Exponential Exaltation via Childbearing

Evidence of the Superior Individual Global Impact of bearing a Large Posterity


-for exclusive arithmetical evidence (the core of this theory) not featured on this page, see attached Excel Document here:

Exponential Exaltation Theory by Nate Richardson, Updated 2-17-18, RichardsonStudies.com


I’ve calculated 6 generations (240 years) into the future
to show the amount of impact you would have with your efforts alone
vs your efforts combined with your posterity’s efforts to bless the human race.
Further, we analyze the logically based theological implications of large posterity.

I’ve taken into account the cost of time spent child rearing (CR) in calculating overall non-CR related service to humanity. Though some say that CR is inherently good for the human race, I’ll show that even those who prefer saving the human race in other methods will further their cause exponentially further and faster by spending a portion of their life contribution in CR.

I’ve done calculations of various scenarios, manipulating variables such as number of posterity, the tendency for posterity to multiply at standard of 3 regardless of how many you raise, the scenario of posterity not repopulating at all, the tendency of 1/3 of posterity to not contribute, etc.

-Naturally, the most humane course of action is to give the max service once can to the human race.
-Should you give your entire life to a good cause, not letting child rearing (CR) get in the way, or should you give part of your life to a good cause and another part to CR?
-Hypothesis: Service to the human race is exponentialized & maximized via using the majority of your adult service in the CR field (where possible).

-If you give all of your adult life toward a special cause to increase world peace, you’ve given the equivalent of a lifetime of service to better the world.
If you give 1/2 of your adult life toward a special cause to increase world peace, you’ve give the equivalent of half a lifetime of service to better the world.
But if you give 1/2 to increase world peace, and 1/2 to raising a child, that child will grow up and give 1/2 to world peace, and your fruits will equal a lifetime of service to better the world.
But then the child you raised raises more children…

-Divinity consists of 2 factors: 1.Benevolence 2. Increase.
The large posterity theory expedites both aspects.

  1. Benevolence:
    a. It’s benevolent to help others experience life by birthing and training them
    b. Though you’ll have less time for non-CR benevolent projects the more children you raise, the combined efforts of your posterity will be exponentially larger than what you could have given even if you spent all your time in the good non-CR cause of your choice.
    c. Results in Chart A show that the more children you have, the more service you give to the human race, even when only spending 10% of your adult life in a non-child rearing good service.
    d. Because of item 6, even if CR isn’t innately good service, it leads to more good non-CR service than courses which exclude or limit CR.
    e. This means if a scientist etc. wants to promote science etc. for the good of the human race, he will study science etc., and have as many children as he can.
    f. The united efforts of the scientist’s etc. children will advance science etc. further than he could alone with his mere 100 years of mortal existence.
    g. Some may say, “but my 1 lifetime of non-CR related benevolent service will exponentially increase, since any good creates an eternal ripple effect of good.” This is true, but the more lives of service you give (via increasing CR), the more eternal ripples you create.
  2. Increase:
    a. The more children you raise the larger the exponent of their increase through time.
    b. To be exalted, lets estimate that you need enough children to justify creating an earth whereon they may dwell.
    c. One site estimates 108 billion people have lived on this earth.
    d. The larger your posterity, the more exponential your growth.
    e. Weather your posterity is large or small, you’ll still be exalted if righteous.
    f. The larger posterity, the sooner your growth will reach exaltation quotas.
    g. God’s work and his glory are seeing to our exaltation and eternal life (Moses 1:39). How does God increase in glory? Having more children, & helping them advance.
    h. Our mortal posterity not only add to God’s eternal kingdom, but to our eternal kingdom, our posterity having joint residence in our eternal kingdom and Gods’ eternal kingdom. Thus it’s urgent to have children now, not just as resurrected persons later.
    For a detailed explanation of item 2h, see my document “Children: An Inheritance from The Lord: What and Why is a Parent Now and In Eternity



For a detailed explanation of item 2h, see my document “Children: An Inheritance from The Lord: What and Why is a Parent Now and In Eternity”, click here

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