A Topical List of Progressive VS Traditionalist Philosophies: Awakening to the Great Divide

Introductory Notes:

*I invite you to consider some higher ways as presented in this essay. Many of the comparisons here are manifestations of the progressive movement. Many do not even know that this dichotomy exists, much less know how and where to take a stand in it. This essay doesn’t give reasons for these stances, it just lists things. A treatment of reasons behind these things is considered elsewhere in my writing. Though some of the ideas presented in this essay are not strictly traditionalist vs progressive, they seem to fit in here well in a general discussion of standing up for truth in the face of overwhelming pressure to fit in with corrupt mainstream ideas.

*One major purpose of this essay is to bring truth to those who want it, but don’t know where to find it. This is a grand overview of a traditionalist viewpoint on many major (and controversial) subjects. Truth is like a giant jig saw puzzle. At first we have only a few pieces and don’t see the big picture. Eventually we find bits of truth, and things begin to come together. Like the New Testament says, how can we know without someone to teach us? For those already well on their way to discovering these things, this essay will help them take the next steps in the right direction. I’m not perfect at living the things taught here, but as Elder Holland recently said, just because I walk the path drunkenly, doesn’t mean the path isn’t correct.

*In college etc. you’ll be constantly tempted to believe in progressive ideas. Many teach these ideas as truth, and claim to have great evidence. Eventually you can learn, as I have, that many of these narratives are false, and driven by agenda more than by evidence or faith. Have the courage to take a stand on controversial issues, and take that stand on the right side.

*Some have criticized this essay as being mean or unfeeling, divisive and therefore un-Christlike. But I remind the reader of the words of Christ, that he came not to bring peace, but a sword. This means that He is willing to stand for the right, even when it makes a division. Recall also the words of the 2020 October General Conference, where it was specifically spoken of that there is or will soon be no longer middle ground, but that all must make a choice. Beware putting off this choice and doing the needed research and prayer, for at some point, refusing to take a side is in and of itself taking a side. Obviously, we have the sin, love the sinner. When President Spencer W. Kimball published his book The Miracle of Forgiveness, it awakened a lot of people to the reality of sin. If this essay does that to some extent, don’t tremble in your boots, just pray for discernment, and do your best. The responses provoked by this essay lead me to say like Elder Bruce R. McConkie was known to say, “Tell them to bring out the tar & feathers, I’m coming to speak.” I don’t claim to be as good of a teacher as he nor to speak with the authority he had, but I am willing to suffer the consequences of declaring truth, whatever those consequences be. As someone put it well after reviewing this essay, “Tolerance of evil isn’t love. It’s evils wildest dream…The humble followers of Christ aren’t offended at all. They already realize they are wicked and are thankful for anything that might point them to recognizing Satan’s attempts to lull them into carnal security in their own wisdom over Gods. ”

*I do not suggest that this is church doctrine, but rather wise counsel. The bar for having a temple recommend is much lower than the ideal. For example, 300 pound fast-food junkies can go in if they are trying to repent. God works with people who try. God has great patience for those who sin ignorantly, and who just struggle long term for their own reasons. But the fact remains that we can declare high standards, and let people live them to their best. We don’t teach semi-high standards based on what we think people can reach. Sister Wendy Nelson in her book ‘The Heavens Are Open’ talks about this. She uses the analogy of the “zero fatalities: the only acceptable goal” often used by miners, road workers, etc. She relates this to contention. She says, like Jesus said, that no contention is the only acceptable goal.

*We rely on modern revelation to living prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to discover the will of God, not just the myriad of historians, philosophers, and cultures.

*We confess the divide between traditionalist & progressive. The following are 2 separate world views. They aren’t just opinion, but represent a real divide taking place in modern society.

