Notes on Joel Skousen’s 2020 Annual Speech

This lecture from Joel Skousen summarizing 2020 answers lots of questions, political, moral, and otherwise. The first half is mainly about the phony virus and election fraud, but he gives the big picture of the globalist conspiracy. In the last parts he goes into how we need to take better care of our health to qualify for word of wisdom blessings, how we can better listen to conscience, homeschooling, and other important things. My notes are shared with his permission.

These are my notes and do not represent the complete message presented.

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The Soviet Union never fell it went underground there were orders to stand down and let the rioting take place

Chinese leader said we’re not going to make the same mistakes as the Nazis when we crush the Americans we’re going to be ruthless kill as many as we can with biological weapons

There’s the American conspiracy of Russian conspiracy and Chinese conspiracy all of these are inspired by Satan and all of them are promised that they’re going to win

The Chinese are the most ruthless in their conspiracy but the American globalists are the most sophisticated in theirs

the American conspiracy is going to tell you that you’re free when you’re locked up just like the virus mandates they say that it’s for your health and safety but it has nothing to do with that it’s to take control

9/11 was an American globalist conspiracy from preloading the buildings with explosives to training false pilots in Sesna airplanes. Their plans were switched out to more sophisticated pilots. And why was everything covered up? If it was an independent terror attack they wouldn’t have covered it up they covered it up because it was a government operation

The CDC has admitted they do not they have not isolated the virus so how do you create a test for a virus you have not isolated.

there was a big PR meeting with all the heads of the vaccine companies saying it was 94% effective they don’t know that and the CEO of one of these is in his 30s how did he get there.

If it’s 95% effective why do we need several doses it’s because there were so many adverse side effects that to avoid rebellion of the public they cut the dose by half then by fourth etc.

at 50% strength 80% had adverse side effects and at 100% strength 100% had adverse side effects

the drug companies get tons of money from the government because they’re making it for doses instead of one

before the election the globalists said Trump would think he is winning but the Democrats would come from behind and win and that’s exactly what happened they knew that because they made it happen

Every time Obama spoke it was on Prime Time all of the programs were canceled same for George W bush but never for Trump.

this speech Trump gave of detailing election fraud was only aired on Facebook and most media outlets didn’t even mention that he gave the speech they didn’t want people going and looking it up for themselves

Millions of illegal aliens and dead people were registered to vote

Trump’s legal team run by Rudy Giuliani his deep state he did much cover up of 9/11. A new building 7 was coming down but he did not warn the firefighters the retired firefighters of New York hate him because they know he knew.

Back when Romney was running for president six Democratic newspapers came out supporting John McCain for Republican president because they didn’t want Romney. This was back before Romney became bad. He’s not completely globalist but he is trying to impress the establishment. Be compromised on homosexuality medical Care socialism welfare etc to be a governor.

Trump correctly blamed Obama Bush etc for being easy on North Korea but then he went and did it himself and now he’s responsible for them having their intercontinental weapons.

Trump rejected TPP but let all that same stuff into the USMC

Trump’s instincts are good he wants to make America great again but he didn’t have any of the tools to do it and he was easily won over by flattery

Trump went into the White House knowing zero conservatives so he had to go fill 4,000 jobs in the west wing of the White House without knowing anyone

Christopher Ray the replacement of James Comey is also deep State because he was involved in the 9/11 cover-up. Call me was betraying Trump on the Russia investigation and was fired but this new guy is not good either.

Brett Kavanaugh is deep State he covered up the Vince Foster murder he was in charge of intimidating the witnesses to change their story.

John Roberts is deep State whenever there’s a crucial case he always votes the wrong way he gets that phone call in the night you have to pull another favor for me John. he gets in because he portrays himself as a conservative but they have dirt on all the justices. Except Barrett but she is mainstream she’s never voted against any big corporation and she goes with the government every time.

to drain the swamp you would have to get the NSA to spy on people to catch them  plotting against the government

Millions of votes for Trump specifically in the swing states were removed and in addition hundreds of thousands were flipped. The data showed the tally went up for Biden directly proportional to how the tally went down for Trump. This was seen in the Edison data.

Boats coming in through the postal Service get shuffled but yet we see in the data lump after lump for Biden indicating they were directly inserting this rather than things getting shuffled. This happened in four states.

Fox news announced Virginia for Biden even before the bumps for Biden in that state Trump was ahead and Fox news called it for Biden and only later were major inserts of that ballots for Biden inserted.

