetite suppressant is fiber because it supports the growth of healthy bacteria. It takes up space in the stomach, but it also sends chemical signals to tell the brain to be full. Resistant starch also helps with appetite be satiated and that is high and beans. beans are highest in protein and fiber of all carbohydrate foods.


Beans are very good to protect against cancer and especially soybeans protect against cancer.


Corn now is less healthy than it used to be because it’s been hybridized to be sweeter.


no food is good if it is processed that includes corn and soybeans if it’s processed then it’s no better.

Even tofu and soymilk are partially processed because the fiber is removed. That won’t have the same anti-cancer effects an entire soybean wood.


The food that is most protective against dementia is green vegetables.


The food most protective against cancer is green vegetables.


humans are green vegetable dependent animals they have nutrients which are not optional.


If you don’t like greens that’s fine just live close to a hospital but even that won’t really help


-going to the doctor today for meds is like smashing your hand with a hammer and going to get pain meds for it, then the next day smashing your hand with that hammer again and returning for the pain medication. Rather we should change our diet.
-growing up, his dad brought 50 books on nutrition into the home, and he read them all.
-when fed correctly, the human body takes care of itself
-you aren’t a failure, the information you’ve been operating on has failed you.
-with the science of nutrition advancements today, we can have the best health in human history
-G BOMBS: green veggies, onions, mushrooms, beans, seeds


Your health destiny must be earned it can’t come by taking pills


all healthy centurions all healthy blue lines all healthy groups of people have a BMI of less than 23 which means that over 80% of the population is overweight but the state statistics tell you it’s only 70% because they use a BMI of 25 which is an accurate

It’s really 89% of people that are overweight


there’s no such thing as an overweight healthy person you can’t have it both ways


You don’t want foods that jump into the bloodstream quickly


fat cells allow and permit cancer cells to grow on your body as well


fat cells also block the intake of insulin makes the beta cells in the pancreas need to secrete more insulin

That excess insulin doesn’t just promote more angiotensin and fat storage it promotes cell replication and cancer and atherosclerosis and increases neuro inflammation which in turn makes you more of a food addict increasing your appetite


fat on the body is a vicious cycle leading to more serious illnesses

The neuro hormones from fat make it more difficult for you to be healthy and lose weight


If you are not getting overweight on the normal American diet, there’s something wrong about you something sick with you


only about two and a half percent of Americans have achieved in normal weight because they eat healthfully

Or they exercise the rest of the normal weight people are sick.


100 years ago, 1 and 100 Americans were mentally ill. Today it’s one in five


Bad food doesn’t just make you overweight it destroys your brain cells

Then you lose control of your life and your primitive brain kicks in

Hormones begin to dictate your behavior


animals running around in the forest or never overweight they control their appetite with a very fine line of exactly how much they need to eat

Even the predator animals they’re all exactly the same weight as their ancestors


In primitive times there were no overweight humans


Overeating calories especially protein speeds up aging


This is nature’s way of wiping out any animal that eats too much of the food supply so that the food supply doesn’t go extinct and the animal the predator animal go extinct as well


Protein is the most important regulator of lifespan the more of it you eat the shorter life the less of it you eat the longer your life


The predator who overeats himself personally often won’t go extinct but his children well because the DNA changes, so the next generations live shorter so that all of that line are taking care of so that line doesn’t wipe out the prey species


everything a woman eats affect the future health of her children because her eggs are living in her body


it’s not just eating healthy when you’re pregnant that affects the child it’s eating healthy before you get pregnant


A woman who has a baby at age 30 has been affecting that egg for 30 years because the egg develops early in the stages of the mother’s womb so even what your mother ate affects your children


When someone gets cancer or a brain tumor 2 years after they are born that is in nutritional issue


What the males eat also impacts the health of the children


even when you’re an old person what you eat affects your children because if you destroy yourself and become dependent on your children to take care of you that destroys your children’s lives to


