Moral Expression by Marriage and Childbearing

In dating one should choose someone who represents the peak of human morality.
When a person chooses someone of high values, it means they themselves have high values.

When there is a divorce, it means one could not morally remain connected to someone with such different values they themselves had.

The ability to maintain a marriage is the capstone,  it is to show that greatness can exponentially multiply and grow neverendingly. This is seen in the combined power of the parents , and in their progeny (unless for some outlier reason they cannot have children by any method; and if money is the limitation,  their chief duty becomes the pursuit of sufficient money). The progeny are the parent’s expression of forever power. The parents create people like themselves. Only a just person can desire to have many children, for if one’s values are just, so will be those of their children (generally speaking; for example, 2/3 of God’s children chose to come to earth instead of choosing to follow Satan, and gaining 2/3 was worth the loss of 1/3; it is always better to ha e loved and lost than to never have loved at all) , and they will thus flood the earth for generations with justice. If they are unjust, they will know it, and they will not dare infiltrate the world in mass with their corrupt philosophies, knowing deep down that to put that on society would be an exponential evil, just as the righteous family giving many children to the world would equal exponential good. Having children intentionally is a bold act, it is the final statement of moral reason, it says that you are ready to make your mark on the world for generations.  Some are so paranoid of making their mark on the world that they put off child baring until they are too old to even have children, and thus they have cast no vote at all, and any outcome of the civilizations of earth are their fault just as much as the fault of those who voted evil. To refuse to vote is to vote for evil. By the fear of their procrastination, by the mistaken idea that they had all the time on the world to make up their mind and get serious and start to participate in the war of morals, they have rendered themselves mere cannon-fotter and guilty. To be righteous means that you attempt to do good things even when there is a real risk of failure.

Make no mistake, deliberate childbearing is the great cast of the die, it is the great act of humanity. It is the expression of everything you represent.  It is the reflection if our measuring rod, as we cast away the bad we have seen in life and adhere to the good and seem to pass on that good to the child, giving them the advantage of your intelligence.

It thus follows that whom you chose to marry to enjoy and parent with you is of utmost importance, but what is even more important than basic selection is what is done after the selection.  Maintaining love, building something together, these are the keys. This changes the parameters of how you make your choice. Now you see you’re not looking for a spouse with just good looks, you’re not seeking a spouse who is just smart or likes you or has some feelings of faith similar to yours,  you are looking for someone who loves life, who loves god, who is brave and willing to stand up in the war of morals. You want someone who is willing to stand up, willing follow you into the  battlefield when the cause is just. You want someone who is obsessed with being happy, including the happiness which is only accessible in living the gospel of Jesus Christ.


You should set your happiness above all other priorities, meaning that if someone cannot deliver to you eternal happiness, you should run from them, no matter what sort of alms they beg of you. You yourself are of such great worth that to cheat yourself eternal joy would be the greatest robbery ever. You say you want to reward God by serving a needy person? Well that needy person had better not be asking of you to cone down from the fullness of your potential, or your having cone down will negate any good you could have done for the other person, and both you and your spouse will then live with the eternal guilt of having brought someone else less than what they could have had. If you have since enough to understand your full divine potential, doing anything that would jeopardize that fullness of you would ultimately be an act of selfishness. God wants the reward if seeing you exalted, and if you take that from him in the name of serving him,  thinking that you should marry someone who can’t bring you exaltation, this becomes debauchery. Any in such case will begin immediately to beg their spouse to take them to them temple , and will make it painfully obvious to the spouse that keeping them out of the temple and exaltation is keeping them from a fullness of joy.


No one person is of more value than the other, so it follows that you yourself have just as much right to be happy as anyone, and thus you should make yourself happy, and we k is the only lasting happiness exists in exaltation aka Godhood, which status God can grant to those who walk the path leading thereto, which path always involves temple ordinances and gospel commandments or guideposts. If you have been pausing to rest in your journey, now is the time to begin again and seek the next post, the next temple ordinance. Joseph Smith said get your temple sealings, then go on and get your calling and election  (election to Godhood) made sure (ratified, ascertained, verified, promised, vowed, secured).



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