Dangers of Anti-Depressant Drugs by Anne Tracy – Lecture Notes

Tracy is the International Drug Awareness President

Tracy raises awareness about potentially harmful effects of SSRI anti-depression medications.

Tracy has documented over 5,000 cases of violent crimes related to SSRI drug usage.
She has training on how to come off of SSRI’s, but admonishes this to be done very very slowly!
She wrote “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare” 2014, which sells for $12.50 on her website by clicking here or at this link: https://store.drugawareness.org/
Listen to her on her radio show via her website.
Another place to listen to her is the downloads section of latterdayconservative.com
She has a CD on SSRI’s effects on spirituality, bi-polar disorder, REM sleep disorder, & false memory syndrome.
I’m emailed back and forth with her on a few topics, she is very helpful.
She suggests the book “Are There Any Sick Among You?” by LaDean Griffin.
She has used a vegan diet to overcome cancer.


These are notes from Ann Tracy – Dangers of Antidepressants Anne is a Latter-day Saint who teaches about the perils of using Antidepressants. This lecture was found at latterdayconservative.com

-see site of Anne Tracy at http://www.ssristories.net with thousands of documented cases of extreme terrible behavior from these meds (see below for a list of some 5,000 cases)

-see this YouTube video of Anne Tracy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz0-XzEq3x8

-See another Anne Tracy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz0o-k2x5z4

-see another Anne Tracy video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uC1ef86Lek
-an audio file of a lecture by Tracy can also be found at latterdayconservative.com

-It’s in water, so much that male fish are being born with ovaries. Fluoride.

-get distilled water or purified water, but we don’t know if even those will get all the drugs out of the water.

-*I see that many of our gender issues are from the effects of the drugs that we use in our society so much now! And these births with gender abnormalities!

-Why does Utah have the biggest problem with these drugs? It’s because they target Utah. Utah is the only state left in the country which still has strong family values and strong moral values, and that gets in the way of the plans of the drug companies. So they target Utah! A catholic fellow pointed this out.

-Monsanto and the drug companies are together in their planning, very closely related. Monsanto can create GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) for our food which can take away the nutrition and make us need to take more medication.

-since 2007 we have lost more military personnel to suicides than we have to combat.

-Anne Tracy teaches people these things 14-16 hours a day for 25 years; so long as these drugs are on the market she is fighting to let people know these things.

-mind altering drug means you lose your agency you can’t control yourself any more

-zombie talk is because of what is happening with these drugs, the shooters of homicides have a blank stare in their face, the lights are on, but no-one is home.

-70% of the physicians who prescribe these are on them.

–Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? the Rest of the Story on the New Class of SSRI Antidepressants Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Lovan, Luvox & More. Paperback – June 1994

by Anne Blake Tracy is the bible about this topic (she is a PhD, head of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness) (the book is less than 1$ to buy used on Amazon.com, can do so at http://www.amazon.com/Prozac-Panacea-Pandora-Antidepressants-Zoloft/dp/0916095592/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422148274&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=blake+tracy+prozac+nightmare) and puts out more research than the other books. Anne Tracy suggests this book over any other. Prozac Pentaci or Pandora is the old version of the book. It’s the best documented text Anne Tracy has found in years of reading on nutrition, and she recommends it to all her clients.

-you are more likely to have autistic children if you take Prozac or other anti-depressants within 12 months before you give birth. There will be 3 to 4 times the chance of autistic birth. Utah’s rate is 3-4 times the rate of other places.

-these can cause ADD

-one man after being on antidepressants for 5 days killed his family and himself; before he was known as the nicest guy in the community

-have a puppy instead of pills for anti-depression

-Oprah Winfrey had a show promoting Prozac and had the Prozac Dr. most famous for dispensing such on her show.

-Utah since it has the more issues with this is the place where there are the most children born with autism.

-this causes schizophrenia, bipolar, Alzheimer’s, ADD, autism, etc.

-in the military they encourage antidepressants much

-to children in foster care they get loaded with antidepressants because there is no regulating it

-you have to come off the drug slowly or it can be terrible

-these pills are what make a person psychotic, and that gets them to rely on the drug company

-they are now planning to have mental health treatments from your own home, people want Dr.’s or other people who can prescribe drugs to come in their home; they then stay at their home and are more likely to kill their family and neighbors like thousands of reported cases we have already seen.

-the physicians on this can’t remember things so they joke about like they’re just growing old and remind each other about what their patients need

-this effects memory TERRIBLY

-one military veteran began antidepressants after military combat and began using these drugs for his knee later and it’s then that he began how to kill his squad leaders.