(Progressive philosophies on the left —VS— traditionalist philosophies on the right)
-Be whatever you want —VS—  be like Christ
-Be yourself —VS— improve yourself
-Express yourself in any way, including vulgarity, yelling, rudeness —VS— express yourself while remaining in control & polite
-Get your anger out —VS— keep it in, handle it with maturity. As Brigham Young said, quench the bad, don’t feed the dark side.
-Ok to go to bed angry with your family—VS— resolve issues before the day’s end
-Dress in whatever way you feel expresses yourself —VS— dress modestly, your body is a limited access private holy temple
-Dress in brand clothing so you don’t feel excluded —VS— don’t base your identity on clothing. Be elegant & beautiful, but not conceited. Use your character not your body to gain friends.
-Load schedule with extracurriculars to be a superstar college applicant —VS— have free time for family, service, reading, etc. Some things are more important than top colleges.
-Seek Ivy League liberal colleges —VS— Go to affordable college, especially faith based
-Allowance —VS— Work for money
-College > Mission —VS— College < Mission
-Public school —VS— Homeschool (several prophets have praised homeschooling and rebuked what takes place in public schools)
(Note: yes I’m aware many prophets have been to public schools and Ivy League schools etc., I’m just pointing out ideals.)
-Organic macroevolution is true, it’s how Christ made things —VS— Organic macroevolution is false, has never been observed in strata, and is inherently anti-Christ.
-All the studies support organic macroevolution —VS— organic macroevolution is a carefully protected state religion, and is not backed by solid scientific evidence, but rather political machinations. See the Universal Model textbooks by Dean Sessions, Kent Hovind & Ken Ham lectures, etc.
-Strive to fit your religious belief with scientific fact —VS— Strive to fit religious fact with scientific belief
-Climate change justifies restricting access to electricity & air conditioning etc. —VS— though humans should be mindful of their environment, the solution should not be greater than the problem. Man-made climate change is minuscule & if our doom is impending, it’s from how we treat each other more so than how we treat the earth. Any restrictions should be binding on both rich and poor, etc., elite must obey law same as average citizens.
-Noah’s flood was local, no scientific data supports a global flood —VS— it was global, completely baptising the earth by immersion, and is supported by enormous amounts of data, scientific & historical
-The Red Sea tide went back for Israelites to conveniently escape Egypt —VS— there was a wall of water on either side (as the bible says). Miraculous intervention in nature.
-Academic journals are the sure-fire way to know what is good research —VS— these journals have very politicized boards who decide what will and will not be allowed in the journal.
-Billions of years old earth —VS— Earth created in 7 days (2 places in scripture it says 1000 years to man is a day to God, so it could be 7000 years to create earth.
-D&C statement about 7000 year temporal life span of earth is figurative —VS— it’s literal; Adam & Eve lived around 4000BC (according to the bible dictionary), that puts us at around 6000 years, and the final set of years will be the millennium where Christ rules, which is soon approaching. Then earth will die, be resurrected, and receive it’s eternal celestial glory.
-Scriptures supplement education —VS— scriptures are the core of education
-Sabbath is to laze and play —VS— Sabbath for gospel study & service
-Love has no limits —VS— tough love is an essential component of love
-Moses didn’t write the Torah —VS— yes he did
-Garden of Eden narrative is symbolic not literal, no real Adam, no real Fall, no real creation by God, no real need for a divine Savior —VS— Eden, Adam, the Fall, the divine Savior all literal
-The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of many ‘true’ churches, each having some truth —VS— it is the only true church. Many have some truth, but it is the only organization with proper priesthood authority to preach the gospel, and administer the ordinances thereof such as baptism and temple rites.
-It’s ok to have honest differences with the prophets —VS— you might as well have honest differences with the almighty (this was said in defense of temporal programs designed by leaders of the early church); Like President Nelson said, instead of putting a “?” at the end of what prophets say, but a “!”
-Early temporal institutions set up by the brethren failed due to flawed leadership —VS— they failed due to saints being unwilling to implement councils of the prophets
-Prophets speak God’s will mixed with their culture & language & opinions, so scripture is more guidelines than divine will —VS— Prophets are mouthpieces of God. God is fully capable of expressing himself through the languages that existed in the past, and the languages of today. Joseph Smith declared he never said he was perfect, but that there are no errors in the revelations he has taught.
-Hoffman forgeries contain some truth —VS— it was all garbage
-Whitmer and other anti-Mormons who promoted seer stones, magic, etc. related to Joseph Smith should be considered as church history sources —VS— they’re all Satanic propaganda
