by Nate Richardson
Updated 1-24-18

-“There is not a young man in our community who would not be willing to travel from here to England to be married right, if he understood things as they are; there is not a young woman in our community, who loves the gospel and wishes its blessings, that would be married in any other way; they would live unmarried until they could be married as they should be, if they lived until they were as old as Sarah before she had Issac born to her. Many of our brethren have married off their children without taking this into consideration, and thinking it a matter of little of importance. I wish we all understood this in the light in which heaven understands it.” (Brigham Young, JD 11:118, see JD 12:97)

-the company of parents is one of the greatest blessings of life -JS teachings

-remember how many hours they spent worrying over us in our cradles when we were sick, and be thus mindful of their feelings in their old age so they don’t go down to their grave in sorrow -JS teachings

-JS last words to his mother “God bless you mother” -JS teachings.

-Les Mesrables Jean Val Jean saves the boy his daughter loves for her sake.

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