Fat prevents blood moving in and out of your vessels as your heart pumps that is inside and outside of your organs not just got that you can pinch not just the subcutaneous but also the visceral


the visceral fat is more dangerous than the subcutaneous fat and when people diet and lose weight the thing that goes off more is the subcutaneous not the visceral


then when you go off of a crazy diet and start gaining weight back the visceral fat is what comes back easier


When you gain weight quickly the body cannot put on subcutaneous fat quickly, so it puts on visceral fat


when you have yo-yo diets of gaining and losing weight, you’re shifting fat from subcutaneous to visceral which is more dangerous

So these crazy diets increase your risk of heart disease and cancer


if you are overweight and on a nutritarian diet and you are not losing weight and you are not really on a nutritarian diet


If you’re not losing 1 pound every 3 days and you are significantly overweight and you’re not really on a nutritarian diet


I just start losing weight you become less insulin resistant

After losing 2 pounds a week or more estrogen levels go down and begin to be normal and the insulin slash resistant

you can become non-diabetic in the first 6 weeks even while you’re still overweight if you are losing weight

On a nutritarian diet because it is much more than just eating less calories

you are eating less calories but at the same time your body is being flooded with antioxidants and phytochemicals

Those allow the cells that were hibernating and degenerating to come back. you’re activating your immune system and the inflammatory mechanisms in cells. The cells begin to structure themselves to remove toxins. Excess weight coming off and needed nutrients coming in is the combination that brings the loss of diabetes etcetera.


Dr. Fuhrman has slightly orange skin because of all the vegetables eats this is a good thing


I just put weight on your body you are thinning out the nutritional density of the food you eat because it has to go more places one cup of carrot juice becomes like a v a cup of carrot juice because I have to go to so many places in your body as you lose weight food to eat automatically become more nutrient-dense just by way of ratio of where those nutrients need to go


your brain is a bowl of fat in that fat can become rancid and that in turn makes you rotten person in of bad behavior

Your creativity happiness and decision-making power goes down

Those powers are based on whether that fat is rancid or fresh

The brain has a continual need for antioxidants

your brain is the ultimate driver of how much you eat so you need to be flooding it with what it needs as you’re trying to become healthy


The rate at which you age is your metabolic rate


Moderate not excessive caloric reduction has been proven long-term to slow aging and increase lifespan


Too much caloric reduction or anorexia isn’t good for longevity


Eat moderately below your basal metabolic rate


almost every diet involves aging faster so that you can lose weight that’s like making a pact with the devil

Some of these include keto and paleo

You lose the weight, but you live 10 or 20 years shorter


When you eat more foods but you’re high in micronutrients and fiber you’ll want to eat less food

The desire to overeat will go away


if you are overweight then you are not eating the right food because you are not getting the right micronutrients if you are getting the right micronutrients your body would be telling you to eat less and you would be eating less so we know that if you are overweight you are not eating the right foods


when your diet isn’t healthy enough to develop and unrelenting desire to continue eating


You can’t control your behavior when you’re micronutrient deprived


sweeteners be there sugar or artificial no-calorie sweeteners as well as oil and salt are things which will make you eat more calories

Those all rev up your desire to want to eat more food


The biggest scam perpetrated on humans was convincing them that oil is healthy for them


Oil has no nutrients and no fiber and is the most concentrated calorie in existence


Nutrients and fiber suppress the appestat


Oil calories go from your lips to your hips in 5 minutes flat


All oils are unhealthy because they are fattening


Oils are processed to remove micronutrients and fiber so the calories simply immediately flow into the bloodstream


When calories go to the bloodstream so quickly it is like injecting yourself with heroin

They go right to the brain and signal dopamine receptors and make you an addict


Overtime it also makes you dopamine insensitive


The south is called the stroke belt they’re more strokes and heart attacks there than anywhere because of all the fried foods they eat


Even the fumes of the fryer are carcinogenic that oil sits out for hours and hours


Laughing and smiling extend your lifespan when you hear a joke that isn’t funny you can smile and laugh anyway


Eating a piece of chicken is like eating a bagel they are both the source of macronutrients but neither has micronutrients in significant amounts

They have no phytochemicals or antioxidants and only few vitamins and minerals

they are just mostly calories without the things that control your appetite


When you’re eating calories you’re producing toxins and free radicals with every bite

The common cause of disease is the buildup of these toxins.


