-“As a servant of the Lord, I dutifully warn those who advocate and practice abortion that they incur the wrath of Almighty God” Russell M. Nelson (“Reverence for life”, April 1985).


-The time to choose whether or not you are going to have a child is before sexual intercourse, not when a human is already inside you!
-Why don’t we let the human’s in woman wait until they are 18 years old, a legal adult who can make choices, to decide whether they want to be aborted! Don’t let people make that choice for them! The USA is about human rights, including the rights of infants!
-the 20th Century has been the most blood thirsty one in the history of the world because the USA has killed about 50 million people via abortion; this is more than any other nation today, and more than any other nation in the past! Civilizations have been destroyed by God for less!
-LDS Church says unless it’s a case of rape or incest, abortion is contrary to the law of God.
-3 Nephi 1:12-13 we don’t believe that the spirit enters the body just at the moment of birth. This verse could be Jesus speaking as an infant, there are passages of infants speaking marvelous things. “The Book of Mormon account of Christ speaking to Nephi the grandson of Helaman and saying, ‘On the morrow come I into the world,’ is not intended to infer that the spirit does not enter the body until the moment of the actual birth. Rather this revelation to the Nephites was itself being conveyed in a miraculous and unusual way. Quite probably the one uttering the words was speaking in the first person as though he were Christ, in accordance with the law enabling others to act and speak for Deity on the principle of divine investiture of authority.” (Elder Bruce R. McConkie, Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 1:85.)
–“Life begins when two germ cells unite to become one cell, bringing together twenty-three chromosomes from both the father and from the mother… The onset of life is not a debatable issue, but a fact of science. Approximately twenty-two days after the two cells have united, a little heart begins to beat. At twenty-six days the circulation of blood begins. Scripture declares that the ‘life of the flesh is in the blood’ (Lev. 17:11).” (Elder Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, May 1985, p. 13.)
– “When the mother feels life come to her infant it is the spirit entering the body.” (President Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses 17:143.)
-the Church is against abortion because the spirit is in the body before birth.
-there is pseudepigrapha from the Aztecs which says that they invented a chemical mechanism to stop women from having babies, and that this was in a list of sins listed in reasons for why they were destroyed as a nation. See Mark Peterson lecture on http://www.latterdayconservative.com downloads section.
-Hillary Clinton said that unborn people don’t have Constitutional rights, but the Constitution says in multiple places that ALL persons have the right to life. It makes no such qualification!
-Elder Anderson of the 12 Apostles at the BYU Education Week gave a speech where he condemned our complacency about how baby body parts are sold for prophet. Where do these baby body parts come from? Abortion agencies like “Planned Parenthood” (Which is funded by our tax dollars)(Which company is also put in mostly black ghetto communities targeting that race because the elites are racist fascists to the core).
-The adoption agencies make you pay a small fee like 50$ when you get an abortion to make you think they are doing you a service, really they make hundreds each time, selling the babies to scientists for experiments and making beauty products. That baby fat when smeared onto a face can make a person look a whole lot younger! Disgusting, I know.
-Yahoo!’s website Parenting ran a column (2015) by Hallie Levine titled “If I Knew My Daughter Had Down Syndrome, I Would Have Aborted Her—All Women Should Have That Right.” (Can you imagine Yahoo! publishing a Parenting column titled “If I Knew My Daughter Would Become a Drug Addict, I Would Have Aborted Her” or “If I Knew My Daughter Would Fail to Reach her Full Potential, I Would Have Aborted Her?” Not too likely, is it?)…, the New York Times jumped into the debate (2015), publishing an op-ed by Mark Lawrence Schrad, a Villanova University political scientist and the pro-choice father of a little girl with Down syndrome. His claim? The Ohio law (banning abortion on mere grounds of foreknowledge of Down Syndrome) would lead to mass social chaos in the form of “increased stresses on the family, bankruptcies and an influx of children with disabilities into orphanages and foster care.” There is a barely detectable element of classism in Schrad’s argument. A sophisticated and relatively well-off college professor can handle raising such a child, you see, but it’s unfair to impose such a burden on the lower classes, already so riven by “stresses on the family” and unlikely to be able to handle raising a deformed baby. Let’s just avoid this unpleasantness, shall we, and bow at the convenient and politically superior altar of choice. …It’s hard not to feel sorry for these parents, so blinded by their faith in the religion of abortion that they fail to see the weird ethical corner they have painted themselves into. “The life of my child has value,” they seem to be saying, “but I can understand why you’d want to kill yours.” (Matthew Hennessay of Connecticut)