-one lady beat her 17-year-old son to death with a mallet and then tried to commit suicide today she is locked up and doesn’t know why she did those things, it was these drugs.

-drugawareness.org has recorded cases of killings from these drugs.

-ssristories.net is associated with drugawareness.org and has thousands of records of what drugs people were on when they went out killing people and so forth.

-within 7 years Utah went from lowest in the nation divorces to now being over the national average.

-many who take these meds are lucky in only having physical side effects like losing their liver

-after the world trade center terrorist some companies gave out these drugs for free.

-drug companies targeted general doctors who get the pill out to the general public; the dose of Prozac given to Dr.’s to give to their patients they moved the dose up from 5mg to 20mg so the effect of the boost in mood would be seen obviously so that the doctors would really promote this; but we all know that what does up must come down.

-one mother complained about this about how Prozac is good, she had been on it for 4 years, she said it saved her life, this lady was a returned missionary married in the temple after 8 years they had a child they had long hoped for but then this lady confessed she has begun shoplifting involving her 10-year-old child in it and says she doesn’t want her child anymore. So people on this drug who appear to be doing well, dig deeper and you’ll see they aren’t doing well. She was so addicted to shoplifting she tried to put her shopping cart into the car. People who have been on this drug for 4 years have issues develop in their lives. For a while you can appear to do well with Prozac, but it begins to break down your ability to metabolize.

-this drug can make those who are good metabolizers become poor metabolizers from taking the drug

-Zoloft is another type of this drug

-patients taking these drugs have thoughts they don’t want to tell anyone about.

-Relief Society Presidents on these drugs become gay and leave the church.

-one experiment had rats the most mean you have ever seen, the issue was that they were not metabolizing the serotonin effectively, and their brain was being flooded with it.

-people think that the issue is a deficiency of serotonin, but it’s a metabolism issue in reality.

-things with methamphetamine those are meth they hurt out bodies in the very same way

-ppl on these drugs their body is affected similarly to the way that they would be effected by PCP.

-there is a CD by Anne Traci that tells how to get off of these drugs.

-so many in the world are suicidal because of hypoglycemia

-the brain cannot function without proper blood sugar levels, that is the reason why some can’t perform as well as others in school etc.

-it was 5 lb. of sugar in the 1800’s we used, but now 180 lb. of sugar we use. Anne doesn’t use any of this bad type sugar. (*teaching that the type of sugar we eat that is not good for us we use much more these days)

-wheatgrass juice and turmeric neutralize fluoride and fluoride is a main active ingredient of these drugs.

-she has CD’s on coming off of these drugs, mind control, bipolar, rem sleep behavior disorder, and how these drugs effect you personally

-rem sleep disorder behavior is the scientific name of what happens when people are like zombies where the lights are on and no one is home

-the brainwaves of the people who are on these drugs are like these are that of rem disorder behavior; they talk to others and their brain is asleep. A 30-year-old man who had been on Prozac for 6 months, when he was speaking to those who were doing the test on him, it was shown that he was in a complete anesthetic state while they were talking to him. The lights are on but no one home. I looked into his eyes, but no one was there. Rem sleep disorder this is, it’s where you act out your nightmares. 96% of who have the Rem sleep disorder are taking antidepressants. Many interviewed say that they do the thing they would least expect they would do when they are on this drug.

-the hosts of 1/3 of people that followed Satan in pre-mortality want to possess the bodies of the children of Adam and Eve, this is a huge way they do it.

-strengthen ourselves temporally so that we can stay secure spiritually

-the devils tell us lies to break us down and gradually get us to follow them by trying to break down our families.

-we lived all the laws of God in a spiritual body, now we are sent to earth to see if we can keep God’s laws in a physical body; so we must align our bodies with the things of God.

-over and over people say that they feel possessed on these drugs even atheists.

-the pineal gland is mainly responsible for metabolizing 50% of the serotonin in your system. If you overload your brain with serotonin, you overload that part of the system. This part of the brain is related to spirituality. When they take these drugs they say that can’t feel God anymore. They literally sever the connection to the spiritual!

-do we rely on the arm of flesh, our local doctor, more than our Savior?

-when doing talk shows on television 2 years after medications were allowed to advertise on television, Anne Tracy was to speak, and they told her that she could say anti-depressants  but not the name of the drugs specifically. Image now what would happen- they control what you see on TV.

-most of the commercials on TV are to sell drugs.

-psychiatric nurses never get to hear about the real side effects of these medications, but people including physicians can testify that these side effects are true.

-Lexapro is another one of these meds.

