Expect Great Things of Young People

-Joseph Smith had a section of the bone in his leg removed without anesthetics. He was also sincere enough to seek deeply for correct religion at age 14, including many hours studying the bible, and when the revelation did come to him, that great first vision, he endured much persecution from the religious leaders of his day, still at the young age of 15. Around age 23, he translated the Book of Mormon in about the span of 1 semester’s time.

-Joan of Arc was having visions at a very young age, and was a martyr at age 18.

-Some of the great composers were writing better music in their teens and preteen years than other great musicians could at the height of their careers.

-Several modern prophets have spoken of reading The Book of Mormon from cover to cover at a very young age, such as 8 years.

-Joseph F Smith was a full time missionary at age 16, and an Apostle in his late 20’s.

-Listen to Mozart’s story, including what he played at age 6, and what he composed at age 8, etc. https://youtu.be/Dau-mKCGKXI ; he composed first piece at age 5; age 6 toured Europe; age 10 international fame; age 11 composed his first opera

-Howard W Hunter played 7 instruments competently when a teenager. (see Presidents of the Church book by Truman G Madsen).
-Joseph Fielding Smith speaking of his father Joseph F. Smith, he said “My father never had time to be a boy.” (p58 of In The Company of Prophets by Arthur Haycock). He had driven an ox team across the plains with his mother when he was just a boy, at age fifteen, orphaned, he was sent on a mission to Hawaii where he served for four and a half years.

-When a 12-Year-Old Plays Better Than You (Two Set Violin) https://youtu.be/yq08X_8BI8c

-Teen (Tim Doner) speaks 20 languages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km9-DiFaxpU

-There are a series of Ted Talks particularly by teens called “Tedx Teen”.

-Here is a short presentation showing that the idea of adolescence is a new idea; it used to be that children would take on maturity at a younger age, and use the teen years for preparation of adult roles, but now that era is largely one of post-poning maturity. “UnHoly Hollywood 3 – This is Why They Call It Programming” https://youtu.be/25llo_ol3ns

-Thomas S Monson was a bishop at age 22.

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