Latter-day Saint Traditionalist University: Prominent Voices of Truth

Introductory Notes:

*The following are traditionalist (not progressive) authors & teachers among the Latter-day Saints who have made significant contributions to the righteous education of the saints.

*Some of these have written at length on the subjects they’re mentioned in, others are people in positions of authority who have made strong traditionalist statements in the subject they are listed in.

*Like how Samuel the Lamanite was a contemporary prophet with Nephi, let’s make sure we don’t forget about the important messages that these teachers bring, despite their sometimes informal callings.



Church history doctrine and standards
Signs of the Times
Book of Mormon (Heartland) Geography
History & Government
Family & Social Sciences
Education & Homeschool
Business & Finance

Church history doctrine and standards:

-Joseph Smith & Brigham Young
-Joseph Smith Foundation Stoddard’s
-Joseph Fielding Smith
-Bruce R McConkie

Signs of the Times:

-Joseph Smith & Brigham Young
-Russell M Nelson
-Dwayne S Crowther
-Bruce are McConkie
-Joseph Fielding Smith
-Jody Stoddard
-James T Prout
-Michael Rush
-Dan Wilkinson
-Book of Mormon allegories channel


-Universal model textbooks by Dean sessions
-Russell M Nelson
-Bruce R McConkie

Book of Mormon (Heartland) Geography:

-Joseph Smith by Rod Meldrum (a few others on his site)
-Russell M Nelson & L Tom Perry

History & Government:

-Ezra Taft Benson
-J Reuben Clark
-Timothy Ballard
-Hugh W Nibley
-Joel Skousen
-Cleon Skousen
-David Barton-Brian Mecham -Kate Dalley
-Scott Bradley


-Jack Monnett (Awakening to Our Awful Situation)
-Ammon Bundy

Family and social studies:

-Joseph Smith & Brigham Young
-Spencer W Kimball
-John Thill
-Glen Latham
-Joseph Smith Foundation by the Stoddard family
-Neal Anderson

Education & homeschool:

-Joseph Smith & Brigham Young
-Michelle Stone
-Jacl Monnett
-Hugh Nibley

Business & Finance:

-Hugh Nibley
-Ezra Taft Benson


-Ann Blake Tracy

-Jane Birch

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