Free Range Kids video clips & Lenore Skenazi

Free Range Kids video clips & Lenore Skenazi

Free range kids refers to children whose parents don’t insist on always watching their children in the yard, the playground, or on a walk home from school. Parenting which allows children to use knives, cook things, ride the subway, or other things once they’ve been properly trained. Sometimes this refers to a phenomenon called “unschooling” which is homeschooling without carriculum exams or homework, and that (unschooling) is not something I endorse, though I do think VERY highly of homeschooling.

1. Maryland children in custody for walking to school: click here to watch the short video, or use this URL

The only thing this mother really has to worry about is her children being picked up by police, DHS, and her neighbors calling child services on her for not gluing her eyes on her children 24/7.

2. John Stossel on free range kids: to watch this short video, click here or use this URL

Stossel features Lenore Skenazi, called “word’s worst mom”. She specializes in free range parenting, visit her website by clicking here or usng this URL
Skenzi doesn’t like how TV scares us into not trusting anyone, despite a Harvord professor reporting that crime is at a long time low.

Skenazi wrote a book titled “Free Range Kids” which can be purchased on used for about $2, by clicking here or using this URL

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