-Seer Stone —VS— Urim & Thummim (note: the use of a seer stone does come up in some recent church publications such as the Saints church history series, but the sources for said stone are questionable. There is a progressive historian movement in the church which several presidents of the church have attempted to deter.)
-Prophets have no right speaking about temporal things & politics, only spiritual things —VS— through all history of Earth, this has not been the case
-Prophets give good advice —VS— prophets give the word of God, to be taken literally as from the mouth of God
-Book of Mormon is myth —VS— historical
-Book of Mormon is not to be applied to science —VS— it rebukes evolution repeatedly and plainly
-Book of Mormon took place in Mesoamerica, but it doesn’t matter anyway. Insufficient evidence. —VS— it took place in the heartland of the US, and it matters deeply on many levels. Overwhelming evidence. (Note: The Church has no official position on Book of Mormon Geography other than that it happened somewhere on the western continent. However, to the spiritually keen and those familiar with the research, they will be able to discern the truth of these things.)
-We can’t know the signs of the times, they’re far off —VS— We can know and should know, as mandated in scripture in multiple passages, his plagues & coming are eminent.
-Many chances —VS— Warning, then execution of established consequences when warnings are not heeded
-Let criminal behavior go unchecked —VS— Press charges for criminal behavior
-Swearing when used as a form of expression is tolerated —VS— Only appropriate language is tolerated.
-Parents should expect to be ignored —VS— Parents should command respect, and a response from their children whenever spoken to. Yes father/dad/sir & yes mother/mom/ma’am.
-Ignore much bad behavior, occasionally yell “enough!” —VS— Prompt frequently on even minor behavior
-A parent is primarily the friend of the child —VS— A parent is a parent primarily, a friend secondarily (be willing to set limits)
-Kids chose limits —VS— Parents set limits
-Vague threats —VS— Specific consequences routinely enforced
-Spanking is not ok in any circumstance —VS— In extreme circumstances, spanking may be occasionally warranted for small children (emphasis on the word extreme; this should not be a daily go to discipline method)
-Meal time should not involve any prompts on behavior, just bonding time. —VS— give prompts to children at any time it is warranted. Teach table manners.
-Contention is a part of the plot of movies —VS— turn off a movie if the characters are contentious. Sister Wendy Nelson in her book ‘The Heavens Are Open’ talks about this. She uses the analogy of the “zero fatalities: the only acceptable goal” often used by miners, road workers, etc. She relates this to contention. She says, like Jesus said, that no contention is the only acceptable goal. She testifies that President Nelson walks out of movies when there is contention! She also testifies that President Nelson has personal meetings 1:1 with Jesus Christ Himself!
-Be a rock star —VS— be rock solid in your faith in Christ
-Be a sports star —VS— play sports but aspire to greater things than professional athleticism
-Worship athletes, memorize their statistics, etc. —VS— Worship God, memorize his scripture etc.
-Watch sports —VS— play sports
-Weak limits on cell phones, video games, computers —VS— Little to no electronics, focus on books, relationships, nature, creativity, instruments, high limits & surveillance of electronics.
-All non-R-rated movies are ok —VS— Most PG-13 movies aren’t ok (for adults or children) *Some argue that there is the occasional appropriate R movie, such as Schindler’s List, Passion of the Christ, Unplanned, etc., whose ratings are more driven by agenda than content.
-Movies are just fun —VS— all movies are made to support a religion
-Music is just fun —VS— all music are hymns, but to who?
-Rock & rap music are just fun —VS— Rock & rap music are of the devil
-Music on the radio is ok —VS— Popular music is seldom appropriate
-Music without bad lyrics is fine, no matter the tempo, rhythm, etc. —VS— There is much more to music which is morally dangerous than the mere lyrics. Certain genres should be avoided entirely.
-Separate the art from the artist when it comes to music —VS— “Death of the artist” can only be operative when the artist is not known for great evil. Culture of an artist can quikcly lead a listener to that culture.
-That something is fun is reason enough to use it —VS— Only Godly, uplifting, educational entertainment resources should be used.
-Adults & children can handle different entertainment —VS— Christ says we should become as children, shun evil, flee from sin
-Sleepovers —VS— Nothing recreationally constructive happens after 10pm, no sleepovers even with cousins
-Kids roam the village in evenings —VS— parents know where their children are, who they are with, what they are doing
-It’s unsafe to let kids walk to school, go to the park alone, etc. —VS— so long as parents know the plan, kids can execute the plan with sovereignty as permitted by their personal maturity level
-Kids need lots of friends —VS— kids don’t need lots of friends. Siblings are the main friends. When there is no one with the same values as your family, stand alone.
-Recreation based family —VS— education & discipleship based family. Study the Bruce McConkie family for more on this.

