Early Marriage and Parenthood Theory

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List of points:


AGE OF MARY at her wedding and birth of Jesus
“YOUNG” PEOPLE CAN DO GREAT, historic examples
ARRANGED MARRIAGES have less divorces
CAREER AT EARLIER enables young family
EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES not lost but gained in familyhood
WOMEN’S HEALTH not lost but gained in familyhood
MATURIZE body and spirit at same time, is a symbol of readiness for adult roles
LUXURY enables more time for childrearing
SATURATED WITH SEX CULTURE, yet climbing marriage / childbearing age.
EXPONENTIAL GOOD results the more children you have
LOSE A DECADE by late family formation


-This is a theory that we could MARRY AND BARE CHILDREN EARLIER than we do.

-WARNING: I do not endorse romantic or sexual relationships between adults and minors, nor do I endorse sexual relationships between consenting minors, nor do I tolerate pedophilia, nor do I endorse any other illegal or vulgar activity. Further, I advise everyone to follow the current prophetic councils to wait to date until age 16, and for men to serve missions before marriage. The prophets will always lead us based on the current situations. The following theory of earlier family creation would not be desired or possible in the current culture we live in.

-AGE OF MARY the mother of Jesus scholars estimate to be 12. Jews often married girls at 12 and boys at 13. Apparently God knows that women are capable of being terrific mothers at this age when they are prepared to do so, when their culture helps set them up for it, when they are mature and responsible, etc.
-“YOUNG” PEOPLE CAN DO GREAT and complex and challenging things. Mormon at age 10 diagnosed as “a sober child” and asked to be next keeper of the record of a civilization. Joan of arc – died at 19; heir to throne at 14, military campaigns near that age. At the age of 16, Mormon was chosen as the leader of the Nephite armies (Mormon 2:1–2). Mormon reported that when he was about 10 years old, “I began to be learned somewhat after the manner of the learning of my people” (Mormon 1:2). Right after noting that he was 15, Mormon reported that he “did endeavor to preach unto this people” (Mormon 1:15–16). Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet at 15. Similar to the boy prophet Samuel. Captain Moroni age 25 leader of all armies of Nephite civilization; must have had quite a career before that to get that position. Did not little David slay great Goliath? One might argue that late marriages are a unique thing of our era, and the more common method historically over the past 6,000 years has been “early” marriages.
-ARRANGED MARRIAGES in India etc. are often done at a young age, those marriages divorce less than US marriages by far. US divorce is about 50%, India divorce is about 1%.
– When young love is FORBIDDEN, THE YOUTH REBELS against its parents and society in general, despising them for taking away what could have been theirs forever. Romeo and Juliet were ruined not by their young love, but by their parents getting in the way. Would Romeo have been willing to sacrifice working several jobs and going to college while paying for a home and children for the love of his Juliet? Would Juliet would have been willing to bear children in poverty for her Romeo? Yes and yes!
-In order for “young” marriage to work, the society would need to train the men to have a CAREER AT EARLIER age. For example, the Jews would teach their children a trade at age 10. Thus the young man could provide for his family. Trade schools would need be emphasized.
-Some say marriage and children limit EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES. Today with the “printing press” and the internet, we have books readily available and even formal classes of universities available from the walls of the home. Further, we should not limit education to formal schooling, but should seek it throughout the lifespan.
-WOMEN’S HEALTH issues about bearing children are by and large resolved so long as the mother waits until puberty to have children. A woman’s health is likely better all-around as she assumes roles of wife and mother. She will experience more of the Holy Ghost / Comforter as she obeys and fulfils these God appointed roles, she will have an intimate husband to whom she can vent and speak to about all of life’s issues, etc. Studies show that women are better off married than single.
-The human body and the human spirit MATURIZE about the same time. We begin to have questions of the soul at the time we begin to have arousal for the opposite sex, and mature feelings of responsibility toward the same, a willingness to begin to put aside the self for the other. Marriage and childbearing before these maturations is contrary to logic and void of essential metaphysical and physical symbols.
-Prophets have taught that our LUXURY from modern technologies such as dishwashers, cloth washing machines, online bill paying, ovens, microwaves, furnaces, coolers, cars, all this should lead us to be having more children than any other generation from all our extra time, but we are having less. To have more children, it often means starting earlier. Many women become barren at the age its popular to marry at now.
-Our society is SATURATED WITH SEX in the media and schools formally and informally, yet the age for marriage (and especially the age for childbearing) is pushed farther and farther back. This drives a culture of extra-marital sexual relations, cohabitation, and other failed systems of human sexual expression such as immodesty. Other coping methods are eating too much food, being anti-social, delinquency, etc.
-EXPONENTIAL GOOD results the more children you have. 1 person can give 1 lifetime of service to his fellowman. But if that person has children, they can give too. More on this idea, see document “Exponential Exaltation Theory” at this link: http://richardsonstudies.com/2018/02/18/exponential-exaltation-theory/
-We LOSE A DECADE of our lives in wandering around as teenagers, being minimally productive in school and vocation and other development. Parents all dread raising teenagers because the teen is ready for more independence and responsibility and its complimentary rewards of increased pleasure, but they are often denied this, resulting in mood swings and general rebellion.


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