Far Out! Ministry of Angels, The 3 Nephites, & Aliens


Angels, other aliens and their interactions with Earth. Naturally angels are often mortal people doing Gods will, but there are fun accounts of those on the other side of the veil giving assistance too, and some other accounts which seem so angelic, that we don’t know if the ministers were mortal or no.


-First here’s a (3 Nephite?) encounter I had: Once while proselyting in a rural area of Georgia USA, we saw an Indian man in a large white truck who drive past us, on his rear window was printed on large text the book of Mormon scripture about how is a church isn’t called in the name of Christ it is not Christ’s church. I recall the man had a very purposeful look on his face. I was impressed that this could have been one of the three Nephites. That just doesn’t happen in Georgia.


-One more from me: Once when I was a struggling teen walking in the night / very early morning in a somewhat rural area. A truck drove up, the man driving gave me a gospel tract, then turned back where it was coming from, as though it had come just for me.



– in the book called “The First 100 Years of The Logan Temple” where the 3 Nephites appeared to protect the records of the temple. They identified themselves as such to the then temple president.


-supposedly Ogden Krout has a book compiled of 3 Nephite sightings.


-story from Michael Rush in book A Remnant Shall Return: a man was abducted and given a Bible like book, they told him to believe in Jesus, they were from an ancient civilization who lived millions of years ago; The man started telling his story and the CIA showed up on his porch, and demanded the book, and left. They didn’t ask any questions, etc.


-Joel Skousen (worldaffairsbrief.com) says aliens are real, but there’s so much bogus info on them that it’s basically useless to see who’s right and not on the subject.

-Alien existence makes sense, & who’s to say some of the sightings aren’t real. There are other populated worlds without end!

-There are also possibly other forms of life, part animal so to speak. The book of Revelation indicates there are many animals of form that we don’t know of.

-They say portals have been seen into temples, brining angels into them.

-They say temples are full of angels doing work. One says she had a live ordinance recently, and forgot her bag and asked to go back for it, and was told ok, but make sure you don’t go in any of the rooms, go straight there and straight back. Well en route the rooms were in her peripheral, and she saw them full… Perhaps resurrected beings doing ordinances, or other trainings etc…


-in the first Saints book, as recounted in someone’s own words: So this is about David Whitmer, who ended up being one of the three witnesses and he had heard about Joseph Smith and the plate so he wants to go to Harmony immediately, he’s gotta find out about this and his dad reminded him “Look, you have two days’ worth of heavy work to do before you can leave, you have to sow plaster of Paris in your fields.” and it’s like 20 acres worth and it’s a ton of work.

And so David’s father gave him advice, he says “You know, you might wanna just pray and see if this is really some place you should go. Do you really need to go and see this Joseph Smith?” This Joe Smith, as they would call him and so David did, he took his father’s advice and he prayed, hoping the Spirit would tell him that he just needed to go and so he felt like he needed to finish the work and then head to Harmony as soon as he could.

Well, the next morning, David walks out to the fields and he saw that the work had all been completed except for one furrow, one row that needed to be done and he’s like “What in the world?” He can’t even believe it and so his sister’s house, who was not very far away from his, it says it was just a few yards away and he said “Do you know who did this? Like what? Why is my field done?” And I love this, this is what the sister said “Why said she in surprise. You sowed it all day yesterday and it was sown by some… Or one of the children came and begged me to go out and look at some men who were sowing plaster in the field for said day.”

“Mother, you never saw anybody sow Plaster, as fast as they do in your life, I went and I did see three men to work in the field as the children said but supposing that you had employed some assistance because of your hurry to get your work done, I passed into the house without giving any further attention to the subject.”

“David made considerable inquiry but not being able to ascertain who had done it, he related the circumstance to his father, who was quite at much a loss to determine how the thing was brought about and then he did, I love how his father said to him “There must be an overruling hand in this.” he said “And I think you’d better go down to Pennsylvania as soon as you finish that last row.”




-Here are a few accounts shared by people online recently in some forums:

  1. My 4th great grandpa, Benjamin Brown, was visited by two of them. Here is an excerpt of his journal.

“…as I found it stated that the three Nephites had power to show themselves to any persons they might wish, Jews or Gentiles, I asked the Lord to allow me to see them for a witness and testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon, and I covenanted with him, if he complied with my request, that I would preach it even at the expense of my life, should it be necessary. The Lord heard my prayer, and, about five days after, two of the three visited me in my bedroom. I did not see them come, but I found them there. One spoke to me for some time, and reproved me sharply on account of my behavior at the time when I first attended the meeting of the Saints, and treated so lightly the gift of tongues. He told me never, as long as I lived, to do so again, for I had grieved the Spirit of the Lord, by whose power that gift had been given. This personage spoke in the Nephite language, but I understood, by the Spirit which accompanied him, every word as plainly as if he had spoken in English. I recognized the language to be the same as that in which I had heard Father Fisher speak at the meeting. Such a rebuke, with such power, I never had in my life before or since, and never wish to have again. I was dumb before my rebuker, for I knew that what he said was right, and I felt deserving of it. How these men went, I do not know, but directly they were gone, the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “Now, you know for yourself! You have seen and heard! If you now fall away, there is no forgiveness for you.” Did I not know then, that the Book of Mormon was true, and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of the Lord?”