-Some logic against abortion: Debunking the ‘baby or fetus preference’ debate

…for that fetus versus baby kill question the answer is 0 is the exact same thing as a question which says if you had to kill baby a baby b which would you choose the answer is I would kill myself before I would kill any baby. What the leftist is trying to say in this argument is that not all humans are equal and with a conservative is trying to say is that yes, they are all equal. The leftist still will not confess that a fetus is a baby. It is of interest to note that most conservatives consider it to be just to have an abortion when the life of the mother is at risk that is a more valid question is an abortion Justified when the mother will otherwise die. But even that allotment is dangerous, many women have given their lives in childbirth and there’s probably not very many more honorable ways to die than that. Someone could argue that if we save the mother she can go on to Bear 10 more children and therefore exponentially bless the world but the answer to that argument is that the baby if not aborted can grow up to bring 10 more babies into the world as well you say you cannot make one human life greater than another.

When it comes to rape many women make a brave choice to carry those babies to term and raise them that in my opinion sounds like a very Christ-like thing to do however it would also seem fair to not force the woman to do that because she did not choose to have that baby and the death of that baby is on the head of the rapist not the woman.

Now you begin to see you why Book of Mormon identifies committing adultery as the next-door neighbor to the act of murder itself because committing adultery so often temps people to tell babies to hide their crimes before the world finds out

Using birth control is different than using abortion because birth control acts before the egg and sperm are joined together it prevents the egg and sperm from joining together successfully deactivate or separates either of these from the other. But does this mean that birth control is the miracle drug save the human race and liberates the human race? It would seem the opposite the national sin of refusing to Bear children will bring us to hell. But it remains legal to obtain birth control because at that point in the process you are not killing anyone. So the use of chronic birth control is morally wrong but is not legally wrong because we cannot force people to be good we can only force people to not be evil and other words we can force people to not kill each other but we can’t force people 2 actively do good things.

As for the argument which claims that we should not bring more people into the world because there are already destitute impoverished hungry people in Africa that we apparently can’t take care of, is a flawed argument because when you pull away the fancy dress this argument is really just saying that because some babies are not taking care of we should tell other babies. Finish my personal philosophy that you don’t want there to be more children on this Earth than you do that in other ways than killing children. Killing Mass numbers of people is called genocide and it’s not okay. Anyone who promotes genocide should be locked up in a jail cell because they have demonstrated that they want to kill others and are not safe to be free in society. And anyone who does kill a baby through abortion has committed murder and needs to be treated to the full extent of the law it’s received the same punishment as another murder. An abortion is a quiet secret murder it’s the easiest kind of get away with, but does that make it okay to kill someone? The answer is no. The only times we are just fighting killing someone is when they are trying to kill us, literally trying to kill us literally threatening Our Lives. And this ties back into the rare exceptions we make for women whose baby is about to kill them if they don’t report it that in such instances there may be cases by the mother is morally justified in terminating the child rather than being terminated herself. This is only applicable because of the principle that one human life is not better than another.

The argument that abortion of mentally ill and particularly autistic children should be allowed is flawed because you do not have the choice to make decisions for that human being. Unless that human being is going to kill you you are not allowed to kill it. If you are not interested in this human being to be in your home that’s sad but you can give it to an adoption agency of some kind because every human being would rather live than not lived. I think it would be interesting to wait until a person is 18 years old when they are legal adult and ask them if they want to die. If a person has mental retardation to where they will never become an adult mentally speaking and legally speaking, then this means that they can never consent to be terminated. That’s rather than being the easiest Target a mentally ill person should be the most safeguarded human being on this planet.


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