White flour and white rice arelile eating marshmallows, the body doesn’t differentiate it, it’s just sugar entering the bloodstream.


There’s great joy and knowing the intellectual reason behind what is healthy for you to eat and then making that taste good and not having to worry about getting diseases like most other Americans


When you eat bad food it’s a life of fear and tragedy


Nutrition should be taught in school from the beginning all the way through with Reading writing and arithmetic because it’s going to affect whether you get depressed and whether you get diseases and your quality of everyday life and longevity



People save a bunch of money and then retire and then they spend all their retirement money and healthcare costs


If you are 50 pounds overweight, you’ll need about 10 times the amount of insulin

Is it because your body becomes more insulin resistant as you gain weight


Fat cells produce estrogen


high glycemic index means the glucose enters the bloodstream rapidly like honey sugar maple syrup white rice white bread

These a spike the insulin


But beans are broken down very slowly they enter the bloodstream about one or two calories a minute and it doesn’t require tons of insulin


Bean is high starch which is almost similar to a fiber meaning resistant to enzymatic digestion

So they are broken down by bacteria in the gut more so than insulin that’s the gut essentially ferments them they become a fuel

Which promotes the healthy growth of bacteria

the conversion of these beans into fat takes place too far down in the digestive tracts and 90% of it is lost in the toilet bow

These beans mostly passed through you as a non-caloric source


They bring down the appestat by the 50 calories but only five of the calories came in


Vegetables and nuts work similarly and all these results and feeling full without taking in tons of calories


the foods high on the glycemic index bring a sort of a high that’s why they say you can’t eat just one


even working in a fast food restaurant even if you don’t eat the food it’s carcinogenic because of the fumes of that rancid oil they keep reheating and cooking with


we are the only country who allows class 1 carcinogens like asbestos to be served in school lunches to kids

They don’t allow that in the Arab countries and Europe only here


Dr. Fuhrman’s children saw parents of other kids giving them lots of candy and sweets and so forth and asked don’t they love their children don’t these parents love their children giving them cancer


The superpowers in the movies aren’t things we need there’s no alien Invaders and things like that the real superpowers that we need are the ones to bring health to people because everyone’s dying of health problems


how many people in your family have been stabbed or shot? Not very many of you but how many of you have someone in your family who’s had a heart attack or stroke? almost all of you while you better move out of that neighborhood that’s a dangerous neighborhood!


if you’re not taking care of your health then you’re not being kind and loving to your community or your family


Micro-nutrients of vitamins minerals and phytochemicals don’t have calories the macro-nutrients to have calories the protein carbohydrate fat


The bigger the waistline the shorter the lifeline


Every strawberry has seven hundred different phytochemicals in it every piece of broccoli has a thousand different phytochemicals these are not optional they are necessary in our immune system


And every study on longevity what shows is moderate caloric restriction and high-density micronutrients.


if you’re not eating vegetables especially green vegetables than you are micronutrient deficiency because those are the things that have the most micronutrients


when you eat calories that don’t have nutrients associated with them you shorten your lifespan with every bite


When you have enough micronutrients that prevents the cellular structure from breaking down


Your body has the ability to undo the damage that you’ve done to it by eating less calories


If you eat a 65-calorie apple before approaching a buffet you will generally put 65 less calories on your plate because your body registered the calories in the Apple because of the fiber etcetera. If you take a 120 calorie tablespoon of olive oil on your way up to a buffet because that oil has no bulk no fiber doesn’t occupy space and doesn’t have you chew anything then you go up to the buffet and you don’t eat any less your body doesn’t really register that as something to turn down the hunger levels.


When you put oil in your foods it makes you hungrier. it enters the bloodstream so rapidly that your body can’t use it for energy to ask to store as fat.

