Lecture Notes: “Fasten your Seatbelts for the Second Coming v 2” by Followers of Jesus Christ YouTube Channel

Notes from https://youtu.be/mLkUwmPMv-Y.

Much more was said than are here in the notes so be sure to review the entire presentation!


Screenshot from the presentation:

The 2017 solar eclipse was on a holy day which means it’s a sign from God

The X can also significant signify a crossroads or a division

Upon my house shall it begin May likely refer to Missouri that’s where the New Jerusalem will be and that’s where the saints were so heavily persecuted

Palmyra was the 70th Temple announced and the hundred Temple in operation it also has serious connections to church history

most meeting houses in America were converted into temporary Temple overflows to participate in the dedication

The Palmyra dedication the officiators were dressed in all white and the translation of the hosanna shout could have been more of what John was getting at but we just threw translation of lost some of that meeting but the hosanna shout is very similar to the meaning of what John said that we give praise to the god at this occasion

October 6th 2023 is the 3 and 1/2 years after the temples closed on March 23rd 2020. The prophecy of Daniel talks about the daily sacrifice ceasing and that can be tied to when the temples closed in 2020 and we can trace Out Future things from there.

I for one can say that the time without the temple has been a time of trial and increased temptation that sustaining blessing of going to the temple regularly being removed has impacted my family my children who are of Temple age have struggled more etc.

From the time when the sacrifice has ceased until all the other things are fulfilled it doesn’t mean they necessarily have to stay all the way close the whole time

1830 Daniel’s prophecy fulfilled about the kingdom being cut out of the mountain without hands

Dallin H Oaks and D. Todd Christofferson and others with legal backgrounds are in place perhaps to begin the political component of the kingdom of God as the ecclesiastical component is already set up and will remain through the millennium so does the political component need to be set up and last through the millennium

In 1830 there were basically 11 kingdoms that ruled the Earth and Russia was one of them you can’t trace Russia back to Rome but all of the other 10 you can and it was at this time when the kingdom of God was established by Joseph Smith and it fulfills the Nebuchadnezzar dream about the 10 kingdoms and the one lasting and all the 10 kingdoms being based in Rome as in coming from Rome. This was about 2,400 years after Daniel’s prophecy and fits very well.

Jon’s first trumpet fulfilled tons of fire in last two decades.

Second trumpet fulfilled too tons of volcanoes and quakes, near then water as blood.

Third trumpet fulfilled by acid rain it’s way worse than it used to be

The next trumpet of the sun being darkened might come to pass in 2021 at the midpoint of the tribulations

after the first 4 trumpets there comes a whoa meaning everyone is going to say whoa I can’t believe this is happening super big epic

with the fulfillment of these first three trumpets and the signs in general remember the world at Large is asleep to them

68 million refugees in 2017. This along with the sex trafficking and a lot of other drug cartels and things like that make it a good time for fulfillment to tribulation prophecy.

Shares quote of gospel won’t go everywhere before the coming of Christ

Nelson and Uchtdorf said new ways to share gospel understand now with pandemic

Dubai India china all getting temples now

Spring 2021 end of half hour silence ends, saints meet Christ in clouds along with some of the righteous dead. The mt of olives coming in clouds is the 2nd time that happens

The 144k not hurt by stuff because they are translated.

144k represent the church leaders

143k congregation leaders as of 2019, add in the Seventies etc. it’s a bit more.

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  1. Love your work! Anxious to see part 5, etc. Think you are right on with the timeline of events.

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