Lecture Notes on “Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017 is NOT what we thought” by Kevin Prince of the Gospel Lessons YouTube Channel



Lecture notes based on this video: https://youtu.be/MFwwgYbdlRA

As usual see the full lecture for much more detail than is presented here!

The September 23 Virgo sign in the sky happened just after the Jewish New year around September 22

1827 is the only other year where the Revelation 12 sign in the sky with Virgo and Jupiter exiting after 9 months of oscillating the Moon under foot and all the other fulfillments

1827 September 23rd is one day after Joseph Smith got the plates from the hill

September 22 the feast of trumpets or anciently the day of remembrance was taught as the day that Israel would be gathered in. The Revelation 12 prophecy speaks of the child ruling with the rod of iron All Nations and Lehi’s dream talks about the broad of iron being the word of God so here we have Joseph Smith getting the rod of iron which is the scripture.

September 22 was about making a new covenant which would result in the final redemption of Israel

The time between the feast of trumpets and the day of atonement can signify the warning time the time one has to repent the trumpet sounds and then you’ve got that much time to repent until the day of atonement

One night that a mob was going to attack there was a very significant meteor shower which lasted all night and the mobbers saw it as a sign from God which it was this is well documented as one of if not the biggest meteor showers in history and Joseph Smith documented that it was literal fulfillment of scripture. November 13th 1833 was the day of this meteor shower.

There was a time of Kirtland apostasy where about a third of the church apostatized and it also fulfills the Revelation 12 scripture of the third part of them being drawn away by the dragon

Another way to interpret dragon is serpent and there is the constellation of the serpent below Virgo and it has seven stars in its head and it’s also has the northern crown above it which has seven stars and there are 10 stars in the body of the serpent

Just a few months after the 2017 Revelation sign president Nelson became the prophet in early 2018 he may and continues to make significant changes to bring the church into the next stage

Here are a few more insights by the same guy as above on the Revelation 12 sign from the following: https://youtu.be/gZDEILyqXek

The Book of Revelation talks about the head and The tail Of The serpent and the serpent constellation is actually divided into the head and tail

There’s a nebula in the serpent constellation that has a red hue and this could be why the scripture calls the dragon red

See the Joseph Smith Revelation 12 translation there is the complete Joseph Smith translation of the scriptures as published by The community of Christ and can be purchased from them and is spoken of highly by our church. It is called the Joseph Smith new translation of the Bible. It has a side by side comparison.

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