With an electron microscope you can look at what fat gets put on to someone the structure of it doesn’t even change you can tell if it’s fat from meat fat from cheese fat from oil etcetera because it takes 5 minutes from the lips to the hips when you’re eating these kind of things.


nuts and seeds are fat magnets they suck fat out of your body and put it into the digestive tract increase in the fatty stool

they pull the fat out of the bloodstream preferentially pulls out the bad fat

Like saturated fat LDL.

This is how nuts and seeds lower cholesterol.


for a heaping tablespoon of nuts or seeds it’s 35 calories unlike a tablespoon of oil which is 120 calories and the calories from the nuts and seeds actually satiate the hunger.

and it’s more like getting 25 calories + 35 calories when you take the nuts and seeds because so much of it goes to the digestive tract.


Most Americans eat about 5% of their diet as produce but we need is 90% of it as produce or we are going to get sick


On television dr. Fuhrman said that the standard American diet is designed by Al-Qaeda / Isis because it’s perfectly crafted to cause cancer. They edited that and what it said when it aired was that it was created by Darth Vader.


in Fiji three times as many people smoke as do in Hawaii but in Hawaii there is more cancer because they eat way less produce in Hawaii than in Fiji.


We food addicts always can think of an excuse why to start later later later your life becomes a Chase of supplying our addiction


People who are addicted to things become less kind and creative their ability to be a good parent and neighbor decreases. Other things don’t matter to them anymore they become more narcissistic.


Temporary weight loss is of no benefit whatever diet you do it’ll only keep the weight off if you do it your whole life I’m certain diets are not long-term sustainable but the nutritarian diet is


Disease is unnatural our bodies are disease resistant


Fruits often have a hard-exterior shell to preserve the clean water inside


When you eat a fruit chew the seeds in it


Chewing foods makes more of the nutrients in them more accessible


High-protein animal products raise igf-1 but high protein plant products do not


Animal proteins turn into hormones that we don’t need an excessive growth that we don’t need when we are an adult

Cancer is one of those things that starts growing


plant proteins are not as biologically complete as animal proteins the body mixes up amino acids

It can mix and match and digest some of the bacteria lying in the gut

Or take from some of the epithelial cells to add more protein to the bloodstream

To complete the protein needs

and this way the body measures and makes the amount of hormones that it needs rather than overshooting it which happens with animal products


For a lot of people 10% animal products in the diet is too high because it’s too much igf-1

they need to go down to between 0 and 5% to keep the igf-1 favorable

That’s how most individuals operate


Even the increase needs of an athlete are most favorably match with the plant-based protein system


many vegan diets are unfavorable because they don’t supply enough fat and protein to children and the elderly


VHA deficiency can result with the vegan diet of not enough fats it shrinks the brain. Flexitarians who include nuts and seeds in their diet are healthier than vegans who don’t eat nuts and seeds.


About 40% reduction in cardiovascular disease for people who eat nuts and seeds everyday

These are low glycemic index foods.

That decreases the amount of calories you feel like you need to eat.


Dr. Fuhrman says you need 10 men to tie him up in force down his throat before he would eat sodas fast food junk food its the same thing as shooting him up with heroin.



Your fat should come from nuts not oils and it should be the correct amount of nuts because the nutrient nutritarian diet is all about getting the correct amount of calories


depression anxiety dementia are all symptoms of DHA deficiency eat this is why you don’t have enough fat in your brain shrinks vegans often get this so you need to make sure you’re eating nuts and seeds to get fats


In a study about 65% of vegans were DHA deficient, about 25% of them radically deficient they would have become severely demented if they would have followed that diet long-term the study had about 100 vegans


You can take a DHA supplement


DHA appears to be genetic and some people are low in it even if they do eat seeds


The nutritarian diet because of all the nutrients lowers cholesterol but specifically it lowers oxidized LDL which is the most dangerous type of cholesterol this diet lowers cholesterol more than statin drugs.