In Georgia we have surveillance footage of an organizer telling the ballot counters were done for the day go home they leave and 2 minutes later the organizer lady and three of her minions pull out massive suitcases from under a covered table frantically and start processing all the ballots in them. The time stamp from these indicates all or mostly Biden.

The media talking point is that there is no evidence of vote fraud.

In Utah the worst propaganda is KSL
it’s top secret at KSL who’s actually writing the stories you try to look it up they only tell you the talking heads.
Those writing the scripts are hardcore leftists.

in Democratic states where they didn’t need as much vote fraud they didn’t use it this made it harder to trace

Sean Hannity is a conspiracy denier

Tucker Carlson won’t talk about the conspiracy or he’ll get fired

O’Reilly fired for sexual allegations was a avid conspiracy denier

Rush Limbaugh used to talk about conspiracy before he got the big million dollar contract. the radio station was bought out and the next day his listeners who were used to him talking about conspiracy suddenly heard him denying conspiracy and yelling at anyone who brought it up.

the deep State lets you think that the Democratic party is the Boogeyman but never lets you know that the deep state is in charge of both political parties at the higher levels

Details how the real evidence didn’t get into the court cases

General Michael Flynn is a great guy but too optimistic about Trump winning there’s no chance the federal case on election fraud will win because none of the evidence was even brought to the minor courts

The Kate Dally radio station is excellent.

Gary Herbert is a mainstream hack afraid to say anything against the mainstream even though his son Nathan informs him he chooses to reject all of that.

we can’t declare martial law and arrest a bunch of people because we don’t have the names of who initiated all this voter fraud

The military flat out ignored Trump’s orders to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. when he wanted to pull troops out of Syria they lied to him and told him there were none or there weren’t very many.

Nothing Q has said has ever come to pass and he is always cryptic but real conservatives are not cryptic they’re straightforward and honest. He claims to talk to the NSA etc. monthly but anyone who would do that and release information would be caught. when this stuff is allowed to continue it means it’s disinformation too good to be true.

The national war college system which picks the top generals is a very globalist system they don’t let you become a general when you’re not a globalist. You don’t even get past Colonel if you become known as someone who doesn’t approve of this stuff so no there’s not going to be a military coup against the globalists and against Biden.

The coronavirus scandals are more of a threat than election fraud because even if Trump wins he’s not going to do much he didn’t do much in his first four years every time his intelligence told him about Syria and Iran he fell for it and he unjustifiably attacked Syria three times.

General Soleimani was not the greatest terrorist he was in charge of fighting us backed terrorism. United States created ISIS. The United States took United States funded terrorists in Syria and told about 50% of them your name is now ISIS go create trouble. Deep state in Germany France etc were in charge of the Paris attack etc.

We won the war in Iraq by buying off the opposition pallet loads of $100 bills and we refused to leave Iraq so they hate us.we bought off the drug lords and since the US has been in charge the drug problem has increased tenfold.

In Mosul the United States surrounded ISIS but left the path for them to escape and they have footage of this and us helicopters coming in rescuing ISIS leaders and taking them away.

us hired 50 semi trucks to go into Racca and save the families of Isis and their heavy weapons, they took them back to Syria and reintegrated them with the Syrian

Israelis were buying isis oil the Russians sent in fighter jets and bombed the tankers of the fuel and said to America this is what you should be doing if you really want to fight isis but the media never told us about this . Later after that the US did bomb and oil convoy but sent out leaflets warning them all that the bomb was coming so they all got out of the way that’s the last time that the US did that bombing of the isis oil supply.

Trump wanted to stop birthright citizenship there’s no reason to have that policy it just encourages more illegal aliens but Trump got pushed back from Paul Ryan and others so he backed off. Trump has good instincts but he doesn’t have the legal arguments to back those up.

Kamala Harris is a radical leftist who slept her way to power.

Democrats want Puerto Rico and DC as new States so they get four more Democratic senators a permanent majority in the Senate that we cannot overcome.

The corona emergency orders are flatly unconstitutional and there’s been no court case challenging that. Fundamental rights enumerated in the Constitution are being nullified from the words of a governor.

