Priority Parenting and Family Structure

These are my ideas I take full responsibility for them, they apply to most situations I say.
-Two great sins of omission are 1. not having children (such was the first commandment to Adam and Eve) and 2. not taking care of the children you have born.
-A single parent should have their top priority, besides the immediate needs of their children, to be finding another parent for those children, or for finding a spouse with whom they can have children, hence avoiding the top crimes against humanity
-The law of two witnesses requires that there be a mother and a father in a home to establish and execute law. If the children have law, they learn how to live in a society. The only way a society can function is if it has laws which are 1. clearly established and 2. executed according to the established agreement of law.
-Children are subordinate and not able to make law until the age of adult, 18. At that age they do participate. But before children become adults, they are to be ruled by parents. Yes, that ruling is to be benevolent, but it is not to be weak
-Statistically speaking, those children of a one parent household don’t have as great of aspirations in life, they are not as directed, not as successful generally speaking. Some defy the consensus, yes there are some particular who can, but such should not be expected of these children. The children have the RIGHT to a father and a mother, two people living in the same home, whom love each other and the children, whom work together to make laws to govern their children, and work together to calculate and prepare the way for the success of their children.
-When a couple have a child, they are to put aside all differences and stay together for that child. In extreme cases of selfishness, a couple will divorce. Usually both persons have more they could sacrifice to keep the marriage together, but it is true that it’s “very important that the family be right” as President Kimball has said. Both are to speak with each other on what they need to have occur in order to keep the marriage together. Children are ENTITLED to a father and a mother living together loving and guiding them in marriage, this is proclaimed in The Family: A Proclamation To The World issued by Jehovah via the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So the parents are to 1. have children and 2. to put aside everything that will get in the way of them being able to continue to fulfill their role as father or mother.
-The children who grow up without a father or mother in the home are NEGLECTED according to the Family Proclamation, which claims that they have the RIGHT to being born to a father and mother and raised by them. Some children find ways to be successful despite growing up in single parent homes, but this was never the way it was meant to be by God.
-Will God, up in yonder heaven, rule the lives of the people, causing those children to grow up in single parent homes to have no disadvantage? Is that what the scripture saying that Jehovah will be father to the fatherless? He will care for their eternal salvation, ensuring that they have the opportunities to become mature like He is. But the way that God helps is mostly by teaching his people about how families are designed to be, and he passes that message along. He has told us how the family is to be. When we reject that, we and our children suffer. Our children particularly suffer now, and we whom neglect them, if we don’t suffer now, will pay for the suffering we have caused in the life to come. So does God just take care of our children should we choose to diverse, or our spouse die? No, he expects us to remarry, and give this children what they are entitled to, a mother AND a father. He has declared this his will by the mouth of his servants. What they say is what he says, “as if from mine own mouth it is the same”. So are the children blessed as though they have two parents when they are only raised by one? No. One principal way that God blesses the children is by teaching the parents how to take care of them.
-Gods people have his laws. They are to infiltrate these virtuous teachings into the world primarily by having children, who file into earth, and spread the message of the parents. Hence, the more children you can have, the more you can influence for good. This is why Elder Oaks has answered the question of how many children a couple should have by teaching that as many children as a couple can take care of is how many they should have.
-Exodus 20 verse 5 and 6: “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.” These are directly from the ten commandments which we revere. Just because we believe that the sins of the parent aren’t answerable upon the head of the child (Article of Faith 2), doesn’t mean that children won’t suffer in this life because of the iniquity of their parents. God will not be mocked. Being from a single parent home I can witness that yes, Jesus helps, but also yes, Exodus 20 is the word of God. These are principals of the gospel. Choices have consequences that are painfully real to everyone involved, and with boldness I’ve written this plea that people arise and take more stock in their actions.


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