The statin drug causes cancer the natural method doesn’t and it even lowers the blood pressure more significantly restores elasticity of the blood vessels and increases smooth flow in the blood vessels etc.


blood pressure drugs are dangerous because they put the systolic in an unfavorable range in order to adjust the diastolic


have at least an ounce or an ounce and a half of nuts and seeds everyday about half an ounce with each meal and have at least three fresh fruit today one of those being berries or some other low-sugar fruit

Have a big salad everyday with beans have cooked vegetables everyday


Lupus arthritis etc. are some of the diseases that people get rid of when they start losing weight in a healthy way


One man was told that he needed an urgent heart stent but dr. Fuhrman took him in three months later he was able to go back to the doctor and shock the doctor because he didn’t need the stent anymore doctor never seen anything like that because the doctor never tells people how to make things better the stent wasn’t as urgent as the doctor was saying because the man wasn’t having pain at rest only pain at exercise

a stent doesn’t make you live longer it makes you live shorter because there’s a foreign object in your body


One woman that dr. Fuhrman worked with lost 200 lbs. in a year


See nutritionalresearch.Org a non-profit website the nutritional research foundation


a bad diet doesn’t just mean dying younger it means killing yourself along the way suffering along the way and you actually enjoy food more when you’re eating the right way too, it strengthens the taste buds when you’re eating the right way and when you’re eating the right way you’re not driven by addiction

The irrational food addicted self-talking


at Doctor Fuhrman’s health resort they work on reducing harmful medications and they work with therapists who specialize in food addiction and they feed your delicious food based on a nutritarian diet


it’ll make you live longer if you finish dinner earlier so that when you go to sleep you don’t have food in your stomach

It’s the more hours of sleep you get without digesting food that makes you live longer

How much sleep you need could range from five hours to 8 hours on average people need six and a half to seven hours

If you don’t eat before bed you’ll sleep better and feel better while you sleep and live longer


if you’re allergic to some nuts you can do a test to see which ones you’re more sensitive to also you can use seeds

overtime as you eat healthfully and improve your immune system some of those allergies can go away

Also, by oral food challenge introducing very tiny amounts I can get the allergies to go away


You can lengthen telomeres with a good diet as seen in the telomere testing the telomeres both grow back and get lengthened

Methylation defects can also be measured today these lead to cancer and those also go back the other way


Cook beans in water as opposed to drag them out or cooking them in high temperatures

It’s not just being any food that you tried baked or barbecue or grill

When you bake it brown in the oven you farm acrylamides and other dangerous compounds but this doesn’t happen when you water cook in a stew in a pot.


blending things like nuts doesn’t decrease the bioavailability it’s just like chewing them well the fiber and everything is still there


if you overcook a food in the microwave it’s not going to radiate the food and put radiation in your body the fear of radiation is overrated


when you’re getting a nut remember those grow up high on trees and hard shells those are pretty safe to eat because hard shells protect them from pesticides etc.


the consumption of soy has the most protection against cancer compared to any other Bean



The major source of fat should be nuts and seeds these are even more beneficial than avocado also don’t have oils because those are all processed and a lot of the anti-cancer etc. effects or removed from them you just plan on don’t want processed foods. And it is erroneous to think that fat from nuts is the same as fat from some other thing like a processed oil because you want the package deal and you don’t want the extra cancer-causing things that come along with the bad foods.


it your fats as in your nuts and seeds with your meals so it can absorb the beneficial nutrients of your meals particularly your meals with lots of vegetables to absorb maximum amount of those nutrients


when you’re getting the correct diet almost always the type 2 diabetes will be reversed it’s very rare that you will still have type 2 diabetes if you’re eating the correct diet


There are some cases where Dr. Fuhrman has worked with people with type 1 diabetes where it is gone away as well particularly with children were recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes but in cases where the type 1 diabetes has been there for years and the beta cells have died they aren’t going to go back


potentially 10 years from now we could do stem cells to grow back the beta cells in the pancreas to resolve type 1 diabetes


Cholesterol level of animals like gorillas elephants monkeys the average cholesterol of these animals in the wild runs very low like between 40 and 70

This shows us that you don’t need much cholesterol in the body makes all that it needs

You don’t need to eat saturated fat for your cholesterol that ideas fabricated by people pushing animal products

The body makes the cholesterol it needs if it needs more it will make more

when you have a healthy diet, which does include some fats from nuts and seeds your body will convert what it needs into cholesterol

the very low amounts of saturated fats in nuts and seeds are not an issue

Your LDL should be below a hundred


The nitrogenous wastes ammonia urea acid etc.