  1. My Dad got out of the car, popped the lid of the car and discoverd that the part that broke in the only car that they had wasn’t a part that could be sourced from any of the nearest parts stores. Both my parents could not stop their tears. Turning to prayer, they begged Heavenly Father to help them and to let them know what my Dad should do concerning their future. Shortly after saying amen, a man pulled up behind my parents in an old beat up car and asked them if they needed a hand. My father let the man know that he probably wouldn’t be able to help because the part that was broken was one that was near impossible to find. The man told my Dad, “I’m a traveling repair man, I fix all sorts of things, I have a bunch of parts in the back of my car, lets see what part in your car is broken. After taking a look at the broken part, the man went to the back of his car and pulled out the EXACT part that my dad needed. Soon the car was running again. After fixing the car together the man looked at my father and said, “Don’t quit your education. It’s worth it in the end.” My father hand’t ever told this man that he was studying. The Man never introduced himself to my parents, nor did he ever ask my parents names. Today, my father has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. They both believe that this man could have been 1 of the 3 nephites or an angel. Either way, Heavenly Father loves us and cares for us deeply.


  1. While on my mission in Pennsylvania Philadelphia in 2008-2010, my companion and I were knocking doors in our area. We knocked a door and a lady opened. She looked at our name tags and said, “Oh, your back! But where’s John??”

We looked at each other, introduced ourselves and said, “Ummm, who’s John?”

She said, “The other guy with the name tag. He knocked my door last week and told me about your church. He had that same name tag.”

We were like, “Are you sure it was this name tag?” I unclipped my tag and handed it to her.

She was like, “Yep. same one. He was knocking on people’s doors telling people about your church!“

I then asked, “Was he with anyone else?”

She said, “Nope, he was by himself… He was such a nice guy too!”



  1. Many years ago my mom was visited in the middle of the night (while in the hospital) by 2 men dressed in all white who laid their hands upon her head and blessed her then they disappeared.




  1. I was driving in the far right lane along Freedom Blvd. in Provo during a terrible snow storm. My car slid in the snow and my front wheel got stuck in a ditch. I got out of my car to look at the situation and within seconds 3 men pulled up next to me and jumped out of their car and picked my car out of the ditch without using anything but their bare hands. They never said a word to me. They placed my car back on the road and before I could say thank you they were gone. It seemed like the whole experience took about 60 seconds. I’ve always thought it was the three Nephites because I have no explanation how 3 men could do something like that so quickly and easily.



  1. I was making Christmas deliveries for work with my son in the car. I was driving on a narrow road up in Wanship UT and I had just finished praying that heavenly father would protect me while driving and then I rounded a corner going fairly slowly but slid off the road. There was no one in front of me or behind me. Out of nowhere a truck full of I think 2 men and 2 teenage boys pulls up. Gets me on the road. No interaction. No talking. Didn’t even get to say thank you. And then they hopped in the truck drove away and it was so fast it was almost like they never were there. I sat and cried and prayed and shook and said thank you thank you thank you. And then went home and journaled about it later. But I KNEW in that moment they were angels of some sort.


  1. He was surfing one day and had some kind of accident in the water and he was having trouble. A guy helped him get back up on his surfboard. He turned around and the guy was gone…he could feel the guy’s body helping him


  1. My cousin was doing family history in the family history center. A faithful researcher for my Reid family. She had come to a dead end and didn’t know where to search next. This was about six years ago or more so research was a little harder back then. But she’s been doing this for years. She prayed at a table and asked for help on what she should do. Then a man came and sat down across from her and said she looked like she needed some direction could he help her, and he told her to go from a side line of the tree (cousins) and work her way back down the line. Gave her more suggestions and then she said thank you so much, and he left. When she looked over at a table near her, there was a couple in tears looking at her. She said are you okay? They said, “we just saw you having a conversation with someone we couldn’t see!!!”
  2. Every two years there was a caravan of two large greyhound buses full of teens and sponsors that would trek from Woodbine, Iowa, going up through Detroit, Michigan, through Canada to New York and then follow Joseph Smith’s movements across the states to home. We would see all the sites and walk where he walked. A beautiful journey to the past. We were on the interstate to our next destination when one of the busses started to smoke and then the engine died. The men all went out to try and figure out what to do or if they could fix it but know one had a clue. There weren’t cell phones so you couldn’t just pick up and call AAA. The bus that was running said they would go and find help. It was hot so all who wanted off sat in the grass on the side of the road. A gentleman showed up. No one saw him walking in or a car stop and he get out. He offered to help and had some tools that might be of assistance. He knew exactly why the engine did what it did and just happened to have a replacement hose for the one that blew. Had the tools to use and started our bus. Our bus driver turned around to thank him and he was gone. Just poof and gone. Wasn’t walking, or got into a car but just a true to look and say thank you and no longer there.

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