Kate Daley Oct. 2023 Lecture Notes on Women & Children


Here are a few highlights of a lecture she gave at the Book of Mormon Evidence Conference Oct. 2023.


-Plenty of women have had power throughout history as ruling monarchs. The new girl power craze is ridiculous.

-Its no shame to be a housewife, that is an essential job you can’t just get rid of. (Note – do so at the peril of the rising generation)

-Kids hear media soundbites about why to be a democrat and they don’t know what they are talking about. Intersectional feminist? Do they even know what that means?

-we are proud of the founding fathers, if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have the opportunities we do today

-don’t give kids cell phones at young ages. She waited till 14 (note, still too young ide think)

– please homeschool! You don’t want your kids being brainwashed

-point kids to trade school not college, college is now just more brainwashing! (Note: 12:1 liberal professors, that’s worse than Vegas odds.)

-beware the mental health popular pushing, when the government gets you labeled as depressed etc, you’ll need an extra screening for a driver license, and may not be able to own a gun.

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