Though some have challenged aspects of the emergency powers no one has challenged the fact that the emergency Powers themselves are unconstitutional
This is because in Lost world they teach case law and lawyers are terrified against going up years and years of case law.

in a raw democracy the legislature has power to legislate away your fundamental rights but not so in a constitutional republic

On one occasion the governor’s emergency order was ruled unconstitutional so he just tweaked it a little bit and released another emergency order and it has not yet come to trial they’re taking their time getting to those trials

the Constitution is dead because they can violate any right they want and the courts support it

They’ve  stopped us from going to church from protests from speaking freely therefore the Constitution is gone.

The Highland City Hall wouldn’t tolerate these meetings anymore so now it’s a different location this briefing by Joel Skousen today

the masks will never go away

No one’s doing autopsies to see why people are having completely different reactions to the virus

Some students at Johns Hopkins published a paper showing the death rate in 2018-2019 and 2020 were all basically the same within a few thousand

Where are all these supposed Corona deaths coming from for one there’s zero flu deaths and less heart attack deaths last diabetes deaths pure pneumonia etc it’s all being labeled as COVID

An interviewer on KSL representing IHC said they aren’t getting more money because of the virus cases when in reality they get $11,000 for virus case and around $30,000 when they put someone on a virus on a ventilator. He said they’re actually losing money well obviously they are losing money because they’re shutting down all the other procedures that they could be doing stupidly.

If 2 million have died from COVID we should have 2 million excess deaths this year than other years in addition to all the other causes

The PCR test original designer said you should never use it to diagnose because it amplifies if something matches the primer RNA but the primer RNA is not covid-19 it’s a generic mix of all coronaviruses. So when you test positive you usually just had a cold or something and 90% of positive cases have no symptoms and those who do have symptoms are usually mild.

the fearmonger by saying the hospitals are at 80% capacity but they were at 80% capacity in 2019 and 18 as well they’re always at 80 at flu season

most of you think you are healthy you are walking healthy but you don’t know if you’re healthy until you run a long distance and see if your body complains.

The word of wisdom says you will be able to walk and not be weary and run and not faint but how can you have those two blessings if you never run and never walk.

In the 1980s is when autism and other autoimmune disorders really skyrocketed and what else came out in the 1980s it was this extended list of all the vaccines they wanted babies and hospitals and children’s at schools to have. The vaccines create these autoimmune diseases your body tries to fight off the germs heavy metals and animal parts in them among other things. they are specially dangerous to babies and young people who don’t have the developed immune system to combat these toxins. It should be criminal to give vaccines to babies. SIDS sudden infant death syndrome they get a vaccine in the next day they’re dead in their crib. Doctors are trained to deny vaccines had anything to do with it.





The main ads on television are cars and drugs for the drugs they have to list all the side effects in the commercial cost them millions of dollars for that time but they do it to get immunity and in the ad they have all these smiling faces and say ask your doctor if it’s right for you they know people will buy it.

The hypocrisy is that if a vitamin or herb shows one tiny side effect the FDA will ban it.

vaccine immunity is not as strong as natural immunity and it does not last as long.

Joel skousen is 74 years old and never gets the cold or flu. if he ever does start to feel a little bit of sniffles he takes a couple thousand milligrams of vitamin C and it’s gone within an hour. this is what happens when you have a good immune system you eat healthy you exercise regularly you eat organic foods. You should do strong cardiovascular exercise two or three times a week.

Bill Gates prophesied that the next pandemic that’s coming is going to be much worse than this one. They’re producing it in a lab as we speak just like they produce this one in a lab.

The plagues prophesied of in the Bible and doctrine and covenants are not God made plagues it’s God knowing that man will make biological weapon plagues which will get worse and worse.

the conscience gives little promptings all day long to discipline your children not take an extra portion go out and exercise not spend extra money. To get up to go help your wife.

When you ignore your conscience you’re telling Christ to get lost. at the final judgment before you and Grace Christ and tell him how much you love him he’s going to ask you to tell him why you told him to get lost 150,000 times.

One of the most pernicious doctrines in all of religion is unconditional love. we don’t need more comfort in our religious speeches we need more get up and go listen to conscience listen to the promptings.

90% of all promptings you get are about temporal affairs it is through these that you learn to school your self control. It’s through your temporal affairs that you prove to the Lord that you want to listen to what he wants to tell you.

Show the Lord that you will listen when he prompts your conscience so that when bureaucrats are coming to take away your children you can get that prompting ahead of time.

it’s so difficult to listen to conscience because it comes in your own grammar it sounds like you talking to yourself.

