Brad Wilcox Lecture Notes

(from an assortment of lectures)

Wilcox is well known BYU Devotional “His Grace is Sufficient”. My notes of that speech can be found by clicking here.

See elsewhere on this website for a summary of his book “The 7 Day Christian”

-Jesus Christ was most unpopular man in all Judah, leaders hated him. see talk on appreciation.

-Happiness is a city in the state of mind

-see movie “my fair lady” on getting self worth.

-Dad’s tell sons teenage “do you want to have a good sex life?” Of coarse they’ll say yes. You explain how pornographic pictures focus only on the physical of it and how it’s the emotional as well that makes it a good experience. Your sons will understand that teaching approach. Tell them the why behind what you want them to do!

-When you teach a child to ride a bike it’s not “here is a bike, you can ride if you want, it’s up to you, I won’t force you!” but rather, you get on the bike, and zoom around, and show them how awesome it is, and then have them get on and hold your hand, and you pump them, and walk beside them as they begin to ride. WHAT YOU DO WITH them, they CAN, and PERHAPS WILL, do alone. THIS is the way to approach teaching your children the gospel of Jesus Christ.

– an equation: E=d^2c^2;= eternal life = deny the devil and come unto Christ.

-Sin screen: protects you from what really burns!

-Mirrors at the circus are distorted. We believe wrong mirrors at times. God shows us truth. What we are and aren’t. The good and the ill. God portrays the truth to us, not a skewed view of our standing before him.

-the new dollar bill is secure via having a bigger picture in the middle providing more details, a new background filled with stuff hard to mimic, and similarly to stay safe in life we need to get the bigger picture of what God is doing with us on earth, and fill our backgrounds with stuff, to not be idol, but to fill our lives with good.

-Sensual is bad. It’s like pornography. But sensuous is good, it’s like fine art or good classical literature. The one is to tear down, the other is to uplift.

-President Hinckley taught that you haven’t failed on your children unless you’ve given up on them.

-President Lorenzo Snow taught that if we make it to God’s presence, we will have power to draw our children closer to God.

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