Stop Normalizing Homosexuality in Media: A Heroic Example

A (privately owned) drive-in theater operated by a Christian refused to show the new Beauty and the Beast movie due to it normalizing homosexuality.

One inactive latter-day saint was saying that it’s silly that some people don’t want to show a film with a homosexual partnership in it, a child’s movie with such… She has lost the spirit from inactivity in the church of Jesus Christ… They have deceived her now that she has put off the armor of God.

I said this to her:

“But you can see where they are coming from, it’s their own theater and they can play what they want. They might not want to introduce such a foreign thing like homosexuality to their children at this time. Some people may not want it in their entertainment conveyed as if it were just another relationship. Perhaps adult audiences wouldn’t be affected a lot by it but lots of kids go to these drive ins (and the movie is inherently a children’s movie, “Beauty and the Beast”). Frankly I probably wouldn’t want to play it at my drive-in theater if I had one. I haven’t seen the show so perhaps I’m speaking too soon but in general I’m not a fan of normalizing homosexuality.”

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