Conscience is the receptor between the two the shoulder Angel and the shoulder devil it tells you which signals are from the angel which signals are from the Devil and signs will never prove conscience but you all know it is there

There are three voices in your head and they all sound like you there’s the devil voice the angel voice and your voice and it’s not easy to discern between them but you must and the way to tell is peace

The warning of conscience can be a fleeting second in and out.

Conscience tells you to pick up trash on the ground it tells you to put your tool back where it goes it tells you to do homework instead of play

Want to start to listen to promptings you won’t believe how many more promptings you will get

the Lord really is interested in your perfection don’t say someday

all of the covenants involve complete submissiveness to the Lord the blessing is protection of the heart.

The law just gets you in the ballpark it’s just the beginning that’s why Paul says the law means nothing to me I don’t disregard the law but there’s so much more than that

over time you will feel that things you used to approve of are not quite right not quite up to the standard of the Lord

it’s not a temple recommended that shows if you are in good graces with the Lord It’s whether or not you respond to promptings he gives you

listen to the little temporal signals and then you will get the large spiritual things

The vaccine will become the new way in which you are denied access to society

The government won’t even have to mandate it the airports will the companies will Amazon will your boss will etc. It’ll slowly squeeze you out of society.

The online public School did not work because there was no discipline kids weren’t paying attention they were playing.

Universities are now requiring it as well.
He said that means for my kids no more University time to learn to be entrepreneurs and beat the system the sooner the better.

The low temperature is a key indicator of hypothyroid but the doctors won’t accept this hypothyroid you need real thyroid.

The difference between homeschooled and public schools if you go to shake their hand the homeschooled will look you in the eye but the public school will not the public schools compartmentalize into these grades where they say you’re inferior in these lower grades and oh I can’t talk to you you’re 15 months older than me. In homeschool they deal with adults all day and this is great.

You need to conscience-based discipline not a rule-based because there’s no way you can think of enough rules. He hardly had to do any discipline for his children in their teenage years.

discipline them according to how they were feeling how they were warned how they were prompted. When they throw a ball in the living room it breaks a lamp tell them now didn’t you have a bad feeling about that before you did it that’s why you’re getting disciplined is because you disregarded that bad feeling. ask them what they think they should be doing and what they feel comfortable about.

his kids would learn a foreign language and they would send them to that country for a while and they would love it they could trust them at that country because they’d taught them to listen to their conscience.

In England leaders of the brexit movement had their bank accounts closed for 3 months be prepared for that
You could be identified as someone who believes in conspiracy etc someone who questions the vaccine etc and they can close your bank account

Boycott Facebook don’t use Google for searches

You can’t find anything on a Google search about vaccine damage

DuckDuckGo has started to censor too

Resist the mask wherever possible when you go into a Walmart don’t wear a mask if they ask you if you want to mask say no thank you I’m healthy I’m not a threat to anyone if they make you put one on do so and after you walk away from them take it off show them that you’re resisting this try to find stores that don’t enforce it Costco is the worst. If they say it’s the governor’s requirement tell them that mandate is illegal because the legislature refused to extend it

you need to have generators and solar because there’s going to be no electricity for 6 months when the EMP strike happens with the war with China and Russia that will likely come in the later half of this decade when they’re ready with all their weapons etc


the LDS community doesn’t have food storage; less than 2% have a year and less than 10% have any significant amount of food


you have to learn how to leave The Establishment little by little


eventually you’re not going to be able to fly internationally and probably eventually locally you won’t be able to fly either if you’re young enough to get a pilot’s license get a pilot’s license so you can bypass that


they might say you need the vaccine to drive at some point, so at that point he’s probably just going to break the law and hope he doesn’t get caught and be prepared to go to court about this stuff


he has a little family farm it’s good living and it’s not rocket science but it takes experience; crops fail animals die

Don’t get into sharing your food storage you may as well not prepare at all because in a few weeks you’ll have nothing people need to have the consequence of disregarding counsel of not preparing


he keeps some extra rice to share with some people but there’s limits

Having barter items will be very important someday when they cut off cash we are already heading for digital and it’s easy for them to shut you off digitally when you’re not compliant

See his book 10 packs for survival and others.

You’ll need a concealment room somewhere because in world war III those who believe in conspiracy and corruption of government will be the Jews of world war III
So be prepared to hide yourself and others for when they come with the mark of the beast card, vaccine mandates, etc.


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