Enter the circulation when a person starts a plant-based diet and so people who are just starting plant-based diets can feel wiped out

It can take even a month to get over that

the main thing about going on a plant-based diet if you need to give it about a month because that nitrogen is getting dumped back into the tissues

They’re dumping waste products out

They’re feeling El because of the waste dumping which means they are getting healthier

Also, a DHA deficiency can be a common problems people on a plant-based diet which makes them depressed but this of course can be resolved getting more seeds and green vegetables increase the protein as some people have higher protein needs

most of the vegans just eat lots of rice and potatoes and that’s not cracked and they’re missing out a lot of what they should be having to have protein adequacy. some have b-12 deficiency issues but most people aren’t big, and I already know that is slow and b12 so they take a supplement so B12 is not usually the issue of burnout on a plant-based diet. Becoming DHA deficient takes a couple years.


A carrot has more calories when you eat it cooked in other words the calories are more available more digestible when you cook it so don’t cook it


Donuts should be illegal you should have to legally smuggle them across the Mexican border and buy them a high prices from people hiding by their cars when you take donuts and cake and bagels just like shooting up heroin it sends those dopamine receptors which tell you all the time that you want more and make you constantly think about them


It’s impossible to get overweight if you’re just eating natural foods


Hitting the high-volume low-calorie food or other words the natural foods automatically decreases your desire for the junk. The more good food you eat the less you want the bad


Feeling better is not the same as getting better. You give the addict another cigarette and he will feel better, but he will not get better.


anything with the pharmacologic effect is toxic or poisonous blocks things and disturbs natural processes you want to be eating to where you don’t need medicine natural or otherwise


The reason people constantly eat all day and never have time to detoxify in the catabolic stage because their bodies are so toxic that they can’t tolerate not eating. They stay in the anabolic phase.  They have to keep getting more and more calories to stifle off the pain of all the toxins all that hunger which is a result of all those toxins the aching and so forth. True hunger happens at the end of the digestive phase in other words after the catabolic cycle. True hunger does not direct you to eat to become overweight.



In a study of 132000 people the more greens they ate the longer they lived greens are the highest micronutrient dense food that we know of yet hardly any Americans eat them


Greens like kale are 50 times as nutrient dense as Chicken and white bread


When whole food stores started using nutrients scores labels the sale of green vegetables went up tenfold


the nutrient scoring system measures about 32 different nutrients but that’s not everything like mushrooms might score low on it but they have lots of other things in them which are anti-cancer and I take that


You don’t want your food to drive up hormones like estrogen testosterone and insulin Charlotte Amore cancer if you have more of that


As a person needs more commercial baked goods depression goes up accordingly


The best way to give every woman breast cancer is to have high glycemic foods with high protein for example a hamburger.


Most men over 70 have prostate cancer but they usually die of heart attacks and most women over 70 have breast cancer and they usually die of breast cancer. the way to solve breast cancer and other cancers is not a mystery anymore.


Mammograms do not protect much against cancer because they detect cancer that has already been there for 10 years. You don’t need a mammogram to tell you that if you’re eating American food you have breast cancer. In the early stages it is not visible on a mammogram, but it exists in the cells of the tissues none the less. The body can come back and destroy cancer cells especially the earlier you catch it.



When you’re not eating more nutrients and you’re just going on some scheme to make you eat less calories it’s like telling you to breathe less air and you are invariably going to yo-yo diet and that situation.


True instinctual hunger is felt in the mouth and the throat you will salivate.


Ip5 found in beans doesn’t allow tumors to grow shovel is a half a cup of beans a day study showed the man who ate beans even only twice a week had much lower cancer.



