Warmth & Love at Home 2.28.23


Do your spouse and children long to see you?


Sore trails can break the best of men and women, but build, we must build again.


Your time is your money, and what do you spend it on? For things that canker and waste, or on eternal smiles?


Why do you speak of heaven if your home isn’t one now? The gentle tenderness should flow everlastingly, so you can begin to know, the sweetness that you’re missing now, and the longing or family.


You create belonging, you satisfy the wants and needs, not elsewhere but inside the home. Yes the growing youth gain wings, but ever ever keep the home serene.


Let home be heaven, and time will tell, that what they want most, is beside you to dwell.


Care not too much of the outside world, at least keep that business in check, and see to it that your fulfillment is from the primary title of parenthood, as God himself shows us to do.


When this life is over, and you’re rocking in your chair, you’ll look back forever, and ponder how you did in the time that’s here.


If “I love you” aren’t the words that flow off your tongue freely, at least let there be no question that this feeling you’re truly keeping. Not words but acts will seal or break your soul, so let each day now testify, that love will make you whole.

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