-Magic as safe allegory of good versus evil in alternate worlds —VS— magic is spiritually dangerous in any form, even as seemingly modest entertainment, and acts as a portal to the dark side.
-Avatars, free superpowers, warring superhero’s —VS— reality, real abilities which take work to harness, real heroes who use words
-Halloween a celebration of darkness, disguises, witchcraft, junk food —VS— Shekinah a celebration of light, true identity
-Santa Claus, spoiling others —VS— Jesus Christ, serving others in ways that really matter
-Easter Bunny —VS— Resurrected Christ

-Pagan holidays —VS— biblical holidays
-Disney makes fun family movies —VS— Disney is corrupt on many levels and should not be used.
-God loves you so it’s ok to be gay, God has a gay plan for your life & eternity —VS— God loves you but it is not His will that you follow a gay lifestyle, nor can exaltation be obtained in gay lifestyles.
-What your children do sexually is private —VS— Children must be accountable to parents. Children & adults alike should disclose serious sexual sin to the bishop as part of the repentance process.
-Abstinence is one option —VS— abstinence is the only option aproved by God before marriage
-Testing sexual chemistry with someone is pre-requisite to marriage —VS— the more people you have sexual relations with before marriage, the statistically greater chance your marriage will end in divorce.
-I’m not gay but others should have the right to marry gay —VS— gay marriage has monumental societal implications & ramifacations effecting everyone, and should be illegal in all civilized nations
-Some are born gay —VS— homosexuality is by and large acquired by brainwashing or trauma, with the possible exception of a strange defect related to malnutrition etc., and, if they exist at all, “born this way” gays are an exception to the rule rather than the rule itself.
-Being gay is healthy —VS— being gay is (or recently was) listed as an official disability
-Family planning limitations on children —VS— welcome all the children the Lord sees fit to bless you with. Keep the door open to them.
-Distribute condoms at schools to prevent teen pregnancy —VS— teach abstinence & morals to prevent teen pregnancy
-CSE comprehensive sex ed for small children, including tolerance for all sexual lifestyles —VS— keeping sexuality a private subject at least until puberty, then teaching abstinence until marriage then fidelity between man and wife, & the rejection of alternate sexual lifestyles as abominations unto God.
-Any form of sexuality is permitted in marriage —VS— gross sexual deviations are forbidden, even in marriage
-Masturbation is a healthy release —VS— Masturbation can lead to homosexuality & other sexual deviance/obsessions (as taught by President Kimball, etc.)
-Homosexuality is for life —VS— with proper teaching and counseling, it can be eliminated (President Kimball was asked about his interviews with hundreds of gays. He said something to the effect of, ‘we pretty well sorted that out’)
-The APA says homosexual parenting is as effective as being parented heterosexually —VS— this was a major scandal; it compared homo-parented kids only to kids in divorced families, single parent families, etc., claiming those were the only fair comparisons.  It NEVER compared homo-parented kids to kids parented by 2 biological parents, Biologically parented children outdid any other form of parenting by a long shot on every comparison.
-Prolonged dating shows marriage eligibility —VS— people with honest intentions don’t take long to get to know
-Flirt to convert —VS— no temple recommend, no date (that’s how it rolls in the Bruce R. McConkie family)
-Hang out —VS— arranged activity
-Shoot the breeze, date for prolonged period, “fall” in love  —VS— ask the difficult questions, find someone else if they aren’t serious about marriage, “chose” to love a worthy partner
-Any age begin paired off dating —VS— not until 16 to begin group dates, then paired dating when it’s the season of marriage

-Vaccines are safe & necessary herd immunity —VS— vaccines cause autism, decrease the immune system, etc.

-Depression warrants antidepressant drugs —VS— Depression warrants work, responsibility, repentance, relationships, dietary changes, hardly ever drugs
-Animal products are essential for protein, etc. —VS— animal products are unnecessary when you have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, etc.
-Junk food, whatever is preferred —VS— nutritional accountability
-Fitness optional —VS— fitness needed
-Hone body constantly at the gym —VS— some gym time is fine, but don’t neglect family duties, playing with your children, etc.
-Wild music to pump you up for exercise —VS— invigorating but wholesome classical-style music for any occasion
-Eat whenever —VS— eat at mealtimes
-Soy disturbs hormones —VS— soy is one of the healthiest foods for everyone
-Reward children’s sport events with junk food —VS— reward with affection. Always healthy food. Healthy treats on special occasions.
-respond to mass looting with stern warnings & angry television ads —VS— respond with shoot to kill on spot. Seems harsh but it will quickly eliminate the issue. NOTHING else will.
-Socialism —VS— Capitalism
-Minimum wage —VS— free market
-Living expenses covered —VS— work for your keep
-Hard times, ask the government —VS— hard times, ask family, then ask church
-Government is to take care of our needs —VS— government is to protect borders & protect us via police as we are too busy to do this ourselves
-Constitution is a living document, needing new interpretation —VS— interpret by original intent
-Constitution is racist and highly flawed —VS— it is divine,
-Founding fathers were evil slave owners —VS— they were  the wisest men of the age
-Voting 3rd party is a waste —VS— vote for the right person, regardless of whether they will win
-conspiracy theorists look beyond the mark —VS— it’s not conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact says President Benson. This is replete in the Book of Mormon & modern times, and it’s not just foreign terrorists.
-9/11 was by foreign terrorists —VS— it was an inside red flag operation by the deep state to bring citizens into further control; perhaps played out by foreigners, but allowed to happen by US leaders; lots of pre-arranged demolitions, foreknowledge of the attack, etc.
-The 2020 Corona virus is a serious threat justifying masks & social distancing —VS— it is a government coverup, cases of flu are misdiagnosed, hospitals have financial incentives to report more cases, those who die with it had other serious co-morbidities (note: this doesn’t mean the virus couldn’t morph into something more serious in the future). Masks and social distancing are anti-human government overreach, and trample on the constitution. Those concerned about their health can make the personal choice to wear masks and social distance.


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