-these drugs cause cravings for alcohol because they help with the hypoglycemia

-many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s don’t have that, what they have is a prescription for an anti-depressant.

-Anne Tracy leaves her text in the original way it was published dispute adding things to it because it’s to show that dispute what she is finding now, they had much of the truth even then.

-autism and Alzheimer’s have long been known as a condition from elevated serotonin levels, and what anti-depressant drugs do is increase those levels. They say that people have low serotonin when they have depression, but that is not the case; what they have is poor metabolism to turn that serotonin into melatonin to help your body sleep and do those things your body needs.

-most of the people with these drugs have issues sleeping.

-these drugs work by going in and preventing/inhibiting (such is a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor is); you inhibit the metabolism of serotonin, and you end up with increased levels of it.

-before these drugs hit the market

-the dr. in Israel who found this called this serotonin irritation syndrome who could not metabolize well their serotonin; these people suffered from migraines, hot flashes, irritability, pain, worsening of bronchial complaints, sleeplessness, pains around the heart, difficulty breathing, irrational tension and anxiety, horrifying nightmares. These are the symptoms that people on these drugs have.

-PTSD is not necessarily from war, but from these type drugs that they encourage the military personnel to take.

-coming off of the drugs quickly can cause you to turn to alcohol for hypoglycemia and get strange deletions like that your neighbor has sexually abused your children, and you plot to kill them then kill them and others.

-A Texas mother Andrea Yates who loved her 5 children, raised them at homeschool to be with them more, etc., changed significantly the dose of her anti-depressant drugs and they next day drown her 5 children. She had a medication change in her Effexor and her Remeron the day before the incident. This literally was her worst nightmare, she could have thought of nothing worse than losing her children.

-patients on these meds testify that with the first pill you lose your control, your agency.

-since Andrea Yates there have been many like cases of mothers driving their children into rivers and lakes etc.

-author speaks of more cases like the above.

-A kind Dr. when he got on Prozac he killed his wife and himself.

-A guard at a prison called Anne and said I believe that Prozac is the reason why I have a plan to kill everyone on death row. This man was a patient of the once kind Dr. who was on this Prozac and hence we know that this Dr. was on Prozac. This prison guard assured Anne that this was not in the nature of this Dr.

-you act out your worst nightmare when you are on these drugs like the Texas mother who drown the children that she loved so much.

-monthly we lose 660 to suicide in our military, and another 1600 a month on top of that are trying to take their lives in the military alone.

-they make soldiers take an antidepressant before they do to Iraq. A person can refuse such though. This is terrible; they carry guns and face life threatening situations and need to be able to think.

-Trazadone is the drug of this type they give to the military personnel.

-homicidal delusions are a listed side effect of these drugs.

-suicide hostility or psychosis can result from going abruptly up or down on the dose of these drugs, so you can’t do that!

-the Dr. of Omar Bin-laden son of Osama diagnosed

-mental retardation, organic brain disease which is brain damage, substance abuse, insomnia, violent nightmares, arson, impulsive behavior with no concern for punishment, reckless driving, those are all symptoms of those drugs.

-many Dr.’s spoke out when these drugs were introduced asking why we would want to increase serotonin because LSD and PCP are drugs which mimic the effects of increased melatonin. The brain reads LSD or PCP as a rush of serotonin.

-these drugs inhibiting the ability to metabolize serotonin make you gradually over time become psychotic, then it looks like it’s you and not THE DRUG. This is the big serotonin lie. They are causing the psychosis etc.

-1996-2004 the time when these drugs were really getting out there like when in 1993 Oprah Winfrey did her show on promoting these drugs and all of the mothers were running into the Dr.’s saying my kid needs this drug, as soon as this happened, and these drugs rushed out to everyone, BIPOLAR INCREASED BY 4,000%.

-Dr. Jim Goodwin ‘the pied piper of Prozac’ was on Oprah’s show.

-1994 is when Anne Tracy’s book hit the market.

-Jim Goodwin is on Prozac, he has all his 800 patients on Prozac or Paxil. Anne told him that if he doesn’t get his children off of these there will be false accusations all over town for many of the nightmares that come from these drugs are sexual and you begin to think that you are remembering being raped.

-Wenatchee Washington where Dr. Goodwin did his dishing out of Prozac, had the largest sex sting ever heard of. 43 people were imprisoned wrongfully. Washington state paid out 100 million dollars for that. It was from a foster child little girl on Prozac and switched to Paxil, started saying that in many places they had orgies. The primary President and her husband went to prison for two years from being falsely accused in this incident. One child escaped from DCFS and did a show with 42 Hours interview on what had happened.