Mushrooms should always be in cooked no need to cook it wanted 2 minutes because it has a mild carcinogen it goes away when it’s cooked a little bit what mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods that should be eaten on a regular basis you could that Lee cook the mushrooms and then put on your refrigerator sick and throw them onto a salad etcetera while they’re cold


Berries particularly pomegranates have the polyphenols that are very anti-diabetic even though they’re sweet. Blueberries and strawberries as well these can lower the glucose absorption of other foods when you eat these fruits with those other foods.


we have an economic crisis trying to pay for all these unhealthy people and it can’t be solved in Washington guess we solved by people becoming healthier


Vegetables, not bread and pasta, should be at the bottom of the food pyramid


if you’re having your diet in the shape of a plate then the majority of the plate should be vegetables turn on the rest of it you’ve got things like beans and seeds and fruits


If you want animal products in your diet, make sure they are not refined and that it’s under 10% of your diet

They should be for flavoring not for a big portion of your plate


Most Americans consume more than 400 calories of oil per day where are those calories going to go

On your body

unless you’re a physical laborer professional athlete you’re not going to burn it off

you’re certainly not going to burn it off working on a computer it is stored as fat to rapidly only if you were pulling a plow all day or dating with a shovel all day would you have a chance


Most Americans eat 70- 100 ounces a week of animal products and you should only be having up to 7 to 10 oz of week so 10 times less than standard American eats


Our attachment to unhealthy foods is emotional once we learn how to like healthy foods and our taste buds become stronger and more sensitive if we eat the unhealthy food it tastes disgusting because it’s too sweet not too much oil salt etcetera and we learn how to taste the bleach in the ice cream

And you would rather go home and eat the ice cream you made it home with a frozen banana


With the nutritarian diet your white belt when you just starting and you don’t feel good because you’re detoxifying and you’re a yellow belt when you’re starting to eat healthier on a regular basis but you still wish you could eat the other way you’re a brown belt when you start developing more of a preference for healthy food your black belt when you’ve changed your taste buds and you’re making healthy foods all the time and you’re no longer deceived by the high salt sugar fat foods your emotional connection the unhealthy food diminishes and unhealthy food tastes bad to you


Nutritarian diet enhances pleasure

the idea that eating healthy it’s not a pleasurable way to live is a myth if you eat unhealthy you’re going to have chronic stress going to weigh on your marriage going to weigh on your work


The addicted brain comes up with delusional ideas has excuses to maintenance addiction


addiction with food causes you to have an inability to cope with the stresses of your life. The reasons you give as why you can’t quit are the very things caused by your addiction.



The whiter the bread the sooner you’re dead. The greener the leaner.

Only eat when hungry.

Allow yourself to enter catabolic digestion rather than eating constantly. A nontoxic body won’t crave constant eating.

Al-Qaeda made the standard American diet. Also call it the DAD the deadly American diet.

Donuts should be illegal like cocaine, you should only be able to buy them in the underground black-market, from shady figures on the streets, there should be drug wars over them, etc., they are addictive!

When it comes to being nutritive, in a 5-mile race, green vegetables win by 4 miles.

White rice white flour these processed unnatural foods they lead to cancer.

Discomfort isn’t necessarily hunger. It can often be your body trying to come away.

Eating chips and fries makes squirrels fat, us too.

Avoid white foods, like cocaine, cigarettes, and white donuts, white flour.

Oils go straight from lips to hips.

Whole foods take longer to digest, so they’re aren’t just stored as fat.

After eating beans a while, your stomach adapts, and you don’t have gas.


If you’re hungry but can’t envision an apple as satisfying that, you’re not really hungry, you’re seeking a dopamine rush to feed your emotions connected to a food addiction.