-Ritalin chemical name is methylphenidate – it’s meth. Parents can’t figure out that it’s an amphetamine, and is no different than meth. Concerta is Ritalin in time release. (*This is what ADD patients take?)

-One pharmacist speaks of how Ritalin turns kids into drug attics, gets them on meth in no time. Why do we think we have a problem with meth now? We have had kids on Ritalin for many years.

-Anne has done research on the school shootings etc. at http://www.ssristories.net, there is an entire database about reported cases of the effects of these drugs. There are almost 5,000 cases of these issues documented on this her website. Also in her book it speaks of these.

-mutant mice genetically engineered an experiment with such went wrong and they turned to be the most violent creatures ever. They found they lack the MAO enzyme, that which metabolizes serotonin. Hence their brains were flushed with such, and these Dr.’s testified plainly that the reason for the behavior of these rats was this flood of serotonin.

-Dr’s said that they doubled their prescribing of these drugs after 911 terror event. Visor (or another company) came and offered Zoloft for free after 911.

-LA Times reporter had an article printed in the Seattle Times where the reporter interviews the Taliban psychiatrist, as he walked into the man’s office, there were the regular posters for all of the anti-depressants on the wall. There was a young girl in his office. She said Dr. will we sacrifice another goat, so I can feel better? He said, “Nay nay, Allah has given these drugs great power, taking them is swallowing a little piece of God.” SO they call these drugs a new sacrament! You can imagine how such a Dr. would dish these drugs out! He had a commander in the army on the drugs who kept putting himself on the front line to get himself killed.

-one girl was documented to have had her father molest her, after they got her on one of these drugs, she began to believe that her mother molested her as well. She taught this to her children. THESE DRUGS HAVE DESTROYED MORE FAMILIES THAN THEY HAVE CREATED SUICIDES.

-hypoglycemia is the beginning stages of pancreatic breakdown. Med books say it causes marked weakness and disability, impaired memory, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate (ADD?), hopelessness, anxiety, exhaustion, depression, insomnia, irritability, vertigo, tremor, tachycardia, muscle pain and backache, phobias, difficulty concentrating, numbness, blurred vision, antisocial, obesity, abdominal spasms, blackouts, convulsions, suicidal tendencies.

-gestational hypoglycemia is what women get as they have a birth. They also go into hyperglycemia at times in this time which is diabetes. The body needs much nutrition at this time and such will reduce the depression and anxiety. So these women and it’s the same with puberty time, need nutrition and then they won’t get anywhere near the so-called depression and anxiety for the body is being taken care of. We ignore nutrition!

-The word of Wisdom says what not to eat, but nobody listens to what it says to do, that is to get the nutrition you need, get the body what it needs.

-those coming off of these meds who do the best are the ones who go on a raw food vegan diet.

-Anne Tracy is a 40-year cancer survivor. She said she couldn’t afford a coffin, so she had to go vegan.

-Hollywood stars either are health nuts to keep up with the trend of health, or they are doing drugs to force the body to keep up with that pace. It’s that simple.

-93% of pharmaceutical companies go into livestock. They don’t want us to stop eating meat because then they lose their business.

-we didn’t hear about road rage, air rage, school shootings with entire families being wiped out. 30 years ago you didn’t hear this on the news, it was boring news, not now.

-the state picks people up and put them in a hospital where they drug them and keep them residually in.

-if they would tell alcoholics that they are hypoglycemic and to change their diets they would be over the alcohol in no time.

-the pancreas is the first thing to be hit by stress of any form. The first physical reaction to stress then that we have a low blood sugar.

-if there is ever a time in the world that we need to care for our neighbor it’s now, because their nightmare could be your nightmare next.

-Coast to Coast was the biggest radio satiation in the country, Anne had much air time with them, in 2001 they got bought out, we haven’t heard info in these drugs since.

-People on these drugs won’t admit that it’s a problem; it’s like asking an alcoholic if he is drunk.

-never get the drug 5 HTP St. Johns, it works the same way as these anti-depression drugs.

-low blood sugar causes depression, which can even cause suicide. So how do we treat this? With nutrition!

-so many people in the world are suicidal because they have improper blood sugar levels.

-child sex abuse with teachers going manic on these drugs and seducing their students occurs.

-people on these can be obsessed with sex, be pyromaniacs, kleptomaniacs, etc.

-Demerol is another one of these drugs, some ppl even take them for blinding migraines.

-Below are over 5,000 cases of terrible behavior from anti-depressant meds from Anne Tracy’s website http://www.ssristories.net



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