The super concentrated calories in cheese cake etc. won’t be appealing when we have eliminated food addictions. Their taste won’t be attractive. You’ll develop taste to the extent that you can sense the bleach they use to clean their machines and other chemicals. You’ll discern overly cooked food. You won’t go to restaurants because their portions of healthy food are too small, and overpriced. If it doesn’t have a salad bar, don’t go. Instead make your own food. Try the salad bar at the whole foods store, you don’t have to eat bad even when you’re away from home.  Have someone over to your home and enjoy truly delicious food together, or go to their home.

if you had a son who was a heroin addict he would change them to himself for a year or however long it took for them to overcome the substance because the only treatment for any of the food addiction or other drugs is abstinence complete abstinence so if you would make his house the prison and they could only leave that house when they were under high supervision from trusted individuals. we love that sun, so you don’t want to let these chemicals take over the rational brain. Quitting on their own is too hard.

You cannot be half in or the tastes won’t change. Eating standard is insane. This is life or death. Unlock creativity personality love. Sickness destroys life. Getting old doesn’t need to mean disability. Joel can do sports just fine at age 65. Food doesn’t taste great in a coffin.

He has 45 exotic fruit trees at his resort, enough to feed an army.

People spend lots on cars phones and doctors but the minimal on what goes into their mouths.

These changes always affect people’s emotional Outlook on life

It’s hard to get rid of food addiction because everyone is doing it. It’s the social norm. Food addiction is the most prevalent

We have the key of how to live a hundred years old in high quality of life not take advantage of that is insanity the nutritional breakthroughs of our time give us this power

The longer your waistline the shorter your lifespan

The more calories you eat the sooner you’ll die

eating just one bite a day too much of calories that bite of a bagel or whatever it is well over 10 years you’ll gain 30 lbs. and that’ll cut 15 years off your life having 30 lbs. overweight will cut 15 years off your life

He weighs 150 lbs. and never gains or loses . This much from age 18 on.

there’s no such thing as an overweight person who is healthy that is where the toxins go to those fat cells and that’s where cancer develops

The monkeys who have caloric restriction of calories the forty-year-old monkeys are just as strong as the 20-year old ones

the body is very efficient at storing fat in the same way that you ate it it’s toward that way it goes 5 minutes from your lips to your hips and this includes olive oil

most Americans never burn fat because they eat too often and they never run out of glycogen stores

being overweight is like being radiated everyday you’re carrying around carcinogenic tissues

when you are healthy you don’t need to eat food to have energy all day and when you do eat food it will taste better

hunger or appetite is the best sauce if you just ate 1 hour ago and someone wants you to try a soup they made for you is great thank you for flowers from now on I’m hungry again so I can drive it and the true feeling of hunger is the best way to gauge how many calories you need

You’re only ate food when you were really hungry you will never get over weight without the appropriate amount of calories to maximize your lifespan

soda is a chemical concoction since and affecting your body

Feeding your kids junk food destroys their intelligence and it increases the chances of mental illness depression and schizophrenia

Your body is made out of the things that you put into smoking looks weird it’s becoming accepted.

if you eat something and it makes you feel better it’s positive like when you eat some broccoli you’ll feel better if you feel nothing

plant proteins are preferred to animal proteins because they enter the bloodstream slowly and they carried with them phytonutrients

fried white flour and sugar the donut this is the most cancer-causing food on the planet fried white sugar and flour Titan oil most cancer-causing




The whiter the bread the sooner you’re dead. The greener the leaner.

Only eat when hungry.

Allow yourself to enter catabolic digestion rather than eating constantly. A nontoxic body won’t crave constant eating.

Al Qaeda made the standard American diet. Also call it the DAD the deadly American diet.

Donuts should be illegal like cocaine, you should only be able to buy them in the underground black market, from shady figures on the streets, there should be drug wars over them, etc., they are addictive!

When it comes to being nutritive, in a 5-mile race, green vegetables win by 4 miles.

White rice white flour these processed unnatural foods they lead to cancer.

Discomfort isn’t necessarily hunger. It can often be your body trying to come away.

Eating chips and fries makes squirrels fat, us too.

Avoid white foods, like cocaine, cigarettes, and white donuts, white flour.

Oils go straight from lips to hips.

Whole foods take longer to digest, so they aren’t just stored as fat.

After eating beans a while your stomach develops and you don’t have gas.















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